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Meta: Diagnosing John Watson

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One of my friends on Livejournal is a psychologist and is writing meta on the characters from an emotional point of view.


This time, it is the turn of John. She discusses whether or not he has PTSD, with evidence taken from onscreen to back up her opinions and explains why she feels that John was suffering from depression at the beginning of the series in ASiP. They are well thought out pieces of meta and well worth a read.


John Watson and PTSD


John Watson, Depression and Somatisation

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Sounds interesting, aely -- thanks for posting those links.


I have never felt comfortable with the typical John-Watson theories, at least as they apply to the BBC character, which is the only version I'm particularly conversant with. Maybe your friend's explanations will add some useful points to my own ideas.

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Next in the series:


The Themes and Conflicts of John Watson


By conflicts she's not meaning physical conflicts as such, but the mental conflicts that have potentially influenced John's life and career choices. It's interesting stuff.

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