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  1. Tomatoes bind excess salt fairly well, in my experience. Not standard in butter chicken, I know, but maybe you can make it work?
  2. Still having trouble with the videos, Carol?
  3. Your wish is my command.
  4. Wouldn't you know it, I still had one of these things in the mailbox trashcan. I did a screengrab (bear in mind that this is from amazon.de and consequently German) of the mail, below the green line is the page it takes you to when you click the link (both are snipped for both size and not-wanting-my-email-spammed-to-oblivion-when-a-bot-finds-it reasons): eta: Some translations might help, I just realized. Like I said, the email's headline is, do you know the answer to the following question about [paranoia usb stick I once bought for my husband]? and in the body it asks you whether you could help this customer, laura m. (she of the questionable spelling). On the page after the link, the question is repeated, and the grey text in the "write here" box says that your answers help others know more about this product. There is, in fact, a link below the box (the blue text) that shows you all existing answers to that question, but it sure isn't prominent.
  5. (source, with short video of the transaction)
  6. Maybe they simply didn't understand that what they type would show up? Amazon's "question" format is a bit weird, you get a mail if someone posts a question to something you bought, titled, "[Username], can you answer the following question?" followed by the question and a link. Clicking the link takes you to a seperate page where you can type in the answer, as opposed to the product page itself (and while I'm griping, that prevents you from seeing whether someone has given an answer already anyway, too). So I can sorta see how people would mistake that format for a PM or similar.
  7. Caya

    Benedict Cumberbatch News

    'I had to': Actor Benedict Cumberbatch rescues cyclist from muggers
  8. Caya


    Hello Sarios and welcome to the forum! You'll feel right at home here then, find a topic you're interested in and join the fray, or just start your own.
  9. Caya

    Introverts, how is your day?

    How about a little LED light you could change the colour of? So you could match your current mood. Back to your problem, exaggerate? Like, you can't go somewhere indoors because they don't have the right airfilters and/or their doors open/close too often so waaay too much pollen-laden air gets in for your sensitive constitution, and next week is outta the question, it'll be June at least till that crazy plant stops messing with you, or something to that effect.
  10. Caya

    Introverts, how is your day?

    Dunno, is there something in bloom already round your parts that you could conceivably be allergic to? You could claim that you were up to your eyeballs in antihistamines and that's why you were so muted that evening, and that for sake of your health, you'd rather not go outside for a while unless strictly necessary, to avoid those nasty pollen. With any luck, by the time that whatever you chose stops blooming he'll have forgotten.
  11. Caya

    Technophobe needs help.

    Well there is, in Word at least: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/change-the-capitalization-or-case-of-text-1d86cf80-fbef-4380-8d6f-59a6b77db749
  12. Caya

    Good Day

    And a good day to you, Sheerluck! (nice name ) I hope you like it here, dive right into the discussions!
  13. Fwiw, it's a black-headed caique.
  14. Looks like a weirdly-coloured lovebird to me.

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