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  1. Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

    @Carol, when I tried to log in, I'm just never in. There are two variations though. First, I need to keep clicking on the menu to get to the log in page. Second, they just wipe my username and password that I have keyed in. Both version pretend that I never tried to log in. Anyway I tried everyday on different times since the last time I was in, and kept failing until last night (in for a brief moment because I was rushing and just testing) and NOW I'm on my phone. Hopefully no more problem. @T.o.b.y, just a regular built in browser that i always use. Not google chrome, Internet explorer or Firefox. It's same thing that I've always used to come here, and now. Didn't change a single thing. Well, maybe you guys won't buy it, as it sounds ridiculous. But it happens to me quite frequently, that my technical problems are sometimes don't make sense. Example that I endured for 5 years when I was working at the same company; I have to install my software in certain sequence in order for one of the software to work perfectly. The funny thing is, it still works, but lack couples of essential commands that if I ignore it, I would need to do multiple other commands to get to it. When they tried it with others, no such problem. Several IT didn't believe me and even tried to mess with the code to 'cure' them, and it only worked for a day or two and I had to called them back and finally gave up and did it the software way. Another, just a couple of weeks ago, no matter how hard I tried a file in one of software that I use refused to go full screen and insisted on half. It's viewport problem, I know exactly the settings, how to set it and I have been using this program for 18 years. But nopeeeee, I had to use trick by zoom it up and move the tab around to get decent size view, which is annoying because I needed to get on my email and there are multiple tabs that I need to work on. When the file was sent to my colleague, it was fine, no problem at all. We all using similar spec and sharing files all the time. The file gives me same problem every single time. So yah, I just hope that I'll be able to log in again. It's just my nose. P.S They are out to get me!! And replacing me pixel by pixel!!
  2. Recently watched movies

    I would say when someone not average is being put in super-average world, they would not turn average. Although it's probably not an adequate comparison, people who move out from small town could be example. Small town when nothing exciting ever happens, time stands still and you are guaranteed well enough life but then..no challenge or excitement. Of course, they know about the existence of another place, which I assume similar with Truman as well since he knows about Fiji and other towns. I would like to think I would be too curious as well, what is the end of that road, why it's never built, what would happen if I climb down and walk forward? Yes, they would create all kind of scenario to discourage him, but when you try often enough, it would get very suspicious. People like Moriarty and Sherlock would not be able to sit still and accept that the world is just the way it is, especially that they are mostly so-called fearless. I would think that Moriarty would still slash someone to see how a muscle looks like, just like Eurus.
  3. Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

    Yes I log out every each session. Even if I don't, I clear my history, cache etc very regularly because I use my phone for internet banking etc, which means it automatically log me out. The new forum would also kick me out automatically after a period of time, as I have noticed if I take too long to write a post. The good thing is, they save the draft for me, so when I log back in, the draft is there. So not logging out is never an option from above reasons. Aiz. I guess I have to make do with what I can from office's desktop time. And for your question, Carol. The small red writing is 'required'.
  4. Shoot The Wall (A.k.a. The Rant Thread)

    Bread and milk is not practical for stock up, but I suppose it could last awhile. Maybe they worry that the food circulation and manufacturer would be affected and fresh perishable would be the one they would miss the most? For me, I stock up tins, packaged noodles, frozen food etc that would last longer than my will to not to go out and explore. I've been having this absent-minded situation. So normally, when my dog is around, together with making food for him, I'd cook myself proper breakfast because I love breakfast! Since he is now in custody of his original home/friend because I need to travel, I don't cook for myself and survive with a cup of instant cereal for breakfast that I'd make in office. However, more often than not, after making and set it down, I get on my work and forget about it until noon and see that it has become the habitat of ants. And just now, same thing happen, and to add it all, I drop my earphone in that damn cereal. Argh..!
  5. Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    Hey, I would love to do this. Or to swim and actually been trying to look for safe place to do cliff jumping. Sherrinford looks very swim-able to the main island.
  6. Introverts, how is your day?

