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  1. Introverts, how is your day?

    Happy birthday Artemis. Have a nice years... :)
  2. Recently watched movies

    Thank you. I will watch. :)
  3. Recently watched movies

    The Fifth Element I love it! 10/10 I watched again and loved again...
  4. Ah Moriarty! He is cool but he's gone! My sweet... (Moriarty is sweet. :D )
  5. Introverts, how is your day?

    Beautiful! Thank you for your sharing. I am cold. A lot of sneeze. I am tired. :(
  6. It's me when someone drool (Could I say bullshit?)
  7. Introverts, how is your day?

    How did you patient? It is very hard Artemis. At least for me. 4 days, 5 days.. It has been tired you.
  8. Recently watched movies

    What is The Last Jedi ranking? 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3, Rouge One, The Last Jedi? Is it correct?
  9. Recently watched movies

    I am going to go to The Last Jedi tomorrow. I will write my comment.
  10. Did all of you come 2018? Whom are we waiting for? :D
  11. The Language (and travel) Thread

    Absolutely :D
  12. The Language (and travel) Thread

    I agree with you.
  13. The Language (and travel) Thread

    Celery in oil with orange, I guess. But yours? Thank you. Did you live in Turkey? Which city?
  14. Happy New Year My Friends!
  15. That's fascinating. In German and in Polish every word has a gender. In Polish you even cannot hide your gender while talking about yourself in the past tense, because the form of verbs you use will reveal your gender. (that's why I like writing in the www in English) I was. byłam (female) byłem (male) And you don't even need the pronoun, because the verb's form also includes that. I think Latin works this way: Veni, vidi, vici - (I) came, (I) saw, (I) won. It's maybe why I always find it irritating not immediately knowing a gender if someone writes my friend, or doctor, or teacher - English speakers are used to get the information from the context, I expect it from the words themselves. Do you know Latin? I always wonder. Do you know diffrent words?

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