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    ... or a sensible person for knowing that it'd get you fired?
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    You're just saying that because you want to go back to shoes.
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    How about this introvert's nightmare: big family party today and I couldn't sneak out Sherlock style because I was hosting it? Seriously, I am glad it's over. It was nice and all but I am utterly spent. All I want now is to order something deep fried for dinner and husband wonders how I can even think of food but I haven't eaten properly since breakfast and am dehydrated too. A buffet is all fine and well but not for the person hurrying about trying to make sure that all the guests are comfortable when she knows that one has a terrible backache, one just got her, uh, red week and didn't come prepared for that, two others must be kept apart at all costs and everyone is getting a sunburn. I think that once I have mustered the energy to get off the sofa, I will make myself some onion rings. And I don't want to speak another word until Monday.
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    Actually I always admire the diligence of older generation. My parents never relax when things are not in order and they always find something to keep them busy. Never get up of bed late or lounging around. Anyway, I got to reject plans with reason 'I want to hang out with my dog' . Honesty is the best policy.
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    And I thought you need eggs, oil, salt… stuff like that.
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    Don't know if this'll work, never tried posting a video from twitter before... Shows up on my laptop fine, so fingers crossed.
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    Are you hoping for a fair and unbiased account Carol? How much sun have you had over there😃
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    The day was busy. Managed to get out of my bed before noon, because it's a cool weekend before next heat wave. Installed a new radio-receiver-thingy, which actually turned out to be a computer with more cables going in and out. Said installing included re-wiring the whole system, some disappointments and quite a lot physical activities. Then I tried to pimp up my sofa, which included cutting a wooden panel in two, a lot of drilling and screwing, and even more disappointments (definitely need another concept). As usual, this also included chaos magically spreading around the whole flat, adding to the chaos that have been there already. I'm right now (getting old is no fun) and I'm also really cheerful about the prospect of cleaning the mess tomorrow. But at least the sound is good.
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    Well, it seems like one fact all seem to be able to agree on no matter what lies they're accusing each other of otherwise, is that children are indeed being separated from their parents, some of them very young. And that's just plain wrong and no amount of "you're lying" vs "no, you're lying" is going to fix this. What I would really like to know is whether it's true what the ACLU says, that people presented themselves at official points of entry and they still got their children taken away from them. Because in that case, I really don't understand what "illegal" is even supposed to mean. How can you illegally apply for asylum at a place that exists for this very purpose? And if people seeking refuge hear about this, I am not surprised that they try to avoid any contact with any person in a uniform and try to cross the border completely unnoticed.
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    Yea, they’re a pretty well known American band. I do like them luckily, though last time a band was playing it was one I wasn’t keen on but still fun to get a free concert in my garden!
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    For me, it's not a question of being liberal vs conservative. I can get along with a variety of people and try to understand a variety of opinions. The problem right now, for me, is that in the US as well as here in Europe, groups are in power or rapidly gaining power that hold (and enforce) beliefs I don't just disagree with but that I find horrific. "I don't care" or "I ignore science" is not an acceptable approach to climate change. We can discuss the evidence. We can debate on the best course of action. But we can't simply continue to trash the planet and pollute the air because hey, by the time the consequences get really bad, we will be dead and future generations don't interest us. Likewise, we can and should address the problems that come with trying to accommodate people who seek refuge in our part of the world or move here for economic reasons. But we cannot deny anyone their humanity. And as for separating children from their parents at the border, to be honest, I don't give a flying f*** as to whose idea it was originally or what law paved the way, I just think it's immoral, cruel and wrong and I want it to stop. And I see that the people who are currently in power are not stopping it. And that's wrong, period. One of our teachers in school, when breaking up a fight, always said: "I don't care who started it, I want to know who will end it". That's how I feel about human rights violations.
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    I'm convinced Frozen is the devil's film. It has to be one of the most annoying, overhyped things I've ever seen. I hated Sin City first time around, it's one of my favourite films now.
