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    I paint acrylic on canvas mostly based on songs by my favorite artist, Jeremy Camp. Biking, Nature, Traveling, Reading, Creating art in any form, Attending concerts, and Homeschooling my son.
    The complete favorite episode list: Unaired Pilot, S1.1, S1.2 S1.3, S2.1, S2.2, S2.3, S3.0 (Many Happy Returns), S3.1, S3.2, S3.3, S4.0, S4.1, S4.2, S4.3 (aka all of them)
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    The Great Game
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    The Reichenbach Fall
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    The Empty Hearse
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    The Lying Detective

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  1. The "Hijacked Thread" Thread

    I know what’s going into the DVD player later.
  2. Myers-Briggs personality types -- and quiz

    I can see Watson as what’s referred to as an outgoing introvert. They appear to be extroverted but actually aren’t. They have the potential to make friends easily but only need a few instead of the many that gets associated with an extrovert. Being three continents would still be highly plausible with this type of introvert.
  3. "BBC Sherlock" articles & other miscellany

    It’s listed in another thread somewhere on here. I forget which one and it’s been less than 48hrs. Definitely don’t have a good Sherlock-esque brain working this morning. And I just had to double check that my glasses were on.
  4. "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    Correct, your turn Carol
  5. "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    Sorry no T
  6. "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    Yes, 1 D D E S _ R _ _ E / M E
  7. "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    Yes, 1 R _ E S _ R _ _ E / M E
  8. "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    Yes, 1 S _ E S _ _ _ _ E / M E
  9. "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    Yes 1 M _ E _ _ _ _ _ E / M E
  10. "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    Yes, 3 Es _ E _ _ _ _ _ E / _ E
  11. "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    Here’s the next one finally: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _
  12. Recently watched movies

    Wouldn’t surprise me if there was some movie wizardry that went on. Camera angles can do a lot for making someone look taller or shorter than they actually are.
  13. Hot Gifs

    Well you know, that secret twin Sherlock keeps denying, maybe there’s one of those hiding somewhere and the secret one wants purposely never to be mentioned so Benedict gets all the credit (the reason he appears insanely busy all the time).
  14. Recently watched movies

    I checked IMDb for Mollie Maureen’s height and apparently she’s 5’2” (or very near close to it). But I could see her as looking shorter if the men in the movie were near 6’+ in height. Haven’t watched it yet and not sure if I will.
  15. Google’s Sherlock News

    Here’s the Sherlockology info on the Game is Now. http://www.sherlockology.com/news/2018/5/22/the-game-is-now-220518 It even has a twitter handle of @221b and the hashtag #thegameisnow.

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