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  1. Episode 1.1, "A Study In Pink"

    Do you think they don’t see his brilliance or is his affect that worries them/makes them think he’s a freak. I think how much he enjoys it all so much is what makes them wonder if he isnt on the edge of being a criminal himself. Given his murdering magnussen and his interactions with Adler and moriarty the thought may be justified.
  2. Episode 1.1, "A Study In Pink"

    Have you ever disliked a character you feel a connection to? Based on what you said I thought not which is why I think of the two concepts synomously. Regarding characters like Donovan and Anderson, I have a hard time believing that kind of animosity towards Sherlock was ever unprovoked. Most people don’t anyway. Sherlock alluded to not many of the SY people being willing to work with Sherlock which would imply it’s his behavior that creates the animosity unless you believe it’s one big conspiracy against him. I could easily see Sherlock insulting or disparaging their knowledge or competence which lead them to despise and distrust Sherlock. Or by deducing them personally in an insulting manner which he does often as well.
  3. Episode 1.1, "A Study In Pink"

    So in your world no matter what he does or treats people it’s all good? Personally I think you reap what you sow. If you’re a dick to people why would they want to be friends with you? I didn’t get bullying from the script direction though, just an obvious acknowledgement that the way Sherlock behaves would not make people eager to be friends with him and likely make him disliked which is basically how the adults in the Sherlock series treat Sherlock too. Justifiably so because he brings it on himself. I’ve got zero sympathy for it. I’ll save my sympathy for the innocent people on the receiving end. Why would you have to like a main character to find the character interesting? I doubt people liked Walter White on Breaking Bad but that wasn’t the point of the show. It’s considered by many including myself to be one of the most brilliant shows ever made and it’s not because the main character is likable or relatable. Maybe he’s relatable if you’re a narcissistic meth cook but I’m guessing/hoping?! there aren’t many of those people in the world. I also don’t see why liking a character should make you want to ignore his obvious character flaws and give everything he does a free pass or make excuses for it. Isn’t there room for objective assessments?
  4. Episode 1.1, "A Study In Pink"

    It’s strange to me to feel sorry for Sherlock but not the people he’s a prick to.
  5. Episode 1.1, "A Study In Pink"

    I’m surprised you dislike that so much but have little trouble with Sherlock berating the school headmistress in TRF. Was it you or someone else that thought it was funny?
  6. Episode 1.1, "A Study In Pink"

    Even if they were friends I could see it because Sherlock is a prick to his friends too. Sherlock would not be an easy person to be around friend or not. I imagine you’d be exasperated often.
  7. Episode 1.1, "A Study In Pink"

    Why is that sad? I’d be surprised more people wouldn’t feel the same give what a prick Sherlock is to everyone including those he’s supposed to consider a friend. There can be a eye for an eye sense of satisfaction knowing Sherlock got a taste of his own medicine especially when he likely didn’t give anyone a reason to care otherwise. I’m sure Sherlock would be hated by most in real life too based on his treatment of others.
  8. Mycroft Holmes

    HLV being a whole lotta WTF is a perfect description. Yeah TEH was a lot of slapstick humor so I can see why you thought it wasn’t very Sherlock. It did entertain me though because it did have authentic emotional reactions underneath the humor like John being very angry with Sherlock about being lied to even if the anger was mocked by the end.
  9. Mycroft Holmes

    This I agree with but the problem for me is that it got even worse, I just became bored. TSOT and T6T bored me especially. HLV I just didn’t like.
  10. Benedict Cumberbatch News

    Swiss tennis player. You don’t watch sports eh?
  11. Mycroft Holmes

    For me plausibility isn’t about whether it would happen in real life since 99% of what occurs in entertainment wouldn’t happen in real life. Plausibility is more about whether you find what the characters are doing and saying under the circumstances to be believable or make sense. Of course what you find believable is influenced by what you experience in real life and how you react to the actor portrayals. Mary being a liar assasin who shot Sherlock wasn’t believable to me given the 2 prior episodes. They were going for shock value but it didn’t work for me. Generally when people find that the characters are no longer believable or plausible in a show is when the show phrase “jumped the shark” was coined.
  12. Mycroft Holmes

    It just seems like they don’t plan ahead too far when they’re writing or if they do they don’t stick to the plan very closely from season to season which in the end is to the detriment of the show.
  13. The Look Who I Met Thread

    I totally know what you mean! I’m constantly having to hem pants, either taking regular out or shortening the tall sizes. It’s like the tall sizes are meant for women 6’ or taller and the regular sizes are meant for a maximum of 5’9” but that I’m sure that depends on the brand and what size heel you wear. Also good luck finding tall sizes in stores, you usually have to order online and the selection is usually limited which is annoying. I don’t have that much trouble with tops because styles are longer than they used to be. Ironically, pajamas and coats are worse for me.
  14. The Look Who I Met Thread

    It just seems like the generations are getting shorter and shorter. At one point, I heard that the US average male height is 5’11” or something but that seems kind of high in my experience these days. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s actually closer to 5’9”. Either way I’m sure there are aspects of my height I take for granted (maybe not necessarily seeing better at parades!) but I’ve always wished I were shorter. 5’8” was my wish so I envy you but at least I have the silver lining of not being 6’ or taller! My best friend from college was 4’10” and she had a lot more challenges, like finding a car she could drive, so I am probably better off than the other extreme.
  15. The Look Who I Met Thread

    I accidentally came into this thread and saw this post. You’re kind of freaking me out with this. 5’8” is 90% taller than most women here in the US? I’m 5’11”, have never cared for being tall and always feel like I’m towering over other women (and many men) but 90% seems so high!

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