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  2. This! Thousand time this! I never thought I would feel Mycroft's goldfish quote THAT MUCH. That's a longer story actually and it started with Putin's war. Belarus is his ally and AFAIK they have invited migrants, flown them in by planes, and then sent them to the Polish border on feet. Apart from this being a humanitarian catastrophe, it was an additional burden for Poland, especially as they were dealing with a flood of Ukrainian refugees at the beginning of the war already and they had never before dealt with immigrants on that scale. The former government has chosen the US way of dealing with it and built a fence. Which of course doesn't solve the problem of people being stuck in the woods and getting desperate. I'm afraid I don't have a full picture of the situation, it's only things I catch on the radio and it's not that much. Anyway, just going back "home" isn't too tempting right now, even if there is hardly anything keeping me here besides the job. (And of course, the prospect of the move itself I hardly have energy for, but that's another story) The world became such an uninviting place.
  3. In the UK at the moment, we have both Muslims and Jews complaining of increased hatred against them. That might need a bit of unpacking. But I obviously hope there isn't an increase in violence against any group.
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  5. Yes, I've seen The Last of Us, mostly because of Bella Ramsay. It was okay-ish. Still, it got me surprisingly emotional in the last episode, as they told Joel about the the operation. The whole show is carried by the actors' performances imo. The story itself is quite standard - they just exchanged a virus with a fungus, that's all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Yes, they are both based on the same book. ETA: this is an article in German, maybe you can let Google translate it. It made me curious. I'm waiting for more interesting stuff to go back to Netflix, but it will be on my list. https://www.ndr.de/kultur/film/Netflix-Serie-Ripley-Andrew-Scott-als-talentierter-Hochstapler,ripleyserie100.html
  6. Yeah, there is the view that extreme Left and Right Wings bend so far around...that they eventually meet. I don't think they necessarily are distinct camps anymore...and people can hold complex views. Plus surely, it depends ON the sitting government, in any one nation. The UK has quite a right wing government and most(but not all) of the oppostion to it, I would say is Left wing. Scotland, where I am, is a more Left wing government, but most of the opposition is again generally from the Left. Possibly more so, with boundary changes.
  7. Here's how Wikipedia explains the origin of those terms: "The terms "left" and "right" first appeared during the French Revolution of 1789 when members of the National Assembly divided into supporters of the Ancien Régime to the president's right and supporters of the revolution to his left." As for the current-day difference, someone characterized it this way: When there's a problem, the left wing says "How can the government fix this problem?" whereas the right wing says "How did the government cause this problem?" Here in the US, there did use to be a lot of overlap between the two major parties, but I've noticed an increasing amount of polarization since about 2000 (and it probably started before that).
  8. One of our neighbors has hens and roosters, but we're out in the country, so neighbors are much further apart. I don't generally hear even the roosters unless I'm outdoors or have the windows open, and even then it's not loud enough to be a problem. I kind of enjoy hearing them, because it reminds me of my childhood, when Mom raised chickens. (I especially like the song the hens sing when they've just laid an egg: Bawk-bawk-bawk-bawk-buh-BAWK!!!)
  9. That's what I think, I watched other zombie shows without hesitation. I think the fact that it has been going around so long that put me off again and again. See? I know there are more! I actually wrote something like that and yes, it depressed me so much I took a lot of break and was genuinely affected by it. I know what you meant. Talking about undead, have you watched The Last of Us? It's based on video game but it's a very good season one, mostly because of the things you mentioned. The Talented Mr. Ripley? Are they the same? I watched the movie and I quite like it. It's not my favorite but it was intriguing to me. Anyway, my deadline is looming and I haven't found time to watch it.
  10. My neighbor has chickens (this is a very urban area). I don't mind them and actually like hearing them, but the damn roosters cockle-doodle-doo every 2 p.m, on EVERY TIMEZONE. Anyone has good recipe for roosters?
  11. Exactly. It's a pity to see. I wouldn't want my grandpa to do that when he should have been at home enjoying his retirement. To be honest, I know nothing about politic, and I try to stay away from it. To be really really honest, I don't actually know what you all mean as far right or left or any. It's just hard for me to believe there are no overlapping interests between sides or parties. How if I like one thing from this party and other thing from the other party? That is my biggest question mark actually, and surely, SURELY, there are other more suitable candidates out there. I mean, I barely survive attending any social function and standing up when I am not even fifty, and I remember my face almost stayed as forced-polite-grinning permanently when I had to shake hand with probably less than one hundred people during my high school graduation? How do they do that? Let them rest! Having said that, although I can't even answer the names of my politicians at gun point now, because yes, I barely paid attention, as long as things are working, I followed the 2016 US's presidential debate and was so heartbroken when he was elected. It really affected me because it was terrifying to me that this kind of person could be elected. But then again, since that 2016, and Covid, I am not the same person. I had underestimated the absurdity and stupidity of everything. Many things still infuriate me, but I have an open mind now that things could get worse. @J.P. I read about what happened in the border with Belarus. It's ridiculous. I also notice the increasing antisemitism. It's scary and we never learn, apparently. 'Never again', my ass. This is scary.
  12. Thanks for that link. One tidbit from the article: "Cara, a new artist portfolio site, . . . aims to protect its users from the scraping of user data to train AI models, . . . ." Of course Rolling Stone has always been avant garde, so we'll see how these projections pan out.
