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  3. Well, you put the Mycroft video in the Mark Gatiss thread, here. And you did indeed create a new thread for the Moffat, Gatiss, Vertue (and Moffat) video, namely the "It's 10 Years, folks!" thread, here.
  4. The video btw was posted by me. Did I made an extra thread for this? I think so, but don't ask me where.
  5. Looks to me like you just answered your own question. Like any bird, they're attracted by food sources. Thus their fondness for fast-food restaurants. And as you say, you're not all that far from the ocean. They don't seem to need salt water, either; as Artemis says, they also hang out around lakes, especially the larger ones. P.S.: A lot of people call them seagulls, but technically, they're just gulls -- if that makes you feel any better.
  6. He seems to have aged fairly gracefully, though.
  7. It's always mystified me why seagulls can be found inland at all. We have tons of them at the landfill, it's weird to me to see them. Although I guess we're not that far from the coast, but still.....
  8. Cool, I'll find them eventually, I'm sure. I don't think Louis should have been allowed to get older. Poor parenting, tsk tsk.
  9. What sort of food does he eat, dry or canned? The more water that's in his food, the less he'll need to drink. Our oldest cat has somewhat weak kidneys, so we've been mixing a spoonful of water with each serving of his canned food. Of course, with your dog's particular problem, your first concern is presumably what's easiest for him to swallow. We had another cat who ended up being physically unable to eat anything except semi-moist, which I normally would never even consider buying, but it was that or starve for her.
  10. I’ve got both types, and I also prefer the latter. I don’t think it’s the taste he objects to, it’s the act of being handled and having something squirted in his mouth. I don’t know that I’d be able to give him enough water and often enough to keep him hydrated either. I can give it a shot but I’m fairly certain it’ll be a no-go.
  11. Note that water tastes better than meds, so your dog might not mind having water squirted into his mouth. They make two types of larger syringes specifically for administering large doses of meds (e.g., cough syrup) or for feeding pets or human babies. They come in two types: one is just a larger version of the med syringe you're apparently using already, and the other is like a big eyedropper. The first type is available from either vets or drugstores, but I've seen the second only in drugstores and some groceries. They're generally cheaper (or even free if you're a good customer) from vets. The ones I've seen of either type hold about two teaspoons (10 ml). You'd think that the eyedropper kind would be easier, but I've found that the telescoping type gives much better control, especially if I hold the barrel by curling my fingers around it and squeeze the plunger with my thumb. YMMV on any or all of the above, of course.
  12. Thanks. We don't much get gulls around here. I think I've seen a few near some of the larger man-made lakes, but we're not in any of those high-rent districts. We *do* see the occasional bald eagle, though!
  13. I have to give my dog one of his daily medications through a syringe. He tolerates it because he knows there’s a treat in it for him afterwards, but he definitely isn’t happy about it. I put his food in a shallow bowl/plate thing now and he lays down and eats it that way, so he doesn’t have too much trouble with his food. Water though is another story.
  14. It is a kind of gull. Not sure where from though. I have seen seagulls of that variety up by Lake Superior on occasion.
  15. Back to the birdie GIFs -- the first one is obviously a bald eagle, apparently from some North American wilderness. (Don't think I'd care to be that close to one of those big fierce fellows!). But what / where is the other bird? Some species of gull, maybe? Possibly London?
  16. There were a couple of neat videos on different threads around here somewhere. Umm, one thread is called something like It's Been 10 Years, and that video was by Arwel Jones. I don't recall what thread the other one was on, but the video itself was an anniversary Q&A with Moffat, Gatiss, and Vertue, moderated by Louis (who is older now).
  17. One of my cats (who also had a medical condition) had a similar problem with eating. I never did find a platform that would work for her, so I started feeding her with a syringe, which worked quite well actually. When she'd see me coming with her bowl, she'd immediately head for the bathroom, where I would sit on the toilet lid, set the bowl next to the basin, hold her on my lap, and feed her in small, manageable amounts. It made her very happy.
  18. 2022!!!! How can you bear the wait??? I saw somewhere that this was the 10th anniversary of the first airing of SIP. Did you folks have a celebration? Was there cake? Did VBS show up and eat it all?
  19. Rough week, but hard to explain why. Employer reinstated me, but at a fraction of the hours I was working before. Some days I only go in for an hour and a half; it's hardly even worth waking up for. I need another job but there's not much out there right now; everyone's afraid to hire, just trying to hang on to their business. I'm flat broke. Since my dog's hospital visit, it's been hard for him to bend down far enough to drink from his water dish. So I've been questing for a small platform that will raise the dish high enough for him to reach without squeezing his throat and cutting off his air. But he's a little dog, so it can't be so high that his neck bumps the dish when he drinks. It has to be just the right height, and evidently it is no easy task to find an object of the size I need. I had a shoebox lid that was doing the trick, but it's weak and collapsing. Since May I've been searching stores and the house, and sifting through trash bins; and on Sunday I finally found a sturdy, perfectly-sized box for the job. I was so happy about finding it. I put it under his dish, and on that very day, for no apparent reason, the water dish decided it was going to crack. A tiny crack, on the bottom, just small enough to slowly leak water onto the box underneath where it's hidden from view. After a few hours, the box was soaked through and no longer usable. Depression hit me pretty hard in that moment, and I haven't really come out of it yet. Somehow it just felt like a metaphor for my life: A lot of effort with no reward; the worst timing possible, always; nothing ever works out. Sometimes the little things push you over the edge. Saturday was a beautiful day. Cool, dry weather, and a pleasant breeze. A hint of autumn. On the way home after work I saw seagulls gathered in the parking lot of the local McDonald's. I'm always happy to see seagulls, and they don't come around this area as often as others I've lived in. I miss them, so I decided to stop and get some French fries to share with them (illegal in other parts of the state). It was the highlight of my summer so far.
  20. The catchy opening theme of "Turn: Washington's Spies". After “Hamilton” I started rewatching the series.
  21. I have completed my Lockdown Re-watch... won't give them another ago til 2022.
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