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  1. T.o.b.y

    Game of Thrones

    But... Isn't Gandalf dead? I mean, isn't he just resurrected for the fight against Sauron and once that's over he has to go into the West (aka die) because the condition of his returning to Middle Earth no longer existed?
  2. T.o.b.y

    Game of Thrones

    My main problem with the series, both books and TV (from what I have seen) is still the insane amount of cruelty. It's not just violent and gory but in many ways the very plot is downright sadistic. And if the only joy a story has to offer is rejoicing at the death and suffering of the villains, then it isn't for me. Yeah, Joffrey, Ramsey etc eventually die. So? That doesn't undo any harm they caused, doesn't help their victims. It does however bring the viewer / reader down to their level for enjoying their death scenes. Blech. The only bit that made me happy was the ending of the first book where Danaerys emerges from the fire with her newly hatched dragons. I was sad that they didn't show it on TV the way it was described. All that murder and mayhem is A-OK but dragon babies suckling her breasts would have been too extreme? Please. Also, her hair was supposed to be burned off. I am really curious about the ending though because I have not idea how one would properly end such a gigantic work.
  3. T.o.b.y

    Mycroft Holmes

    I have a question for all you Mycroft fans out there: what do you think he wants? Out of life in general, I mean. What is his main motivator, his goal, hopes, dreams, fears? I just realized that one of the reasons I don't care for him much is that I have no answers to those questions. I could answer them pretty easily for Sherlock, John, Molly, even Moriarty, probably, but not for Mycroft. That's why he feels kinda distant.
  4. Yes, there is something about motherhood that seems to spark public interest and invite a ton of unsolicited opinions. And it is specifically motherhood, I just read an article the other day that mentioned studies which had shown that fathers who are out wit their kids are more likely to be left alone and face less scrutiny. ...And yet another reason why becoming a parent should always be a free choice.
  5. I hate going to Ikea. That place gives me panic-attack like bouts of frustration. Almost all our furniture we got second (or third) hand. But I must say, our Ikea shelves have lasted for a long time. My parents still have some that they got in the 70s.
  6. Sure. Check your inbox, Carol.
  7. T.o.b.y

    Introverts, how is your day?

    It's not supposed to get that hot in Northern Germany either... Yet that's the forecast for today. Grumble.
  8. I make my own veggie burgers. My husband says they taste weird but I love them. VBS, I believe you that the people at the beach were annoying but your description made me laugh. So thanks for that.
  9. T.o.b.y

    Introverts, how is your day?

    They still have the apprenticeship system in Germany for many trades such as carpentry for example , but also for some office jobs and for nursing (yup, that's right, it will probably change soon, though). But there's definitely a trend towards academic vs practical training.
  10. T.o.b.y

    Recently watched movies

    I never got anywhere with War and Peace either. It bored me which probably means I am too dumb for it.
  11. T.o.b.y

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    "Glühwürmchen", literally "glow worm". I just read that they are actually beetles though, not worms or flies.
  12. There used to be a lot of similar programs on German TV too. It's what's commonly known here as an "afternoon talkshow" although, as you said, the interaction isn't always limited to talking. I have no idea whether they're still running. We don't have TV, we just watch DVDs and stuff that is available online, and since I left school, I am no longer in touch with what's popular.
  13. Who is Jeremy Kyle? I wonder whether I can count while doing up my shoes. I am a bit afraid to try now... Although I already know that, in the words of David Sedaris, "my IQ in dollars would buy you about three buckets of fried chicken".
  14. T.o.b.y

    Speedy's Cafe - General Chat about anything you like!

    True... That was a stupid argument. Forgive me, it's 7 a.m. over here and I just got up after virtually no sleep. We northerners deal really badly with heatwaves.
  15. T.o.b.y

    Recently watched movies

    I know you asked Pseud and not me, Carol, but I thought the question was interesting, so I am chiming in anyway. I definitely need to care about at least one character in a story to maintain any kind of interest. Doesn't mean I have to approve of their behavior and choices or consider them "good", but they have to resonate with me somehow. I am pretty willing to fill in blanks though. I regularly watch the old Mission Impossible series with my mom and I just wildly project personalities onto the agents. I like that show. But I don't love it, I guess because the emotional involvement is lacking. It certainly doesn't keep me awake at night the way Sherlock does.

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