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  1. Lalarun


    I think it's quite common. For example there are all these words ending in -ismus, such as Kapitalismus, Extremismus, Autismus, Kommunismus, Impressionismus, but also Zirkus, Campus, Exitus (and probably many more). There might be exceptions though. It also doesn't really work for one syllable words with an au in the middle, such as Haus (neuter) or Maus (female). I guess that's because "au" is a diphtong on its own. They both look masculine to me, but then I learned Latin as well as Greek. So -us and -os are both endings I associate with masculine nouns. I wondered about the goddess now because of the name ending in -os despite being female and found that in Greek it's apparently spelled Ἠώς. The typial masuline ending is -ος though. There are different o-sounds. I guess that makes a difference, only that you cannot distinguish these two in Latin letters. But then Euros (the male God) is Εὖρος, with the typical masculine ending. So that wouldn't really explain their name choice for a female child (like it works with the name Eos). I'm not an expert on this though, so there could be other factors playing a role in all of this. That's just what I tried to figure out from my knowledge of Greek I remember from highschool.
  2. I don't usually do that in general unless I have spent too much time watching/reading stuff in English for a while at the same day, but I always do that with Sherlock quotes, just because they are in my mind that way. So it can be that I suddenly think of a Sherlock quote in a situation, switch to English for that one and then the rest of the conversations goes on in German. Probably obsession too...
  3. Lalarun

    Another Hello

    Hello and welcome, MaryJane! It's sad that you missed TAB on TV, but there will be a second chance some day. If I find out about a new air date here, I will let you know (unless you haven't found another source until then and don't need to know that anymore).
  4. Lalarun

    Introverts, how is your day?

    Just continuing in another post since I wasn't allowed to quote that much in one reply: Yes, it's a control thing for me most of the time. If I have the control and can stop something any time I want to, I can handle it better because I know I can turn it off if it annoys me. I go to the same hair saloon for many years now. They know me and know I am not a chatty person, so they stay silent. I still don't like it though... Just reminds me of my appointment there in a few days. Me too. It took my parents a while, but when I was a teenager I was finally "allowed to" stay at home. It was still terrible when the relatives came together at our home. I spent many of those meetings in my room, reading or playing something on my own. I usually don't share my problems but rather try to solve it by myself. I think I do that for various reasons. I don't want to bother others with my problems, I don't like to share those problems with them because I don't want them to know about them and I always wonder if it would actually help to tell them about a specific problem. Could they help me with it or would it just bother and worry them as well? I was very relieved when I finally discovered the term sensory overload. It put me in the right direction for further research and I agree that knowing makes things easier. It helped me to understand a part of me better. It even somehow made me more comfortable with doing stuff that is good for me and not just trying to stand it, so I take care of the possiblity to leave when I feel like it with feeling less pressure of having to stand it. What about T-shirt for that too? Or you've got it? Good idea.
  5. Lalarun

    Introverts, how is your day?

    Me too. But I still hate buying clothes in shops the most of all things I have to buy. Yes, that's probably why I don't mind supermarkets as much as smaller clothes shops for example. But then I don't like some of them either due to other reasons (like the annoying background music and advertising jingles). Okay, clothes shops have that background music too, so one more reason to hate them. I think my favourite shops are book stores. It's usually silent and as long as there's no shop assistant around to ask what you are looking for you can look around all by yourself. Even avoiding the shop assisitant's attention is easy by reading a bit in an interesting book. I can imagine since I experience the same. I am usually the one who wants others to stop listening to music that is too loud for me. Well, to contribute something that has actually to do with the thread title: I spent four hours in a car today with two other people arguing about the volume of the music. Furthermore I was in a crowded restaurant with other people trying to have boring conversations with me. I was happy when I finally was at home. In addition to that I am annoyed by tones no one else hears. It usually leads to conversations like this: Me: What is this noise? Where does it come from? Other person: I don't hear it. Oh, you better should avoid speaking about some things to me when you don't want to turn me into a person who is suddenly not so shy anymore and goes on and on in a conversation. People seem to be confused by that. The volume at those places is really awful. It is so exhausting and painful that I usually leave (or avoid) them even more than I would if the music were acceptable. I guess I am doing stuff in my mind too often then. I hate being disturbed while I am doing it. The result is either 1. I am so absorbed that I don't even realize someonewas talking to me (or it takes an unusual amount of time to realize it) or 2. I am answering, but try to keep it as short as possible to avoid a further conversation with the person. I have to say that I do that especially when I am outside on a walk and so often miss people's greetings because I don't pay attention. They don't like that. Maybe I should wear a "Do not disturb" shirt while I am on such walks like that one: That would probably rather work than one with "Do not disturb, am inside mind palace, will surface eventually." although I like that phrase. I don't know how well-known the phrase mind palace is for people who don't watch Sherlock. Hmm, my mum has watched all Sherlock episodes, so I could try that explanation too.
  6. Lalarun

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    Thanks for the tip, J.P.! I have once watched a movie about Temple Grandin's life (called Temple Grandin) that I found interesting, so I think this could be interesting for me as well.
  7. I am from Hesse.
  8. Welcome, Bluebell! I also looked Sherlock up after seeing The Hobbit and then realized that both Martin and Benedict play together in it. I remember watching bits of it before when I randomly switched TV programmes, but never really watched one episode as a whole. Apart from the channel I have to say that the times when it aired in Germany were usually later in the evening which is not so good when it's not weekend. But after watching The Hobbit I finally watched a re-run of some episodes and bought the DVDs afterwards. The special airs on 28.03.16, 21:45 at ARD. Here's their announcement: http://www.daserste.de/unterhaltung/film/sherlock/die-braut-des-grauens-sendetermin-100.html
  9. Lalarun

    How Did You Find Us?

