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  1. Ok chaps I’ve asked this kind of question before but seeing Photo Bucket being discussed I need the lowdown. i always have problems posting pictures on Forums ‘file too large’ is the usual issue. Is an app like PB the answer to my problems? Questions. 1) If I downloaded one of these apps (are they called ‘image hosting?) would that mean that I could take any image from there and post it on here, for example, without it telling me that the file was too large? 2) Would it also mean that I would be able to post more pictures before being told that I was at my capacity. 3) Which is the best app to go for? 4) Do you need a PhD in Computer Science to use them? I don’t have any real need to post loads of pictures but it would be nice to to do it. I was even thinking of a thread of photographs if I have my annual London break later this year. I was going to call it “Herlock’s London Odyssey 2018.
  2. Myers-Briggs personality types -- and quiz

    I took the test yesterday at Hikari’s suggestion. I’m unsure what this says about me though? Introvert (47%) Intuitive (25%) Thinking (16%) Judging (38%) Apparently I’m Moriarty! Introvert (47%) Introvert (47%) Intuitive (25%) Thinking (16%) Judging (38%) (25%) Thinking (16%) Judging (38%)
  3. A Collector’s Lot

    I only thought that you could change a reaction if you did it straight away? Anyway I just changed my reaction.👍 I know that it’s never going to happen but do you think that a Cumberbatch/Freeman radio version could work? That question is open to all by the way. I think that the complexities of the stories might not transfer to radio like the simpler Doyle stories do.
  4. Google Dr Who news

    Forget learning Klingon. I want to learn to speak Judoon.👍
  5. A Collector’s Lot

    The Holmes neediness knows no bounds. I just downloaded Zedge which, as you probably already know, is an app for ringtones, wallpapers etc. So now I have: A phone cover which is the door of 221b My wallpaper is a picture of Brett and Hardwick My ringtone is the theme tune for the Brett series My text alert is the theme for Sherlock And my alarm notification is Jeremy Brett doing his Holmes laugh. I’m 52 by the way😃
  6. A Collector’s Lot

    Sorry I’m late replying Carol. Merrison played the entire Doyle canon as Holmes on radio. IMO the best ever Holmes radio series. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=clive+merrison+holmes&rlz=1C9BKJA_enGB704GB704&hl=en-GB&prmd=niv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjY4J7Y5pzbAhUOZ8AKHcXSDPgQ_AUIEigC&biw=1024&bih=1251#imgrc=evEz4W4dqaWPqM: this is a photo of him as Holmes with Dame Judi Dench’s late husband Michael Williams who played Watson. if anyone likes the idea of Holmes on radio there are loads on YouTube .👍 By the way Carol I’ve just realised that I ‘liked’ your last post where you called me an expert. How arrogant was that? Oops!
  7. Google Dr Who news

  8. Google’s Sherlock News

    When I say Happy Sherlock Holmes Day what I really should be saying of course is HAPPY 159TH BIRTHDAY TO SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE 👍
  9. A Collector’s Lot

    Another autograph to be added to the collection. I’ve just ordered a signed photo of Clive Merrison.👍
  10. Google’s Sherlock News

    I’d come to the same deduction Carol👍
  11. Google’s Sherlock News

    http://www.radiotimes.com/news/tv/2018-05-22/sherlock-game-is-now-benedict-cumberbatch-mark-gatiss-steven-moffat-video/ HAPPY SHERLOCK HOLMES DAY TOO ALL👍😃
  12. A Collector’s Lot

    It’s a bit strange but it’s probably likely that if I did a ‘posh’ English voice it wouldn’t be as convincing as either of those two (despite my natural advantage😃) Accents are difficult to eliminate to the untrained. My accent isn’t that strong compared to, say, my parents or my grandparents (except for one Gran who was Scottish and retained her accent despite living in the midlands for 60+ years) but its definitely still there. It’s unlikely to ever disappear now as I’m still in the Midlands surrounded by the same accent.
  13. A Collector’s Lot

    Ok, I’ve just checked out Daniel Davis as Niles on YouTube - a very good accent in my opinion. 👍 John Hillerman is also excellent.👍 ‘I couldn’t find a speaking piece for Terrence Mann though.
  14. A Collector’s Lot

    Hi Carol, I’m just heading out but when I get back I’ll check out the three names that you mention. To be honest I’ve only heard of one of the three (and I bet you can which one that is) and my memory is telling me that he did a pretty decent job. But memories can play tricks I couldn’t find a clip of Matt Frewer as Holmes but here’s a full movie. If you get 5 minutes to spare you can do a little fast forwarding if you don’t want to watch the whole movie. Kenneth Welsh was a very good Watson too.
  15. Benedict Cumberbatch News

    That kind of ‘dramatic effect’ reminds me a little of Brett.👍

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