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  1. kimber8ada

    Introverts, how is your day?

    No actual blooms on the lilacs yet, but they have leaves and a few small buds. We've had several warm, mild days here in between the snow. It's spring you know lol
  2. kimber8ada

    Introverts, how is your day?

    I'm expecting snow today too, around 3 to 5 inches. But as stated above it's spring and the ground is warm so who knows how much will actually stick, probably not much since it was in the fifties here yesterday. But I'm afraid my lilacs won't survive another cold spell.
  3. kimber8ada

    Favourite "Sherlock" Pictures, etc.

    I saw Frankenstein with BC as the creature at the movie theater and would love to see Hamlet, which was shown around the same time but had a much longer running time, four hours I believe.
  4. kimber8ada

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    I found a wasp in my house yesterday, on one of the coldest days of the year with several inches of snow outside! Have no idea where he came from but he was on the floor moving very sluggishly (is that a word). I'm terrified of wasps but I took care of him very quickly, of course he didn't put up much of a fight lol
  5. kimber8ada

    Benedict Cumberbatch News

    Does anyone know if BC will be at the Emmys tomorrow?
  6. kimber8ada

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    There are supports you can buy to help this. I bought something from a novelty catalog, Carol Wright I believe. It slips over your foot and a Velcro attachment fastens around your calf to keep your foot flexed while you sleep. I used this several years ago and haven't had any problems since. You could also google for treatments, but this one worked for me.
  7. kimber8ada

    Recently watched movies

    I couldn't get into La La Land either. It just didn't grab me like I thought would.
  8. kimber8ada

    Shoot the Wall (A.K.A. The Rant Thread)

    I had a cat with hairball problems and bought hairball formula dry food to mix with the regular and it worked great. Both foods were dry so that may not work for your picky eaters, but there are options out there.
  9. kimber8ada

    Shoot the Wall (A.K.A. The Rant Thread)

    We have heat advisories out here. The temperature has been in the 90-95F range for several days with high humidity. Very oppressive. Little or no rain.
  10. kimber8ada

    Molly Hooper

    I've always used it as meaning unsure or off-balance.
  11. kimber8ada

    Benedict Cumberbatch News

    Of course I hope he wins but right now I'm just glad to see him nominated. If he had been overlooked there is obviously something wrong with the system since Benedict was absolutely amazing in that episode.
  12. kimber8ada

    Benedict Cumberbatch News

    Ben has been nominated for an Emmy for best actor in "The Lying Detective", which was nominated also. Hope this isn't a duplicate, didn't see anywhere.
  13. kimber8ada

    Molly Hooper

    Maybe Sherlock feels some sort of attraction to her but thinking she is a man is confused and upset about it. So he is hostile toward her to cover his feelings.
  14. kimber8ada

    The Johnlock Conspiracy

    I drink Twinnings all the time but have never tried Fortnum and Mason' s. I'll have to check them out. Most of my favorites are black tea and blends, green tea isn't usually strong enough for me since I like my tea strong and sweet. And yes I, too, have been known to blow on my tea to cool it down.
  15. kimber8ada

    The Johnlock Conspiracy

    I love tea, both iced and hot, but have not seen Tension Tamer. What kind of flavor does it have Artemis? I get a lot of my tea from The Republic of Tea and Stash Tea, where I order on-line. I don't care for Earl Grey though but I like some flavored teas. I've got a Midnight BlackBerry from Stash, I think, that I love.

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