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  1. Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    Still, that averages out to about 3,000 posts a year, which is more than I managed to churn out, even with my hyper-posting in December! :P (Not that it matters, I hasten to add, lest I be misinterpreted; it’s not a competition, lol.)
  2. Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    You certainly may. :smile: (Although out of the 12 months I’ve been registered here, I’ve actually only been posting for about 6. I have a tendency to disappear for a couple months at a time now and then.) But when you outpost Carol or Arcadia, that’ll be the day!
  3. John Watson

    Yeah, sometimes the page won't load, or loads a tiny bit and then gets stuck. Especially the home page. I haven't had a problem since I said that though, so maybe it's okay now.
  4. Molly Hooper

    Nah, you're misreading me. It doesn't bother me at all, I was just throwing my own perspective in with everyone else's. I don't think they had some super deep connection either, I wasn't saying they did.
  5. Recently watched movies

    ^ Same. For me it's more comedy than touching love story, lol. I'm weird. :P
  6. Molly Hooper

    My opinion is that he wasn't flirting with her in TSo3 at all. I think he enjoyed talking to her at the wedding, to a degree (or at any rate having someone to talk to), but flirting, no. His only flirting was acting, in HLV.
  7. Recently watched movies

    It wouldn’t normally be mine either, I don’t like to watch that sort of thing. Shawshank is an exception for me though. If I’m remembering right, I think I only ended up watching it because one of my high school teachers popped it in on a day they didn’t feel like teaching.
  8. Recently watched movies

    Love both those movies. “Shawshank Redemption” is in my top faves too. Whenever anyone asks me about a favorite movie, that one always pops into my head.
  9. Molly Hooper

    Just had some thoughts on this, if this is the line you mean: Just to offer my own viewpoint, I pretty much took that line at face value, and here’s why: There’s a phenomenon in playwriting (and I think there’s a term for it, but what it might be escapes me), which basically says that an audience is more liable to accept and dismiss a plot point they find strange when a character in the play also acknowledges and accepts its strangeness. Or in other words, they’ll accept what the character accepts. Playwrights can’t explicate every minutiae (that’s what these fan forums are for, :P ), and typically this method moves the story along by psychologically allaying viewer suspicions while simultaneously enabling the playwright to sidestep a detail they don’t want to waste time on. So essentially, I interpreted this line as being deliberately placed with this intent, and more or less a subliminal communication with the audience. Audience: “She works for CAM and just happened to be at the wedding? Well isn’t that convenient...” Sherlock: “Yes, it was convenient. Moving on now...” That said, if I had construed more meaning in the line, I probably would have read it as Sherlock sensing an odd coincidence, the full implications of which flew under his radar and failed to register until he realized Mary’s connection to CAM; or put another way, the writers trying to be clever by presenting a “clue” to the connection that would only become clear later. Anyway I hope that all made sense, I’m super tired right now.
  10. Molly Hooper

    And yet he never bothered looking very closely into the bride, apparently, lol. Do we get any indication that he knew CAM was blackmailing before Lady Smallwood told him? I don’t think he had planned to hook Janine from the start. It doesn’t make as much sense to me, and it doesn’t jive with his mannerisms, in my opinion. His interaction with Janine at the wedding seemed much more genuine, in contrast to HLV where he was laying it on a bit thick and it seemed more like playacting. If he’d been trying to win her over from the beginning, I think he would have come on a bit stronger and it would have looked more like what we saw in HLV (or even TBB, with the complimenting).
  11. Episode 3.2, "The Sign of Three"

    I think I like all of the scenes that take place at the wedding less than the rest of the episode, personally.
  12. John Watson

    Oooo thanks! I'm parched for new "Sherlock" material, lol. (Well, new to me, anyway.)
  13. John Watson

    By the way, Arcadia, I've been having loading problems on the forum for the last few days. I haven't had a Windows update lately though, and same trouble on my iPad.
  14. John Watson

    And the final piece of the puzzle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgJV9CzmjFU

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