    Is the answer ...euh.... you? Good god! You mean the ear-hat that is good for nothing? Watching Sherlock doesn't teach you anything eh? P.S.. oh wait... how could I forget death frisbee. Okay okay, it's good for something.
  7. Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

    Same as always Carol, haven't changed phone for a looong time. Android base, Asus Zenfone. So the other day, the last time I posted above, I couldn't log in. Couple of days after that I tried and I could get in, but didn't have time to post anything. Today, yep, I CAN'T log in from my phone again. The same phone I've been using forever to come here, and now it's giving me this problem. Currently I'm at work desktop again. So, since I don't have the money and the balls to do nose job, that means I could only come here on desktop, or when universe aligns and let me log in from my phone. I'm afraid the next time I'm here my nose would have been dropped to my chest because of gravity. Just remember when everything is too rosy, cuddly and huggly :p, there is me at the other side of the world and screen somewhere making fun of that eventhough I might not be present..! Gah!!
  8. Introverts, how is your day?

    AH! The wedding photographer! I actually tried to think about the kind of equipment that they could have left lying around to try to make sense of what Carol said, but nothing registered. Rusty eh... Question, is it easier to clean Sholto's wound, since ehh...the doctor could just pour disinfectant and it would leak to the other side (no need to dig?) Sorry, sorry!! Anyway I made two promises that day, that I would appreciate pre-anesthetic era patients much highly, and I wouldn't shake my fist to the telly again anytime someone can't stand a torture, You confess??? What a wimp, sissy! I went back to the place but couldn't pinpoint the object. It looks like everything could be dangerous, sharp stones, loose dry cement mix, rebar cuts. Didn't go there for fun, but needed for work, and I got to enjoy sloooow walk and people look at me funny. Feel very old. The hospital was located at different building than the clinic, basically different establishment. Initially they refer me to mediocre hospital farther away with couple of hours to wait before I could see the orthopedic. Luckily I tried to call that said hospital, trying to make appointment but no one picked up from multiple lines they had. So I approached the customer service and asked if I could get another referral, it's okay if it's far (previously I asked not too far). The customer service was super nice, did multiple calls, asked me to sit while she ran around to get the new referral form on second story, and even adviced the doctor to refer me to the hospital next door which was available right then! I have no idea why the doctor thought it's good idea to choose far mediocre hospital instead of this (great service and expertise) just a walking distance. I guess it's about insurance, maybe they thought it's not covered by my work insurance. Or maybe, they have some referral deal? I don't know, but it's just.. how could she did that to patient that need quick help? That was very bad information. So I couldn't wait to get there as soon as possible and decided to walk. Interesting, I didn't know that. So you are not squirm-ish or weary to see human body etc? I think the knowledge is fascinating and there are never-ending explorations, but it's not my cup of tea at all. Have you ever gone to Body World Exhibition? Maybe you would like it. It's quite fascinating but at the end of the day, I felt a bit sick because I can smell something different eventhough it's not obvious. Anyway, as mostly introverts, what do you guys think about this? It exists outside Harry Potter world although it's not perfected yet, I think. I'd love to have one, and thinking about the most desperate time I'd need it. - In a boring, long party. However, those party usually required me to sit down with people. Because the one where we could stand and mingle around is the one I had already left way before it's over. I don't think it would work to wear it in front of everyone, unless I pretend to pick up something from under the table, quickly don it and crawl my way out. - When seeing someone you know on the street. Again. have to have Superman ability to quickly hide behind something and wear it. - Family gathering. Again... Sigh.. it's best to wear it all the time I guess.
  9. Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

    New experience with the forum. I cam't log in with my phone. Everytime I tried, after putting in username and password, nothing happened. I'm still outside. Tried it for eight times different occasions, nope. I didn't change anything on my phone, and 98.999768% percent of my existence in this forum is through that phone, it still worked fine the last time I posted. Currently I have to use work desktop just to get in. Why why? Is it my face? It's my nose, isn't it?
  10. Introverts, how is your day?

    I suspect it could be a rebar, the concrete I fell on was newly finished but the area is not yet properly cleared. Although it's very questionable about why there was a protruding rebar, it wouldn't be a stretch as I saw some around. It's so cringey to imagine rebar puncture, but I remember that I almost abled to stop myself hitting ground, and my final break on my palm didn't result in any wound on my hands. That means I didn't fall hard, and only something really solid and hard could create that deep wound from that momentum. I don't get about wedding photographer? No foreign object thankfully. When he mentioned something dark, he didn't know the depth of the wound, it was just blood..euh, from depth. That's why... sorry, he kept digging and seeing dark until he finally stopped when he realized it, while I almost bite my hand off from the pain. He actually needed to widen the upper part or whatever, I saw him snipped some skin or something with scissors. Eugh. *shudder* Thanks for the wish guys and.. the half eaten cookie (I'm glad you had some aappetite after reading), it's recovering slowly but there is definitely progress, I predict to walk normally in two three days, too bad I have to return to work tomorrow. RL...sigh..
  11. Introverts, how is your day?