    I was searching for Sherlock-related stuff via google and somehow came across this forum. I am the same about forums and other sites where you can register. I read and check it for a while until I am rather sure I am going to really use it and that I am not just "there", but never contribute anything.
  10. Lalarun

    Share Your Head Canon!

    I never really thought about the underwear of anyone in the show, but like you I always wonder about that part of the Palace scene. I mean, they probably haven't asked him or anything like that (at least I cannot imagine it, it would be a bit too weird, I guess), so they just had to pack something based on what they think what he wears under the sheet. But then I think for the Palace guys this question doesn't really matter, it's just about having some appropriate clothes for Sherlock and packing no underwear wouldn't matter anymore if Sherlock wore trousers (which they brought).
  11. Lalarun

    "A Study in Scarlet"

    The description part is different for me. I don't try to apply the look of Sherlock and John from the series to their look in the books. They don't look like that in my mind. It might have to do with the fact that I had already read one canon story before I knew the series and so already have a picture of "my" canon Sherlock and John in my mind that doesn't change anymore. Furthermore my brain doesn't seem to make that connection automatically (regarding the appearance of the characters) and so I see the series and the books as two different things although there are of course many references in the series and it is still about Sherlock and John. I don't really know why it is like this, but I think I can live with two different Sherlocks and Johns in my mind. I agree with you about the Rache/Rachel thing and the references. When I read it last fall I forgot it was the backstory and I thought I was reading a completely different story until got back to London. I had that feeling of a different story, too. I wonder how someone who doesn't know the whole story would like or understand just that part on its own. I think most of it would work as a separate story as well, only that the end would be missing (how Hope finally got his revenge and then was arrested). But as a middle part it was a bit too long for me only to explain Hope's backstory. It could have been shorter. You are not the only one. I also had to look up the Latin although I learned it at school.
  12. Lalarun

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    Great that you found it. The description sounded interesting. Now I have read it and I think it is a really good post.
  13. Lalarun

    How do you relate to Sherlock (the series)?

    Hello! Interesting... I dislike talking on the phone too, but I dislike texting even more. Maybe that has more to do with the mechanics of it, though, because I don't mind email. I like being able to edit what I'm saying! :D I also prefer emails to texting, but texting is still better than using the telephone for me. Yes, it is great that you can edit what you are saying. That is an advantage, but sometimes it also makes me slow in responsing because I re-read my texts again and again, trying to figure out what I could make better. I sometimes do that explaining, too. It is really helpful. When I was at school one of my maths teachers said: "If you want to check if you have really understood everything, give someone a lesson about the topic and see if you can do it." That method definitively works for me.
  14. Lalarun

    How do you relate to Sherlock (the series)?

    The first thing I related to when I started to watch Sherlock was the introduction scene between Sherlock and John. Like Sherlock I prefer texting to the telephone (I avoid telephone calls as much as possible), sometimes can be very silent (he doesn't speak for days on end) and playing music definitively helps me to think. I don't play the violin, though, but the accordion. I think most of that applies to me, too. To some people, especially when I am not familiar with them I tend to come across a bit Molly-like. But with other people I am more Sherlock-like. But I still don't let everything out that I think. It's a bit of an inner Sherlock who doesn't show because I suppress it. For example I tend to correct other people's grammar in my head a lot, but almost never say anything about it. I sometimes have that, too. I can go on and on and at one moment the other person doesn't follow anymore. But that's probably a moment when I am already in a kind of monologue-mode and don't even realize if that's the case. It's a bit like talking rather at the person than having a conversation with them. I feel you. Have trouble remembering people's kids. I don't even remember gender and quantity, let alone names and faces. After they talk about all those; jobs, babies, husbands, I would blurt out,"so, now that artificial inteligence is getting more sophisticated, do you think one day robots will take over humanity? I hate small talk. If someone really has something to say about their job or their family, or just their last trip to the supermarket, something that comes from the heart and isn't just blabbered into the air to keep a pointless conversation going, that's fine with me, though. I don't mind "mundane" subjects or chatting, I just don't like interaction with other people that is insincere and meaningless. I also hate it when people just agree with everything you say no matter what their real opinions on the matter are. I agree with both opinions a bit. It depends on my mood, I guess. I don't like the kind of small talk you described, T.o.by, but can sometimes enjoy conversations about rather trivial topics when they interest me. But sometimes I am more like what Arcadia and Van Buren Supernova describe and just don't listen because it is too boring and I cannot relate to it. That are the moments when I tend to be rather quiet and so am considered to be shy although I am just not interested in the topic and don't want to talk about it. Especially writing also helps me to think, but talking works as well. I think for me it is easier to order my thoughts that way. I know that clothes problem as well. I tend to be rather repetitive when it comes to clothes and shoes and would like to own more than one piece of my favourites. But as you say it takes a while to decide whether something belongs to those favourites and then it's not on the market anymore. But nevertheless I own a few of the same trousers in two different colours and even have got one shirt twice. I like the comparison with Sherlock's coats.
  15. Lalarun


    Welcome, Ryss! I am from Germany, so English isn't my native language either. But I understand everything you wrote. Although I guess I sometimes make mistakes, I just write and try not to worry too much. People will ask if they don't understand something.

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