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    This one is for VBS Guess whoooo
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    YES! I supposed I'd like Brussel sprout, because I like vegetable and brocoli is my favorite, but haven't tried any as well. I dreamt about Sherlock being real the other night, with those curls and coat, and he seemed to be in my life that I met him often. Then everything escalated and there was a gasp.. a villain trying to impersonate him but with bad wig and ugly coat . Oh somehow I got to help him but then got into trouble and he came to rescue me (bahahaha) wearing a disguise. His disguise? Straight hair! but I recognize him because he still has that gorgeous face. That's about it before my alarm woke me up and I sat there thinking,"What just happen?!! I need to tell everyone in the forum!"
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    I just love the high tone of discourse we maintain on this forum.
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    Going nuts about tits. Sounds a bit dendro-nutritio-ornithological.
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    I hate heat as much as you, Herlock, only our definitions of heat differ by ca. 10C. Sadly, temperatures around 30C are not an exception (anymore). Good that we have at least air-conditioned office. But there is always a kind of mild differences between me, the male coworkers and the girls in the room. The girls are always freezing. Still, as I stated before (somewhere here) it's nothing compared to a good hothouse climate of Arcadia's home.
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    I can think in meters. I can think in liters. But I still cannot think in Celsius, so please bear with me while I convert to good ol' Fahrenheit. OK, 23C is about 73F. And 28C is 82F. Today's forecast for central Indiana is a high of 82F, same as yours oddly enough, and at that time the humidity will be in the high 60s. This is considered a nice mild summer day in these parts.
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    It's a main road mind, as in cars going past pretty often. It's not a quite little side street. I know he's not OCD, I'm more OCD than him (pretty sure I genuinely am, given the amount of 'rituals' I have to do on a daily basis, it's exhausting), but I'd firmly put him in finicky... I think he's just one of those old guys that has nothing to do except potter about, and when he's done all the pottering he can in the garden he emerges from the gates to potter outside. I wish I could catch him in a kind of man-sized cat carrier and release him into my house to clean whilst I'm at work.
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    I remember debating this vigorously in grad school, when my profs were mostly Baby Boomers who protested in the 60s/70s. They contended that there was no such thing as objectivity, so it was useless to try to create anything objective or unbiased, because it would always be tainted by the beliefs of its creator. I agree that we are all trapped in our own perspective, so to speak, but I do think that we have just given up on trying to be objective. I think that anyone can learn to recognize ways to remove one's own bias from the equation. The attempt to be objective gets you asymptotically closer to the goal, even if you can never reach it.
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    BBC offers a look at actors who portrayed Sherlock on the radio over the years. A little thin, but still the sound clips offer an interesting look at the how people have heard Sherlock. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/1Ff9YmF65jHxFzjyRpfMBgL/the-sound-of-sherlock
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    I hope everything sorted out FL. I think communication is always the key, and it's way more important to sort unhappiness with people you care about. Sometimes it's just an easily corrected misunderstanding, as long as both parties are willing to work on it. I have learned that expressing unhappiness actually very relieving to do instead of keeping and trying to endure it. There is an art to it though about how you express it so it's not easily misunderstood. I haven't got the hang of it as well in all the years of my existence. Sometime I hit right on the target, sometimes I shoot myself in the foot and sometimes I ruin relationship.
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    I didn't try on my phone yesterday, I was using desktop. Now I am using my phone and it lets me in okay, although I can't see some images that I could see in my desktop. To the topic, have you guys tried to 'explain' the kind of situation that you are not comfortable with as an introvert to an extrovert? I tried this to my sister in law now that we communicate quite often ever since she adopted a dog too (and I always welcome dog topic). I happened to extend my work trip to visit mom and dog and them for couple of days early last month and as usual, she is keen to arrange things to do with me, especially my brother was busy working and she wanted to learn as many things about keeping a dog. I don't mind dog related activities, however it got tiresome because she was arranging play dates that of course, come together with her friends, the dog owners and visit crowded dog hangout (can't blame her since there are limited options of nature there). Well, since she had known me for a long time she quickly understand when I declined the next outing but only now she seemed more interested in understanding what kind of situation that is too much for someone like me. What we found out is I have very low immunity system to crowd and people who 'drop by' at home and apparently she has those traits that are categorized as very annoying in my book, for example taking pictures and videos of people. Well, she is good sport everytime I comment 'looks like introvert nightmare' for happy outing she showed me on pictures. In fact I feel more comfortable and more willing to hang out if we meet again, as long as the dog comes to. :p
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