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  1. Beware of PhotoBucket!

    If you navigate to that link for the "New" paid plans, then attempt to close the tab, a survey pops up asking why you aren't ready to purchase the plan... Not that I'm suggesting that anyone should tell them exactly why, just pointing it out...
  2. Word Association

  3. Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

    I have adjusted the settings, these should now all be user-editable.
  4. Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

    In the emoticon window tap on “categories” in the top right, and select “Sherlock Forum” This should allow you to see all the emoji.
  5. Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

    Just a note for anybody using TapaTalk, I will be re-enabling TapaTalk functionality in the next couple of days.
  6. Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

    As far as I know they shouldn’t be device specific.
  7. Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

    I changed the settings on the database, hence why they now work.
  8. Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

  9. Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

    Testing Apple emojis ❤️😒👌☺️😊😘😭😩💕😔😏
  10. Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

    Your signature can be accessed by clicking on the top right menu (The one with your user name on it), and selecting "Account Settings"
  11. Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

    You should now find that the signatures are back. If emoticons don't show up correctly simply edit your signature and re-save without making any changes, and they should be re-cached.
  12. Hello, You have all probably noticed that we have a fresh new look. This thread is for all of your questions about how to use the new site. I hope it's not too confusing for everybody, but the old software had reached its end of life, and was no longer receiving security updates. So if you have any difficulties then fire away, and we will attempt to answer them.
  13. Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    Thanks for flagging this up J.P. Hopefully I have now re-secured the account.

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