    Apparently I underestimated what I hit when I fell. Warning, a bit graphic story. So after the fall, I stood up quickly and went ahead for meeting but slowly realized that blood was gushing on my knee. Although it formed a significant spot on my jeans, it wasn't too bad as after sometime, I didn't feel the flow anymore. It hurt a bit, but I could walk as usual. When I got back to office, I cleaned it as best I could and put on waterproof bandage. It was tiny, small wound although it looked quite deep. But my jeans was not punctured, so I thought at the very least, outer elements didn't get in and that means it shouldn't be too deep. I continued my activities for the day (fell early in the morning), went around having multiple meeting but gradually it got more difficult to walk, although still quite ok. I even wanted to take a long walk in the afternoon, to prevent it for being stiff but after a few steps I changed my mind. It got much more painful and difficult to move that night, and everytime I changed bandage it was soaked, although still contained in the bandage's small fabric patch. As in, the bleeding was not much, but it didn't stop. The next morning I was preparing for work, but realize it took me quite a lot of effort to climb stair and it's still painful to move. I had much worse wounds on knee before, but nothing felt like this. There was a slight swelling too. So I decided to get it checked, call in sick and took an Uber to clinic. After useless radiology and many painful standup, sit down, stair through those registration, cashier, doctor, waiting, xray, bla bla, I was reduced to grandma turtle speed, and even sitting down made me cringed badly. After another round of bad information etc they finally referred me to orthopedic of a hospital nearby. Nearby means there were nothing to bring me there as it's too close so I walked there slowly. Luckily I was attended fast. With contradictive radiology report, after doing some simple test, the doctor conclude that there was no dislocation (the report said no fracture or dislocation, but conclude with slight dislocation (??) It definitely didn't feel like dislocation because it would be much worse). So I was happy it was just a wound. The doctor asked if I need local anesthetic for the proper cleaning and dressing of the wound. Since both of us thought it's would be over soon and just a tiny wound, I suggested to proceed without which he agreed, since injections would be another unnecessary pain. But good god!! As he cleaned the wound, digging and swirling he cloth around, it sting so badly. He kept saying there was darker area that was suspicious, worried that it could be something foreign, so he kept digging. At this point my hand was moving towards his neck wanting to strangle him because it was bloody painful. He kept asking me to scream if I needed too, just don't hit him. (He is funny that one). But I didn't want to and finally he stopped . At this time I could look at my knee and saw the tiny hole, just less than 1cm maybe, looked like small blood swimming pool. But apparently, it was a very deep wound, going in about 1.5 cm (slightly more than half an inch) which he showed me from how deep he needed to push the fabric (whatever that sterile cloth called). He then explain that the wound is more complicated than he thought, and no wonder it doesn't stop bleeding. He would need to do couple of stitches and would start with more rigorous cleaning to make sure it wouldn't get infected etc etc. He suggest local anaesthetic which I agreed wholeheartedly. Although he needed to inject on multiple angles and they sting more than usual injections, I don't think I could take another round without. And he was pretty good and thorough. Disinfectant, anti tetanus, he was generous and repeated multiple time to make sure it's proper. Looking at the way he did it, I couldn't be more thankful for the numbness. I saw him using big needle to transfer disinfectant to the wound and from the volume disappearing inside, it was a lot. And a lot of blood. Finally, he started the internal stitching and explained that it's needed to stop the bleeding. I think he did 3 or 4 stitches, by the forth, the anesthetic ran off and he gave me more injections because he needed to add 2 external stitches in which either the anesthetic ran off again or I just could feel the threads went through and through and hands started to move towards his neck again. But then, I was patched up and good. Journey back was quite bad, as I was stuck in traffic and couldn't take the pain killer yet as I had eaten almost nothing since morning, and my movement was worse for the rest of the day. But the slight swelling that I had previously had subsided and today, I felt much better and gradually the movement improved. Just have to keep the leg straight and elevated while sleeping and I'd be good. I assume when I fell I landed on something blunt that puncture the knee through the jeans, no hole found on the jeans means it must be inverted. Sounds terrifying but at least I didn't get dirt, rust, or sands into the wound. Regardless all these, I'm very grateful that nothing is broken or fractured, I think that would be more difficult to handle. Geez, sorry for the long story. That was my day.
  12. The Language (and travel) Thread

