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  2. ...When you have reached forty yourself and start wondering if you will live long enough to watch the putative fifth season!
  3. It looks very promising. I am definitely planning on watching it.
  4. ... When the audiobook series you're currently listening to is the first thing in a long while to hit a nerve and then it turns out it's heavily inspired by Sherlock Holmes and full of references. Towards the end of the first volume I began to suspect as much but at first I thought it was just in me seeing Sherlock everywhere - then it was revealed that the villain's name (or maybe pseudonym) is "J. Moriarty".
  5. It is, I believe, essential a love story between Tolkien and his wife Edith with bits of war and Middle-Earth references added at points.
  6. It’s a movie, which I believe is supposed to be like a Tolkien biography, and more specifically about the life experiences that influenced his works.
  7. Carol the Dabbler

    General Tolkien Discussion (books, movies & TV)

    I don't understand what sort of movie (TV show?) this is intended to be. Does it depict Tolkien's life (or a portion thereof)? Or is it about Middle Earth?
  8. Arcadia

    Favourite "Sherlock" Pictures, etc.

    I think John's would be more illegible. He's a doctor, after all.
  9. Last week
  10. Artemis

    Marvel Movies

    “ETA because I’m not sure this actually has the link to the article. Y’ALL. Read this. I knew some of it, but not all of it... like the part where he had to be rushed to a hospital and resuscitated at least once. He DIED, y’all. We came that close to not having him anymore.” [Link]
  11. I was worried that they would turn Tolkien's Somme experience into some sort of action film but that, thankfully, doesn't seem to have happened. I'm very interested to see it now.
  12. Aaaaahhhhhhhh I’m so excited!
  13. Artemis

    Recently watched movies

    “Alita: Battle Angel”. Another film my dad wanted to see that didn’t interest me. The trailer seemed generic, and all the cyborg stuff and disproportionately large CGI eyes looked slightly creepy. But it was much better than I expected and I actually really liked it. My only real complaint is that I wasn’t aware it was going to end unresolved. I haven’t looked it up but I’m assuming there are sequels planned to continue to the story. I hope there aren’t too many, I hate waiting years for an ending.
  14. Carol the Dabbler

    GIF Your Mood

    Why of course -- how very scientific of you!
  15. HerlockSholmes

    Recently watched movies

    Today I got my pre-ordered copy of Der Hund Von Baskerville which had been missing for years. It was filmed in 1929 and was the last silent Holmes movie. It was a touch expensive at £35 (around $45) but worth it (to me at least😃) Carlyle Blackwell’s Holmes is described in the movie as the genial detective. Has Holmes ever been called genial before? There are some pretty atmospheric scenes and I believe that they spent more money on the Dartmoor scenery than they did for the brilliant Rathbone Bruce version. There’s also a 1914 short Holmes Hound to watch which I’ll watch tomorrow along with the extras. A day of Holmes collecting utopia for me. Id recommend this to anyone but I can’t see anyone dashing out to buy it😃
  16. Stephen Fry+ Sherlock= Perfection.
  17. besleybean

    Benedict Cumberbatch News

    Really not into devils and stuff...but pleased about this, anyway.
  18. Recently I took up Audible's three month free trial and with one of the free credits snapped up this gem. It's all of Sherlock Holmes canon read by the marvellous Stephen Fry. It's 72 hours long and worth every penny. If you haven't done so I recommend signing up with Audible just to listen to this.
  19. Sheerluck

    Benedict Cumberbatch News

    If you're a fan of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman as I am, you've been eagerly awaiting the release of the Good Omens adaptation. It's now known that Benedict Cumberbatch will play Satan. Roll on 31 May! https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2019/feb/14/benedict-cumberbatch-to-play-satan-in-neil-gaiman-fantasy-series-good-omens
  20. Sheerluck

    Recently watched movies

    He is, however the way Grant played it you could see him easily doing Sherlock Holmes similar to the way Cumberbatch did.
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