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  1. Van Buren Supernova

    Mycroft Holmes

    That's true. That's why our youngest brother was our public enemy. Imagine saving your pocket money and finally got something delicious from mom and pop's store, and here came the troublemaker starting to load his crying face because we wouldn't share as much as he wanted.. Most of the time we hid from him or climbed to somewhere he couldn't reach.
  2. Van Buren Supernova

    The Language (and travel) Thread

    Things happen for a reason you see. And I like the idea of someone wearing this shoe than take it off to reveal identical mini version of it. Bahahahaha..
  3. Van Buren Supernova

    Hot Gifs

    Wait a minute... I google how they look like and the ones I caught actually looked like rats, and we always call them rats over here. However, fortunately, the ones that managed to get in were mostly much smaller in size than usual rats I suppose. And yes, death to whatever. Funny enough, the ones I had didn't really leave traces in places I could see, as it's very rare for me to see droppings at all, it's also occasionally, not regular visit, because I practically keep everything contained, take out trash everytime and clean regularly, yet, some decided to visit once in a while, because they never came out alive. I know when there was one not because of the dropping, but from the things they dropped, which was barely noticeable since they apparently quite careful. Or when my dog started to race around randomly and guard the corners. Hmmm mmmmmm mm. Nice brow.
  4. Van Buren Supernova

    Introverts, how is your day?

    I hope I was this snappy at school back then.
  5. Van Buren Supernova

    The Cute Animal Pics/Videos Thread

    Is.. is it the right time to mention that I've seen more...? Kitty knows good spot. Everyone is narcissistic and likes to read about themselves.
  6. Van Buren Supernova

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    That... probably has something to do that they are the only two left. And yet, it still happens :D, I mean, what are the odds! That's good idea, although I expect more from work. I'd do what Camper did, and include all the nitty gritty just to point out how annoyed I was, like, this had been answered in email with .... subject, sent on ....., and based on conversation on meeting dated .... attended by ...... Please kindly refer to that, lazya**! (I wish I put the lazya** but there is no way I put 'kindly') It happened to me also when I was arranging a budget trip that required us to have multiple flights and hoppings, all because I was the one who found the contact and deal. After I laid out everything, itinerary, details etc etc, I was very annoyed to find that some were still asking about this and that. It is group email, and there are only like five of us. It's not that hard, and I'm not your frigging travel agent. Yes, that was the whole message until I bother to reply. Personal and work. Urgent and not. Hmmm.. I think I would get angry for a split second, then do what you did, wondering what is going on, before going back to anger if they are indeed idiots. But it's true that I am prone to road rage, in quite restrictive way, as much as I can bear. Maybe it'd be different if I was good at kicking people's ass, there are one or two road bullies and thrasher I would like to teach some lessons to. It's amazing the kind of road skill you have to have to be safe from those reckless drivers. That's a lot of histories you'd have to hear over here. What I want to be when I grow old.
  7. Van Buren Supernova

    The Language (and travel) Thread

    I know it's correct and for the maze. Just saying that even when it's used correctly, it could be annoying too since I'm pretty sure some parents are not amused. Aiz, since you guys took me seriously, I think that doesn't have potential to annoy Arcadia. But I haven't given up today. So.......
  8. Van Buren Supernova

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    No, not that. So what they would do is sending me a chat or a message. For example: Carol.... And then leave it like that forever, if I don't respond, they wouldn't continue. Another version is "Good morning Carol." Then leave it like that. I mean, say what you want dammit. What should I respond? If they meant to be polite, I don't think it's polite, it's frigging annoying to me. Oh me too. So when I message someone, I would say, Hi Carol. And then follow with explanations and details of what happened and what I want, sometimes with the solution and diagrams, bullet point, attachments, pictures if needed. And same like you, I am very annoyed with people with short attention span and then ask questions that is already answered in my first text/email. It renders most of my efforts useless and start a chain of messages that shouldn't be if they brother to *(^#^&*@#% read. Gah!! P.S. Anyway, had anyone told you that you are much more INTJ than INTP? You are!
  9. Van Buren Supernova

