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  2. I have, or something like it. Predators are everywhere, hiding in plain sight. If you really knew all the people around you, you’d probably never leave your house or talk to anyone, and even that’s not predator-proof. A certain degree of naiveté allows us to live our lives, but sometimes it’s my biggest pet peeve, lol.
  3. Understand, VBS, that I would use this unlimited editing permission from a desire to do good. But through me, it would wield a power too great and terrible to imagine.
  4. I don't see anything, I'd say my phone is to blame, I mean I don't see anything even if I use the desktop version.
  5. That latter part I have never understood... give me a guy with floppy hair and an English public school accent. I know it's terrible, hey, we all have our pervs!
  6. Fox is a controversial figure over here but, as besleybean said, he’s got no chance of becoming Mayor. London has 2 Mayor’s of course and he’s only eligible to try to become one. I agree with some of the things that he says (mainly about the spread of political correctness and the suggestion that we should all walk around ‘hanging our heads in shame’ for events in our history) but he’s also of the group that are outraged that masks and restrictions are insufferable infringements on our freedom. And so while many will agree with some of the things that he says I don’t think that he’ll escape being tarred with the ‘looney’ brush. Plus, some people just aren’t keen on posh boys.😃
  7. He's dishy, but quite divisive.
  8. It's high up there on the scale of how much I want to do what those characters do in dealing with other human. The other day while browsing YouTube, for some reason the algorithm gave me 'To Catch a Predator', anyone saw that before? It was quite sometime ago, the context is like the title, catching those people scouring internet trying to find young prey. I must say I am horrified, to see how many they actually get (for example, in 3 days sting they could get more than three dozen of perpetrators), how 'normal' they look, how disturbing and graphic are the conversation, and how.. these people are teachers, researcher, cops, doctor, rabbi, the list goes on. I am scared to imagine how easy it must be nowadays when people practically put everything on internet, eventhough, hopefully, there should be more effort to catch them??
  9. I mean, look at the image! She is not hand free, she is holding.... ANOTHER PHONE! And even if the device actually works, how is it more effective that putting phone in phone holder that probable cost a dollar, and could you imagine multitasking, like baking for example and this thing would flatten the dough! Or petting the dog and give it concusion!
  10. I doubt that, but you actually raise a good point. Maybe Gavel shouldn't be fired.
  11. So I don't need to feel guilty then! But aren't you tempted to see S4 for yourself at least once in case you have different opinion? Ow, now I have new excuse! But seriously, it's been sometimes I want to see if years would change my mind, especially some particular scenes that I couldn't understand. And.. I really miss Sherlock and John.
  12. I'm tempted to ask which one, but I know you would say both.
  13. At least check where your kitties are before you call plumber and IT for clogs and computer problem.
  14. I'm not my phone and sometime highlighting what to copy gets a bit tedious (it shouldn't, but that day the option seems to show only paste and others, and that would mess up, so I rely on the autosave and restorer, it works until that very post). It's weird I know. Aha!! I have proof: there is no copy option and nothing I could do about it, except being careful not to click paste and replace whatever I had written. I do have special relationship with digital world, don't I? Did the captcha work properly, at least? Surprisingly, it was. The most they asked me to spot palm trees three times. Considered that I had experienced clicking on zebra cross, traffic light mundane times, that it good for me. @seed. That is very nice of you. I was the opposite, always have too much optimism on gardening I welcome free seeds. Went to garden exhibition and brought back a lot, didn't ask, but didn't refuse. Ended up with a lot of seeds that I haven't planted yet. But I know my ability now, I only buy hardy plants that could sustain my frequent neglects, and they are well so far. And I'm surprised you managed to get reply. My complain, for example about Nat Geo persistent waste of paper, sending me subscription forms etc ten over years after I stopped, was never answered. When I am mad enough to write about something, it hardly go through, like when I wrote about a very questionable vet practice that could be dangerous, I couldn't even get it submitted. Oh well. On topic! errr, can we blame them? I mean, they actually 'get a room' Eta: I actually have annoying kitty problem now, and in the past. I live in urban area, neighbor side by side, small apartment/house. And more than once neighbor's cats wrecked havoc in my place. In apartment, we have a high ventilation (ventilation is needed) opening to the public corridor. Neighbor let their cat roamed free, and that bloody cat went in and too dumb to find way out. It ruined stuff, shit and scared us thinking there was a burglar. You would think that is traumatic for the cat not to come back. Now, in house, which I experienced many times, they find my garden cozy and love to laze there. My garden is the messiest as most neighbors make theirs into hardened floor and keep minimum plant, while mine is semi grass and there are stretch of soil around that I plant many thing, including the one covering my front door. I don't mind them lounging there, in fact, I welcome them, but then they also shit, and cat shit smell is no joke (let's say they are not on kibble's diet only). I used vinegar to deter them, but it only last couple of days and it stink of holy vinegar. So I have to cover my pot with those spiky cat repellent. These are neighbor's cat who again, they let them roam as they please. Another very unpleasant situation is I had to clean up my mom's incense pot, barely 10cm (4inch) diameter. She is Buddist and have pot for incense, and unknown cat decided to make it as toilet for its diarrhea while she was not here. I only notice because of the smell, it's nasty, not to mention how shitty it is considered the actual purpose of the pot. I believe you guys at least have good distance, yard, from neighbor etc, otherwise have you considered what your cats do outside that could be inconvenient for others, especially urban area when I literally can't get away from other settlement?
  15. That *would* explain The Final Problem, wouldn't it? I'm definitely with Lestrade on that one!
  16. Yesterday
  17. I think we've found the secret to how Moftiss' comes us with their ideas! Here's some more... Sherlock: What do you think Moriarty will do for a distraction? John: He'll probably, like, make a noise or throw a rock. That’s what I would do. *Building explodes and several car alarms go off* John: ... or he could do that. Sherlock, banging on the door: Moriarty! Open up! Moriarty: Well, it all started when I was a kid... John: No, he meant- Lestrade: Let them finish. Sherlock, Molly, and John are sitting on a bench Lestrade: Why do you guys look so sad? Sherlock: Sit down with us so we can tell you. *Lestrade sits down* Molly: The bench is freshly painted.
  18. If Laurence Fox is who I think he is, I might give him a big kiss too. 😉
  19. Oh, I don't know. If I were being arrested and forced to lie face down on cement with my hands tied behind my back, I think I'd find a nice soft warm kitty on my back very comforting. Geez, that cat must weigh a ton. 😛
  20. Arcadia


    Egad! That's almost cruel!
  21. Thanks Hikari. I’ve heard of Dexter but I’ve never seen it.
  22. Oh come on, we can't work miracles, you know .... 😛
  23. Oh, yeah, now I remember! *Swooon....* I rewatched S4 a couple times after it aired, and I started to rewatch the whole series a couple years ago .... and I think I would have preferred the latter approach, except I could never find enough time to do it properly (meaning, watching the next episode while I could still remember how I felt about the one before it.) Days and days would go by before I could find time to watch another episode, and then I'd fall asleep half way through, etc. .... that's what my life has been like for awhile, alas. At any rate, I just couldn't enjoy it as much if I couldn't watch it on some sort of schedule, I found. But .... someday! I've promised myself. I just don't know when! Oooops, gotta run....
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