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  1. This isn’t a “shoot the wall” kind of complaint, but I really wish I had the ability to magically transpose images in my head directly onto film. I have some very cinematic dreams, and I always have all these ideas and imaginary scenarios bobbing around in my head that I would love to put in a tangible form. It would take forever to write them down, and then there’s describing everything efficiently, and figuring out how to word all the nuanced expressions and gestures that an actor could instantly portray. I suppose making a comic or manga would be the next best thing, but I can’t draw worth a darn.
  2. ^ I tried it, and no they don't. Also, ow.
  3. Is that a bad thing though? I think I like fluffy, lol. My dad has curly hair that he's always complaining about how fluffy/poofy/something-or-other it looks, and I can never see what he's talking about because I always think it looks nice, lol.
  4. I would call it wavy (at least in "The Dark World" and "Ragnarok"), but in either case it was reminding me of all the hair discussions I've seen here. I don't think there's any scene in which I thought Sherlock's hair looked too messy, lol. In fact in TAB I thought it looked too neat. I was sad to see his hair all flattened and slicked back.
  5. Recently watched movies

    Finally watched the "Mowgli" trailer. It looks pretty good, but a touch too depressing for me.
  6. I saw this and was reminded of the hair discussion in this thread.
  7. Yes, so much this. I wish I could have this on a t-shirt or something. Everyone thinks I'm argumentative because I question things; I don't argue for the sake of it, I'm trying to learn, to make sense of their logic and understand their perspective.
  8. ^ Same here too, mine's too slick and fine. I wish so much I could get that voluminous wind-tossed look that some people have, but no-can-do. I can do a braid or a bun, and that's it. And I too can only do the bun with one particular kind of clip. No other clip will work, only that one. Luckily for me though, it also comes in black and clear, lol.
  9. ^ Same, though. I can't style my hair for anything. It's too heavy, it won't hold one. Neither curlers nor hairspray nor clips wield any power over the unrelenting weight of my hair.
  10. Funny Non-Sherlock Pictures

    Thank you for making this thread.
  11. ^ Ditto to the above. I'm still jealous of you lot who don't need to wash your hair at least every other day. No fair.
  12. PhotoBucket news

    Too late, they already lost me. I was unable to either download or delete my photos after the change, so I just left them there, and resigned myself to giving them up. Having long since adjusted to the disappointment, this news does not excite me, and I'm entirely apathetic to their apology.
  13. Recently watched movies

    Well the thing in the spoiler box is an exaggeration for humorous effect, but I understand what you mean. I would still recommend it though. It is... an experience.
  14. Recently watched movies

    What kinda movie is that?

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