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  1. Recently watched movies

    Mr. Nobody - 8/10 ...and I thought ‘Predestination’ was confusing. But seriously this is a great movie that makes you think and plays with big ideas and executes it really great. It’s mainly about a boy having to make choices after he is set before the task to either live with his mother or father after they separate, and we kind of see all the alternative lives that he could have lived. Also, Jared Leto is awesome.
  2. Recently watched movies

    Okja - 6/10 Inglorious Basterds - 9/10 I guess you either love or hate Quentin Tarantino and his movies. I think he’s brilliant.
  3. Recently watched movies

    The 2004 original of course! But there is a sequel coming this year...
  4. Recently watched movies

    Predestination - 7/10 Wait, what? Looper - 9/10 One of the greatest SciFi movies of recent years. Definitely recommended. The Incredibles - 8/10 Awesomeee! Inside Out - 8/10 Very interesting concept and extremely cute but also really smart execution. Black Panther - 7/10 I liked Black Panther, but I think it is overhyped imo. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II - 7/10 “I’m Mary Poppins y’all” Bright - 5/10 The concept is unfortunately way better than the execution.
  5. Recently watched movies

    Brawl in Cell Block 99 - 8/10
  6. Recently watched movies

    Atomic Blonde - 7/10 Yes, story lacks, but action kicks butt. Including one specific scene that honestly is one of the better action sequences in movie history.
  7. Recently watched movies

    Shot Caller - 6/10
  8. Recently watched movies

    Kingsman: The Golden Circle - 6/10
  9. Recently watched movies

    Logan Lucky - 6/10 Spider-Man Homecoming - 7/10 Wonder Woman - 7/10
  10. Recently watched movies

    Baby Driver - 9/10 Edgar my man, doing it again! Definitely one of the year’s best films, by one of today’s most consistently great directors. Excited to see what he puts out next.
  11. Recently watched movies

    War for the planet of the apes - 8/10 It (2017) - 7/10
  12. Recently watched movies

    I looove this beautiful movie! Gave it a 9/10 but thought about a 10/10. I just love it, should rewatch it some time.
  13. Your favourite television series

    Marvel’s The Punisher - 9/10 Heck yea! So good! After a mediocre “The Defenders”, a good but not good enough “Luke Cage” and an absolutely disappointing “Iron Fist”, Marvel and Netflix team up again to create another piece of greatness, being added to the list of Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Jon Bernthal is excellent and really lives the character of a tortured and hopeless man that lost everything and only wants revenge. Marvel, by a few exceptions, makes fantastic choices when it comes to casting in leading roles, like RDJ, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans etc. And with Jon Bernthal Marvel proves it again, that they just know who to cast. Btw off-topic: Marvel’s trailer for “The Avengers Infinity War” set a record for most watched trailer of all time, getting 230 Million views in 24h, which is absolutely insane. I’m hyped.
  14. Your favourite television series

    Mindhunter - 9/10 Big Little Lies - 8/10
  15. Recently watched movies

    Blade Runner 2049 - 9/10 Thor: Ragnarok - 8/10

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