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  1. Introverts, how is your day?

    It wasn't all knee deep, the sheep were mainly gathered around a feeding trough under some trees so it wasn't too deep there. Must have been a hell of a shock for the poor little thing, going from warmth to snow.
  2. Introverts, how is your day?

    The original walk was cancelled due to the weather, but the organiser said he was still going to try to go if anyone wanted to meet him. He took someone in his car, and I had a lift with the original guy I was going with, so there were four of us in total. We did a big circular trek through the mountains around the castle; snow up to our knees in places, huge fields full of virgin snow, not a soul in sight, no sound other than the wind. It was like we were the only people in the world. Stunning scenery, I would have taken so many photos had my phone not decided to play up due to the cold. Everything was monochrome. I was with three strangers, but we got on really well, with plenty of laughing and joking as we went along. Everyone fell over at least once. Here's the last photo my camera managed to take before dying completely, it's not great but sets the scene. It's the view we had much of the day, with the castle, atop a cliff, looming over us. And the path up to the castle itself, before we circled around.
  3. Introverts, how is your day?

    I'm back, I survived, and I had a brilliant day. Bit bruised and battered, will probably be massively aching tomorrow, but I finally got to see plenty of snow, and also came across a brand new little lamb who had just been born. I did nearly have an accident from laughing too hard, but just about managed to hold it back!
  4. Introverts, how is your day?

    Should be good, except British roads are a disaster when it’s snowing so it could go horribly wrong... still, have to have an adventure now and then!
  5. Introverts, how is your day?

    Guys, I'm off on an expedition to a castle in the snow. Wish me luck that I don't get stranded.
  6. Martin Freeman News

    Which thread was that in?
  7. Martin Freeman News

    Pretty much, except now aimed at MF as well as Moftiss.
  8. Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    The national BBC reporters don't sport it, nor do the reporters on any of the other channels. I think they have a stylist who's run amok. If it was ugly but actually fitted them I suppose it would be something, but the stuff they're in is always either too tight or too loose. I always feel sorry for the poor weather girls who have to have almost their full body in shot.
  9. Martin Freeman News

    Eurgh, Tumblr's back to being a cesspit because of this MF interview. Not read it yet, off to do so now. http://www.radiotimes.com/news/tv/2018-03-16/sherlock-watson-relationship-benedict-cumberbatch-martin-freeman-shipping-bbc/ Edit: Have now read. And yet again I think it's all an overreaction and what he said is perfectly reasonable and understandable. I don't even follow any of the ranty blogs on Tumblr, I only go on there for art and fic-recs, but people just will insist on reblogging other people's bile.
  10. Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    Nope, but surely they can’t ALL have hideous taste.
  11. Shoot The Wall (A.k.a. The Rant Thread)

    God no, none of that, I just walk in, buy it, drive off. I'm part exchanging my current car, which might take a bit more fiddling, but still fairly straight forward. Then when I get home I ring the insurance company and get that swapped over, which is instant.
  12. Shoot The Wall (A.k.a. The Rant Thread)

    Well there goes the idea of getting a new car this weekend, since they sent the card I was planning to buy it on a week later than expected. Very helpful. I am bored beyond belief, I think today is going to draaaaag.
  13. The Cute Animal Pics/Videos Thread

    Watch this one with the sound on. I like to think that's actually the theme song going through his head.

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