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  1. The "Hijacked Thread" Thread

    Didn't care for the movie, but a good idea for some bedtime reading tonite!
  2. Yes to all this and I'm not even an INTJ! INTP though, so close enough. It's so hard to find someone I can have a decent discussion about almost anything, because so few people want to toss ideas around. If you don't agree on something immediately, they get all frosty. Gah, it's crazy making.
  3. The way it kept snapping at it, I'm not so sure! Of course, my cat would snap at butterflies too, didn't mean she'd eat them. Except when she did.
  4. I never even heard of pangolins until a couple of nights ago, and now they're everywhere. Is that penguin curious, or hungry?
  5. SPOILERS!! Martin Freeman in "Cargo"

  6. The Language (and travel) Thread

    I agree, that would be really, really, really progressive:
  7. Recently watched movies

    Oh, you mean dark as in "not much light"! No, seriously, in spite of the warning at the beginning, it doesn't look that dark to me. "Dark" to me is more things like the good guys being just as bad as the bad guys, things like that. So unless they depart an awful lot from the book, I don't have too many worries.
  8. Recently watched movies

    It's the Jungle Book, how dark can it be?
  9. PhotoBucket news

    Not sure, think it might depend on what the previous owner did. I guess I just don't think their "apology" is abject enough.
  10. Recently watched movies

    I agree. That's the perfect way to describe it. Unless you just don't like superhero movies, which I can understand; most of them get a little tiresome. But this is one of those movies that just stayed with me for days, and that doesn't happen often. I want to see it again too, for the same reason you mentioned, Artemis.
  11. PhotoBucket news

    You are more generous than I. After that stunt, I'd be happy to see them go out of business as a warning to others. I'm not anti-business, but I am anti arrogant business practices.
  12. That IS a beautiful animal, I'd like to see it sailing through the trees. What is it with squirrels and cars, anyway? Almost daily I have to slam on my brakes at least once, because some kamikaze squirrel decides to wait until a car is almost on top of him, and then dash across the road. Alas, a lot of them haven't made it, although thank god I haven't hit one yet..... Oh, and the tortoise carnage after our last heavy rain …. oi.

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