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  1. "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    Oh, so glad to see old familiar names in this New Age forum! Can I have an S please?
  2. The "Hijacked Thread" Thread

    Well, you only have to read what is currently being posted on the BBC and other sites about the last Dr Who to see that most complain about bad scriptwriting. And who was the main scriptwriter?
  3. The "Hijacked Thread" Thread

    If the writing were so good on this show, then how come most Dr Who fans deride the last Dr Who episodes for bad writing? Mr Moffat has a lot to answer for, both for Dr Who and S3 & S4. If there is a Scots equivalent for script writer *ell, may he dwell in it forever!
  4. Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

    If this is the New Look Sherlockforum, then BC would have won the Current War as Edison. It's most definitely a step back, consider me as very underwhelmed, blast it to all eternity! It's not even Afghanistan or Iraq, it's the Khyber pass with Lord Elphinstone ( nice British massacre, that!) or The Valley of Death for the Six Hundred (accurate Russian artillery!)
  5. "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    Sorry, FL, change of job and work schedule have played havoc with any social activity! I trust you are well and had a good start in the New Year! Can I have an A please?
  6. "Sherlock" Quotations Hangman Game

    Can I have an O please?
  7. Word Association

    Won't break my bones
  8. Holmes Quiz

    Which writer gave you your nickname, HS? Because I have historical proof to back up my facts.
  9. Jeremy Brett

    Watching Love Boat as a kid was definitely encouraged, to help build up English!
  10. Jeremy Brett

    I liked the theme music and Captain Stubbing! But I can't remember the particular episode! After Captain Stubbing, Jean-Luc Picard seemed a logical choice for ST:TNG!
  11. John Watson

    Oh, dear, shadowy teddy bear! You must have a TARDIS hidden somewhere, because Granda started in1983-84 and went on until 1995. As for Shadow Dweller, been there, done that: no less than a Queen of Crime fiction posited the female co-habitation and what one friend (totally platonic) would do for another in Shroud for a Nightingale, way back in the 1960s. If you find the series on YouTube, it's a marvelous Dalgliesh case.
  12. John Watson

    Maybe because in place of the sweet, artless governess the creators saw fit to place a lethal, gun-toting assassin for hire?
  13. Jeremy Brett

    And no one would be surprised to find out that the same bridge was used for Child in Time, as well as the place further upstream (cannot remember which bridge that is near) where Sherlock had his fateful conversation with Euros posing as Ms Smith. BC must have liked those locations. There, one more hijacked thread!
  14. Jeremy Brett

    Douglas, I second that wholeheartedly! Dear HerlockSholmes, you have taken the moniker of the great detective as he appears in the Maurice Leblanc stories, how come? Just curious, ^_^
  15. Benedict Cumberbatch News

    Anton, Anton, Anton! (Germanspeak for alert, sorry! ) This Sunday on BBC One Benedict stars in his own company's production of Ian McEwan's bestseller The Child in time, starts 9:00 BST and runs for one and a half hours. There was already a BAFTA screening, and it was well received!

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