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  1. Boton

    The Political Thread

    I would need to see evidence that this is occurring. But yes, “illegal” should mean “not using proper channels.” I would also like to know more about the conditions that need to be met to be granted asylum. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Boton

    The Political Thread

    Sort of resurrecting this post from Arcadia, but I thought I'd check into this thread, and Arcadia is spot on. In fact, I have to say that I have actually had some very good and well-though-out debates on Facebook with a group of friends from high school. Half of the group is very conservative, half is very liberal, but we've all been exchanging views and sources and occasionally raising our "voices,," but we always go back to commenting on one another's gardens and dogs and children and 5K times.
  3. Hey, JP. I was on Red Bubble yesterday updating my (non-Sherlock) store, and I have to tell you that I love so many of your designs! They are awesome!
  4. I hear yanny. I even sat last night and tried to look at the word Laurel and make myself hear it, and I couldn't do it. Most people around here seem to hear Laurel.
  5. Boton

    Sherlock and John

    I did like the way that Moftiss modernized this speech in the form of Mary's "Baker Street Boys" ending monologue.
  6. Boton

    Sherlock and John

    I agree, Arcadia. There's a piece out there from the 1940s, I believe, probably tongue-in-cheek but still instructive, called something like "John Watson was a Woman." The argument there is that the way ACD Watson behaves and the goings-on that he reports on are far more typical of a spouse than a bachelor roommate. I do, however, think Johnlock is pretty popular with middle aged ladies as well, though. Just today, I was reading through Tumblr (always a bad idea), and I came across one of my favorite fanfic writers who made a statement that I'll paraphrase here so it maybe better obscures their identity. The statement was along the lines of: I don't pay any attention to MF saying he and BC didn't play their characters as lovers, because they obviously played them as homoromantic life partners with ambiguous sexualities. This is from someone well into adulthood. It's that kind of thing that frustrates me with Johnlock, even though I have learned to read those fics if I want the rest of the plot or to enjoy them as an AU. But it bothers me when fans say "I am going to totally discount everything that has been said by the writers and the actors, and many things that explicitly happen on-screen, that tends to disprove my theory," and then turn around and say "My theory is correct because look at all this subtext evidence I have for you."
  7. Boton

    Sherlock and John

    I don’t disagree, Hikari. I’m just...annoyed, I guess, that my viewing of something as totally innocent can be seen with layers of meaning that I don’t necessarily see in the character. Now, do I think Moftiss wanted to play with the are they/aren’t they dynamic? Yeah, probably. I think they were probably sitting around having a beer or six and someone said, “You know, we should make fun of the fact that most 21st century readers can read the ACD original as if the two were a gay couple.” (All the period-appropriate arm-in-arm stuff and the time or two you get “Watson ejaculated.”). Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Boton

    Sherlock and John

    I am probably incredibly naive, but the first time I saw the Angelo’s scene, before I got on the internet, I thought the conversation was very natural. It is unusual for two blokes in their 30s to share a flat, and you do want to figure out what you are getting into. So, you ask three questions: The first one is, “What do you do for a living,” which Sherlock and John both had answered. The last one is, “Are you going to keep dead bodies in the fridge,” which John probably should have gotten to. The one in the middle is “Whose toothbrush is going to be in the bathroom, and how badly do I need a concealing bathrobe and a good pair of earplugs?” I think that’s what John was going for, and then they were both taken aback when somehow they each wanted to be OK with a gay flat mate, when neither guy was sending that signal. Anyway, that’s what I believed until I got online and there was lip licking and sentences diagrammed to allow for attraction and bisexuality and all other stuff. I like the brothers in arms term too, and I think Mycroft was alluding to that with “when you walk with Sherlock Holmes, you see the battlefield.” Just as an aside, I think the brothers in arms effect is why you have so many of the last remaining survivors of the USS Arizona elect to be cremated and buried at sea on the ship with their brother sailors instead of in a plot next to wives and children. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Boton

