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  1. A Collector’s Lot

    I attempted to read The Return Of Arthur Conan Doyle which was originally published just after Doyle’s death and is supposed to contain Doyle’s words from beyond the grave as given to a French mystical society. ‘Attempted’ is the key word. My in-built ‘drivelometer’ was pushed way past it’s limit. I could only manage a few pages. Normally after reading a book i might say that it’s worth getting or not to bother. No one on here apart from me is stupid enough to buy such an awful book! One for the collection though🙂 £18 that I’ll never get back☹️
  2. Google’s Sherlock News

  3. Google’s Sherlock News

    A bit of Dr Who/Sherlock news. I didn’t know this but I’ll take a guess that everyone on here did. http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/doctor-who/feature/a852165/doctor-who-actors-cast-hugh-grant-kate-winslet/
  4. A Collector’s Lot

    You'd think that the world would show a little consideration and all speak English. Come on, is it asking too much?😀
  5. Shoot The Wall (A.k.a. The Rant Thread)

    Because during the day we’re usually doing things that we have to do whereas at night we’re usually doing things that we want to do☹️
  6. A Collector’s Lot

    Thanks Hikari, it’s 13.52 as I’m typing this. The mysteries of the internet explained. I’ve never known how to place an accent over a letter either (if your typing a French word for example.) It’s all witchcraft to me😀
  7. A Collector’s Lot

    Just out of curiosity Hikari, how did you manage the trick of typing ‘obsession’ with the line through it?
  8. A Collector’s Lot

    Baker Street By-Ways was an enjoyable read. Quite nostalgic. From a time when there was a resurgence of interest in all things Holmes. New societies were forming and research on The Canon was going at full speed. After reading this book I’ve ordered ‘My Dear Holmes’ by Gavin Brend form 1951 which is advertised on the back cover. It never ends😀 Ive also seen a copy of Baker Street By-Ways selling for £60 so I might have had a bargain?👍
  9. Google Dr Who news

    I started a thread for posting any google news about Sherlock so I thought that I’d do one for Dr Who fans (they are amongst us [me too]) It’s likely to be stuff that fans already know about but, who knows (sorry🙂) there might be the occasional bit of new news. http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/doctor-who/news/a852043/christopher-eccleston-doctor-who-exit-career-interview/
  10. A Collector’s Lot

    Had to post this. I think this is brilliant.
  11. A Collector’s Lot

    As I mentioned on another thread I went to a Book Fair in Birmingham today. And for all the Tolkien fans we drove right past Sarehole Mill. The name Tony Hancock will probably mean nothing to most on the forum. He was an English comedian who committed suicide many years ago. My friend is a big fan and so we also went to see the house that he was born in. As for books. I saw a copy of Doyle's memoirs which I have in paperback so I thought I'd have a look. I discovered that it had been signed by Adrian Conan Doyle and was for sale at £750! How much would it have cost if it had been signed by Sir Arthur!? I bought Baker Street By-Ways by James Holroyd (1959) who as a former President of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London. Its a biography of Sherlock Holmes (£20) I also bought The Return Of Arthur Conan Doyle edited by Ivan Cooke. This copy is from the sixties but the original was printed in the thirties under the title Thy Kingdom Come. Its alleged that it includes words transmitted from the hear after by Doyle to certain sages. I'll try and read it soon but I don't hold out much hope of getting all the way through the nonsense.
  12. Google’s Sherlock News

    I realise that this isn’t Sherlock but I couldn’t think where else to post it? http://www.digitalspy.com/movies/news/a851877/robert-downey-jr-movies-sherlock-holmes-3/
  13. Google’s Sherlock News

    Look who’s here http://amp.timeinc.net/nme/news/film/the-grinch-trailer-benedict-cumberbatch-first-look-illumination-entertainment-2257924?source=dam
  14. Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

    Thanks T.o.b.y I feel even more of an idiot now.. I’d done that but the advert for tapatalk was hiding the sign-in! The x to get rid of it was almost wholly off-screen. Bloody technology! All sorted now. Thanks again T.o.b.y👍
  15. Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

    A bit of technical advice please. I accessed the forum from my phone today but there was no ‘log-in.’ I searched everywhere I could but couldn’t see a way of logging in. There was a kind of ad though for ‘tapatalk.’ Is there a way for me to log in from my phone or do I need this tapatalk thing? I don’t even know what it is. please send any information to: Herlock Sholmes Cave Number 221b England Thanks👍

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