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Forum Rules & Guidelines.

Use of Information
  • Sherlock Forum will never pass on or sell your contact Information to any third parties or websites.
  • Contact information will only be used for legitimate forum business and automated notifications.
  • Receipt of email notifications may be customised at any time using your user settings page.
  • Sherlock Forum will comply with any legitimate request for email or IP address information from law enforcement bodies.
  • Sherlock forum uses cookies to store session data, user preferences, login preferences and analytical data. no directly identifiable data is held other than the email addresses used during the signup process.
  • Our advertising partners use cookies in order to more accurately target their advertising, these cookies do not originate from www.sherlockforum.com.
  • Read Sherlock Forum's privacy policy Here.
  • Users are permitted ONE login account, any users found to have more than one account will have all accounts removed, exceptions may be made for RP (roleplaying) accounts provided they are only used as such and the total number of roleplaying accounts held by any one member is not deemed excessive. This will be up to the discretion of a site Admin.
  • Advertising on the forum is not permitted unless by prior arrangement with the site Admins.
  • The Site Administrators reserve the right to add to or amend these rules without notice.
Signatures, Banners & Avatars.
  • Users are encouraged to use an avatar/photo, It doesn't have to be a picture of you, just try and make it unique and identifiable. User Pictures may be a maximum of 100 x 100 pixels.
  • Signatures may contain up to two lines of text, not exceeding 14pts in size, or one line of text not exceeding 18pts.
  • Users may use signature banners if wished, these must not exceed 500 pixels wide and 50 pixels in height. Images may not contain explicit sexual imagery or overtly gory violence. Potentially offensive slogans are also best avoided.
  • Supported file types: jpg/jpeg, png, gif.
  • Users are allowed a maximum of two text links or one image and one text link in their signature, links to illegal or pornographic sites will be removed.
  • Posts must be made in a relevant section of the forum, posts made in inappropriate areas will be moved by a moderator. Repeated posting in inappropriate areas may lead to a warning being issued, repeated warnings may lead to a temporary or permanent ban. Banning is at the discretion of the site Admins.
  • Posts containing homophobic, racist, or sexist comments are not welcome here, and as such will be removed by a moderator.
  • Sherlock Forum is not an advertising platform, and as such, blatant spam topics, particularly those promoting materials and products unassociated with the Sherlock Holmes universe, will be removed, and the posting ability of the member concerned may be suspended. If you are in doubt as to the suitability of a topic you wish to post, or a product you wish to make the forum aware of, then please don't hesitate to contact a member of staff via private message beforehand.
  • Members are asked to treat other members with respect and all incidents of flaming, trolling and abusive behavior will be dealt with at the discretion of the Moderators and Admins.
  • Users are reminded that discussion and debate is fine however personal insults and insinuations are not. IE: saying that you disagree with someone is fine, calling them an idiot for not agreeing with you is not.
  • If a particular user is found to be causing repeated problems within a particular thread Sherlock Forum reserves the right to impose a temporary or permanent ban from that thread.
  • Spoilers are to be posted within the relevant areas of the forum, any potentially spoilery references outside these areas should be enclosed in spoiler tags.
  • References are classed as spoilers for a period of two weeks from original UK transmission, however users are reminded that the show may not have transmitted in all countries and to respect those that do not wish to be spoiled.
  • Users are reminded that new topics on the forum are included in the forum RSS and Twitter feeds and could spoil viewers outside the forum, particular attention should be paid to topic titles such as "OMG!! x character dies!"
  • Posts are to be made in plain English, users are asked to refrain from using "Text Talk" (L8r, ppl, u, etc) L33t speak, ALL CAPS, AlTcApS and any other incomprehensible Internet "Languages"
  • Users are asked to keep posts to a point size of 14 or less, except when used sparingly for the purpose of emphasis.
  • Posting discussions of moderator actions is prohibited.
  • Posting the contents of private messages without the consent of all other parties is prohibited.
  • Posting of email addresses, phone numbers and other contact info is discouraged. If you need to send contact info to another user then the use of the private messaging system is preferred.
  • Posting of nonsensical topics and responses in order to raise post counts is prohibited. Please keep replies relevant to the topic being discussed. Off topic posts may be removed, and repeated incidences may incur a warning.
Respect for Staff
  • All staff on the forum are volunteers and as such any rudeness or failure to comply with any member of staff will result in a permanent ban. If you feel you have a grievance with a staff decision you are encouraged to contact a site Admin by private message. DO NOT discuss it in open forum.
  • Forum staff reserve the right to remove a post or topic without warning. However topics or posts will not be removed for simply disagreeing with "Established Opinion"
Use Of Images and media
  • Inline images are permitted, but should be kept clean. Posting of sexually explicit images will result in the images/posts being removed and the member being banned.
  • Users are reminded that "hot-linking" of images constitutes bandwidth theft and to always link to images hosted on sites or servers that are under their own control. Acceptable sites include any site owned and managed by the member, or a photo hosting account (Flickr Photobucket Twitpic, etc.) on a site that permits hot-linking of images. Images may also be directly uploaded to Sherlock Forum's server as attachments.
  • Any request made by copyright holders for the removal of images from the site will be upheld.
  • Fan videos are permitted, however posting links to, videos of, or discussing means of acquiring entire episodes and or unaltered scenes illegally will be removed.

"Sherlock" Is copyright © by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) & Hartswood Films, No infringement is intended. All rights Reserved. The works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle have passed into the Public Domain, however his right as the author of these works is upheld. "The Casebook Of Sherlock Holmes" is Copyright © in the USA by Conan Doyle Estate Ltd. all rights reserved.