    I think it's common and quite a normal way of saying it? But hearing 'I love you to death' sounds more like serial killer planning your demise to me XD.
  13. The Cute Animal Pics/Videos Thread

    This looks like effortless parenthood.
  14. Introverts, how is your day?

    Blaming someone else? Hmmm...actually it's very possible. That's what I always do there. In real life, nah.... prolonged interaction is the consequences that I try not to take. But in this case I'm alright with the guy, so I actually blamed him for making me distracted because I took time to laugh and mock at him about his punctuality and therefore missed the hole. You see, he should provide me with safe setting while I'm mocking him, that's the least one can do. Anyway, few posts back, I was talking about online stranger who chat in the game. So yesterday I had one, asking me what do you do in life lady? The previous software didn't show the gender, but after update it shows, we have to opt out and I didn't realize it. So I ignore the chat for a while but eventually replied, because who knows, he could be just someone try to be nice, and although the username, geez, boobtown, doesn't sound like someone I want to chat with, but his chat was polite and it was already our subsequent game. So I replied sorry prefer not chatting and just play. He then replied with something that actually makes me laugh and to his credit, everything is good and he didn't disturb me anymore. He just said, You are a robot.
  15. Recently watched movies

    Yes I'd be interested to know. But unlike you, I like how they ended it, because if they try to jam him dealing with real world in last ten minutes, my worry that it wouldn't be enough and dissappointing, then bring down the overall feel of the movie. I read that they were planning something, with idea that everyone but you is in reality show, but it never came to fruition I guess. Now it might be the right time, because we keep having other unnecessary mindless sequels. I am wondering what would happen if the baby they pick is not Truman, a very average ordinary person, but Moriarty, Sherlock or Mycroft? Bear with me for my BS. If it's Moriarty, how would the world react when they see on the live TV about the emergence of a psychopath and his first kill on innocent unsuspecting actor and the disturbing mind and how he operate and manipulate around. The genre would be different, it sounds like something I would watch though. It's probably how I feel watching Hannibal on later stage. How if, there are actual chanel for that, once the child turns out batshit crazy, they just stop the public airing and only by special subscription you could access it. And then they create the whole community of people they deem worthless to be his playground. Eeeooo I'm selling this movie idea for a big cake. It's probably a combination of Truman, Westworld and Silence of The Lamb. Then, how if it's Sherlock? I imagine the world would be very expensive to keep Sherlock in the bubble, literally and figuratively. They would have to rewrite the 'facts', because otherwise they would be exposed easily. In Truman, it is a controlled world where almost everything is fake; the moon, the sun, we see them controlling them, and because I noticed that he has vitamin D supplement which could be indication that he is never exposed to actual sun. So if they teach Sherlock actual fact like photosynthesis or anything sun related, he would be able to spot some anomaly in things around him, why he keep seeing different plant with same specifications, why his garden soil have different nutrient and finds mysterious UV light bulb somewhere on the fence, things that ordinary people miss. They would have to supply *shudder* cadavers and labs to keep him 'entertained' eventhough he live in the world without murders. Rewriting facts is almost impossible because it's massive connected web and they wouldn't be able to predict what Sherlock would do steps ahead. It's also impossible to limit his thirst of knowledge because he would question and learn everything in short time (Although they don't need to bother about astronomy or installing giant constellation on the dome). He would be too expensive and difficult to keep, so sadly, they have to euthanize him, otherwise he would definitely make them pay. Mycroft, on the other hand, would be the easiest of the three. Give him a vast library, quiet cozy room and old movies, build significant obstacles around certain perimeter, deploy army of goldfish so he would feel frustated should he tries to socialize, and unlimited supply of plum puddings and cakes. He would find out eventually, then shrug and rewatch his movie. Cheapest production, but too bad the rating wouldn't be good because it is so boring. Unless the technology is advance enough that audience could see his thoughts.

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