    Game of Thrones

    Interesting dragon facts! Many reptiles are genderfluid although some could be contained in specific phase of life I think, I don't even know if they are reptile though I suspect about the volcano, it is implied, and for the magic, it is believed by many of the characters and sort of proven. But I certainly never heard or think about special relation of Targaryens and dragons that involves some genetic mixed-up. That is both interesting and disturbing, I merely thought they have special bond because of history between the two, like maybe, early domestication or something such as why mosquitoes love O blooded people better. It's similar with the bond between the Starks and their direwolves. As for Gandalf, I knew he was not dead. It is textbook, you don't kill a character like that. And..... then there was GoT, therefore I fell in love for that series and then almost crapped my pants where Sherlock died. Damn you Sherly. I don't think I would give up on the book, used to get annoyed by the delay, but somehow I kind of understand and believe GRRM would delay it until the TV series ends. I think it's best that it is treated as two separate entities. Season 1-4 are close adaptations and it's great to see the realization of the characters. Many are spot-on (I love the Lannisters) and the story are so rich and intriguing even when it's already simplified from the book version. However, later seasons, when the series had lost its detailed sources (I believe they know A lead to Z but only in some kind of bullet points) it turns into a common fantasy. What hooked me in the beginning, that it's so not ordinary fantasy, had almost disappeared. There are still trace of it here and there, which makes it still a good series (Hodor's plot, Cersei's plot for example), but it's definitely not great anymore. Personally I believe they butchered Dorne, Stannis (even with the book source) and Arya, Sansa, Jon, Euron (without much book source) and my most disappointment, Little Finger. There are lack of essences in the stories and they fails to leave long impression and very forgetable. Somehow I think GRRM must be much more disappointed than me. So I'll wait for the book.
  10. Van Buren Supernova

    Shoot the Wall (A.K.A. The Rant Thread)

    I wish that is the case. But no, many others seem to understand fine enough. But these couple of people, that coincidentally I have to work with most of the time, need much extra efforts to lay everything for them. And they are not dumb people, they are smarter than average, I would say. I think. And when I decided to let them and just explain in general way, which should be clear enough (it is!), they act like they understand and then screw up things. I'd rather that they ask!
  11. Van Buren Supernova

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    I blame Pseud. She started it with her dragon cats. Do you guys feel annoyed when someone send a message starting with your name, just that or with dot dot dot? Then never follow up quick enough with what they want? It's somehow very annoying to me, what do I suppose to respond, tell me what you want! I used to ignore it / sarcastically reply with their name in similar manner, but yesterday I scolded the messenger not to ever do that again. This guy always did that, for personal or work related. Sometimes it's for urgent matter. Somehow it tickle my grumpy bones. I have many, and they tickle all of it.
  12. Van Buren Supernova

    The Cute Animal Pics/Videos Thread

    And this is conference call with judgemental bosses. Also, remember Schrodinger cat? I found Schrodinger tree!!
  13. Van Buren Supernova

    The Language (and travel) Thread

    What about this? I'm sure it's correct way of using?
  14. Van Buren Supernova

    1,500 posts and a promotion!

    I think I would enjoy that for a while, changing the status everytime I log in...Wait no! That means 15 times per day, with the rate the forum tries to kick me out! Can I amuse myself by picking at other's status then? But the market is very niche now, ... You are amazing. You are fantastic, guys!!! I don't follow? ............and scared..
  15. Van Buren Supernova

    Hot Gifs

    Wait wait... I meant mice...mice! Good god, knock wood. Sorry for the mistake, now you know why I would probably run away screaming when I see rat's carcass. Are we thrashing on brother's qualification? Allow me to chime in! My brother has electrical engineering degree but he failed to assemble an electrical box (those old neon light with bulky metal casing) while I could do it in minutes. Oh of course, I never wasted a day without reminding him. Hey look! A drowning man! Move aside, ladies. I deduce he needs some kind of CPR. https://media.giphy.com/media/oox1uTcjxmp0s/giphy.gif P.S. Hmpppph I can't make the gif works. Wait, this one works. Again, move aside ladies. He obviously needs my help.

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