    Sherlock and John

    Hi, DF! There's a lot on this forum about the whole friendship/bromance/romance/sexual subtext, so dig in and give us some fresh opinions to consider! I am like many of the people who have already replied: I saw absolutely no sexual undertones in the BBC series, and I was shocked when I got online and found that there were people who thought these undertones were not just there but obvious and intentional. In general, I think we have developed a narrowing definition of masculinity and masculine friendship since ACD's days. Today, the notion that two men can be the most important people in each other's life (even equal to or above a wife) raises eyebrows that there must be "something more" going on. I find that needlessly restrictive, and I enjoy reading/watching intense male friendships without needing to look for sexuality to intensify it. That said, if I had to believe that any incarnation of Sherlock and John were a romantic/sexual couple, it would be the ACD version. It's not that I think ACD intended that, or that there is any period-specific clue that points toward a relationship. It is just that, in an era where one would have been extremely circumspect if one had a same-sex relationship, I find it easier to believe that one could have existed that perhaps John didn't see fit to put into his writings.
  10. It sounds to me like Toby is making sure you're OK, and he's waiting for you when you get to the Rainbow Bridge.
  11. Boton

    Episode 1.1, "A Study In Pink"

    Well, you're right that Walt eventually started really enjoying the drug life, which in some ways made the show so much better. I mean, forget about the responsible job and the respectable family; this is a man who is cut out to cook industrial quantities of meth and sell them in the underworld. I definitely grew to like Marie. I will never like Skylar, but in some ways, I think that's brilliant. Can you imagine, unknowingly giving up a lucrative life with a biotech startup and possibly having a glamorous wife, and then realizing that you are stuck in a home with a decor circa 1982 and waking up next to Skylar for the rest of your life?
  12. Boton

    Episode 1.1, "A Study In Pink"

    I see where you're coming from, but it just seemed that every decision that Walter made or everything that should have worked somehow made his life worse. He left the biotech firm not knowing what it would become, and it turned out making his former BFF and his former girlfriend wildly wealthy. He married Skylar, which I'm sure seemed like a good idea at the time, but she turned out to be a raging beeyotch. (Seriously, I hated her more than I hated most of the drug kingpins.) He had a son, and that son's disabilities, while no one's fault, might mean that Walter needed to provide support forever. Skylar got pregnant with a late in life baby that would further derail any financial security. And then Walter gets cancer while he's working a crappy HS teaching job and an even-crappier car wash job. I mean, with a life like that, you are basically just personal scruples away from a decision to become a meth king.
  13. Boton

    Sherlock Scripts

    CAM got to her first?
  14. And that is, indeed, heartbreaking. The problem is, if you start down the road of changing your initial intent, then you will always have a population that is crushed by your work, and you won't have stayed true to your original vision. I always came back to the idea that they said they wanted to modernize Doyle's work so that it created the same response in people as the originals, so texting instead of telegrams. I think, for three seasons, they were successful. Then the pressure from fans became impossible to ignore (in my opinion), and you get something like S4, which certainly had something for everyone and so, paradoxically, nothing for anyone. In some ways, a show like Elementary would have been perfect to portray a gay main character relationship, because it was positioned to simply be a Sherlock Holmes set in the present day (and not be a take-off on Sherlock), so it could have more easily flexed its trajectory to go that direction. I think, once the fandom seemed to just flat out not believe any of the creators' messages about their work, it isn't worth sitting for the interviews any more. This is a place where I do blame the very vocal small minority of TJLC folks who harassed the creators. Once basically everyone from the show said "JL is not endgame," and these vocal fans responded by saying, "You're lying; JL is endgame and I'm certain of it because of the lighting on Sherlock's face at the end of HLV," it didn't make any sense to keep talking about the creation. This would have been true with any segment of the fandom and any ship, but the fact that we were putting the creators in the position of saying "we are not portraying a gay partnership" over and over at a time when the culture as a whole is talking about gay representation makes this a minefield. And I don't believe *for a second* that it is a scheduling problem that stopped the show. If everyone wanted to continue, they would make it happen. "I'm sorry, but I already have plans" is what you say when you want to get out of something you don't really want to do.
  15. I agree. It's one thing to say that you hope a show goes a certain direction, or even that you think it would better serve the audience by carrying a certain message. (And the vast majority of JL shippers almost certainly stop with one of these two positions.) It is quite another to have a segment of the viewership very vocally telling the creators (whether they be writers, actors, or whoever) that the creators' own interpretation of the show is *wrong.* Not to put too fine a point on it, but, even if they created something that could be understood multiple ways, the fact that Moftiss say they did not write Johnlock, and MF says that he and BC didn't act to create Johnlock, must be respected. It's fine for viewers to say, "Great, mate, but you left enough holes that it's open to interpretation, and I like my interpretation better than yours," but it's wrong to say "You must be lying or in denial about your own intentions, and I'm offended if your creations didn't match my interpretation." That has to be exhausting.

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