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  1. Just a question?

    That S3 (well, book 3) scene was easily the most intense reading experience I ever had. I swear I could *hear* that damned music somewhere in the background.
  2. Just a question?

    *gg* Mostly unrelated derail, but know what I like about Game of Thrones fans? These days, spoilers are anywhere and everywhere on the web, and it's hard to watch even a brand-new movie without having run into some spoiler or other beforehand without ever intending to ... but GoT fans, as a rule, encourage you to go find out for yourself and keep silent about the plot in the meantime. I'd never have believed possible how a certain event in S1 was able to shock so many people, with the first book having come out in ninteen-freaking-ninety-six. But everybody just kept mum and smiled, and I appreciate that in this day and age.
  3. Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

    A mouse-over will tell you ... heart means "like" (the standard option), while trophy means "thank you".
  4. Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

    Those will in fact remain, Hikari, afaik, as will the limit to certain formats (e.g., no .mp4 videos), which isn't Tim's but the software's limitation, btw. I dug into the Invision forums for a workaround (I have sooo many sweet dog vids waiting) but no such luck, unfortunately.
  5. That sounds ... pretty sadistic to me, actually.
  6. Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

    I can see both Herlock's and Tim's (both posts), and I'm writing (and reading) this from a Windows 7 PC, so whichever standard they are, it's not Apple-only.
  7. Help with the new look Sherlock Forum!

    Which emoji did you (try to) use, Herlock? (describe it, since showing it obviously won't work) There may be some unruly ones among the bunch who don't play nice with the new software. Also, yikes you're right, the signatures are gone and I didn't even notice.
  8. Hello Tom and welcome to the forum! :wave: Interesting question, that one. I'd go with James Frain for Sherlock, but Watson is a bit trickier. Maybe David Thewlis?
  9. Whats Your Favorite Case?

    Hotlinking is fine as long as the site that hosts the image is okay with it. The comic xkcd, for instance, has the URL for hotlinking to their comics under each and every one, inviting fans to share them this way. Just try to find out whether or not it's okay before you hotlink an image, and you should be fine.
  10. Whats Your Favorite Case?

    Depending on their PC/smartphones' setup, possibly. Otoh, I've yet to manage to make mine show me Disqus avatars, so there. -_-
  11. Whats Your Favorite Case?

    Well if you get bored of waiting I'm always happy to show how to use imgur (my pic hosting site of choice) to upload pictures and then use them on this forum (or others, for that matter - most forums use the same code). :smile:
  12. Whats Your Favorite Case?

    Best of luck. :smile: You need help with that and/or want me to move this post? (if it's no longer relevant, you can hide it yourself, btw)
  13. Moriarty was innocent

    I'm not Carol, but I don't think she suggested that, Herlock. What she said was, if you have a beef with her as a mod, send her a PM and let her know, instead of in a thread (cause it tends to clutter up discussions). If you still feel, after the matter has been discussed privately, that you cannot agree with her ruling, you are free to send a PM to UndeadMedic (our BigBoss :smile:) and let him know what you object to and why. Clearer now? If not, you can (stop me if you've heard that one :lol:) send of course send me a PM, too. Which of course goes for everyone on the forum, with any given question (well, pertaining to the forum - I'm as clueless about why, say, we still don't have flying cars or Mars colonies as anyone else who grew up with old-fashioned sci-fi). No one wanted to stop discussion of the topic (or, lets be honest, derailments, since we're pretty good here at those as a rule :D).

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