  13. But does it have what you might call the "soul" of a genuine XYZ piece? I'm afraid it doesn't matter - yet. When I see what people are gushing over on FB, I doubt most of them even know what the reality looks like. They don't want a "soul" - they want "fast" and "cheap". But it won't go well for very long imo. Here is an article Brands Are Beginning to Turn Against AI After lots of hype from big tech and a rush to integrate trendy new tools into every aspect of our lives, the backlash seems inevitable https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/ai-image-brand-backlash-1235040371/
  14. But does it have what you might call the "soul" of a genuine XYZ piece? That sort of thing (albeit done by humans rather than computers) has been going on for ages in fiction, with varying success. For example, Robert Goldsborough's professionally published Nero Wolfe novels have some fans, but I (and a number of other fans of Rex Stout's original series) find them a bit lacking. All of Stout's pet phrases are there, and his characters are in character. There's nothing really wrong -- but despite the new plots, they're a little *too* much like the originals, as though you'd simply fed all of Stout's novels into a meat grinder. I assume that's basically how AI works.
  15. The problem is: why should anyone buy anything from you when they can let AI make it? Everyone can create an image "in the style of XYZ", without XYZ knowing or agreeing to this. Renowned artists have problems with that and I understand it. It's literally flooding the "market" with falsificates.
  16. I see. OK, earlier you had said that Adobe "claims everything you made with their software is free for them to use." So they aren't saying you don't have the right to sell your product to other parties, just that you can't stop Adobe from "borrowing" it. I guess that's reasonable, assuming that they tell you ahead of time. (Not that you'd likely read or notice or understand that part, since it's presumably buried in a whole pile of small-print legal gobbledygook, like the 16 pages the insurance company just sent me.) It's not like this is likely to infringe on the ability of your customers to enjoy the artwork they bought from you. More like because it becomes easier/cheaper, I suspect. Oh, that's priceless! Kind of the opposite of having a real photo not being allowed as evidence. but as you say, kind of the same. Soon? Maybe already. Like the people who believe/doubt anything they read.
  17. You have to define "belonging". It's not like they resell those works and make money from that. They feed their AI with it to make money from the AI. I think we need a whole new category of laws here. It is. But it's also scary as hell if you consider that some kinds of AI (not necessarily visual ones) are practically everywhere. We might get a Terminator scenario, but not because AI is so clever, but because it grows dumber. It kind of happened already. https://edition.cnn.com/2024/06/14/style/flamingo-photograph-ai-1839-awards/index.html Soon we'll have two groups of ppl: Those who believe anything as soon as it's in a picture (and don't care about the actual source) and those who doubt everything. The second situation is especially sad for artists and photographers, who now have to provide proof their art is not… art-ificial. Finally, we started to develop an AI to detect AI. 🫣
  18. That's like Microsoft claiming that a book you wrote with MS Word belongs to them! Isn't it? I wonder if Adobe's claim would stand up in court -- though of course if more than one country is involved, that could get very iffy anyhow. Yeah, that's almost funny, isn't it? I keep thinking that sooner or later, you could go into a courtroom and present a photo or a video of a crime actually being committed, and the judge would rule it irrelevant because it could easily be a fake.
  19. I was fascinated by the AI possibilities, I even played with Midjourney for a while. My greatest concern was fakes and I was right so far. I'm not completely on the "art theft" bandwagon yet, but I'm getting there fairly quickly, and I fully understand the concerns of artists fearing for their jobs. You can theoretically opt out of AI using your images on Meta - but it's so ridiculously complicated and seems not to work in many cases. So I was happy about Nightshade. But hardly it's out, there comes Adobe and claims everything you made with their software is free for them to use. No opting out. In the meantime, I've read somewhere that the net is so flooded with those bad fakes, that AI starts to learn from AI and therefore the mistakes cumulate and the pics' quality worsens.🤪
  20. OK, that makes sense. I imagine -- in a generic sort of way -- that it could be done by various methods, so will save the how-to for a day when I'm feeling more curious. Glitter traps are new to me also -- though porch pirates have been around for years -- so I looked it up to be sure I had the right mental image. One datum worth remembering is that *cellulose* glitter is biodegradable, so that's the type to use if you're merely pranking someone.
  21. Artist puts pictures out on the internet. AI trainers use pictures without asking. Artist is pissed. Poisons his pictures so that the next one who uses them without permission will only get garbage data. They still look the same to humans but not on a math level. Sorta like people ordering glitter traps to be taken by porch parcel thieves, only digitally.
  22. I might read that if I had the slightest idea what an image data poisoning system is (other than it sounds like a bad thing). Could you give us a basic explanation?
  23. No idea where else to put this and not sure if anyone is even interested, but this explanation how Nightshade (as in, the image data poisoning algorithm) works is the first one that made sense to me: https://towardsdatascience.com/how-nightshade-works-b1ae14ae76c3
  24. Animals in general are good at telling the time but yes, cats are one of the best.
  25. I've been seeing these Felix the Cat clocks for years: I had sometimes wondered why they put a clock in (specifically) a cat's stomach, but now I think I know: Our cat Dora has gotten very good at yowling when it's (give or take just a few minutes) an hour before a regular meal time, so it would appear that she really does have a clock in her stomach. At such times I'll say (for example) "It must be three o'cat." (Of course she keeps on yowling till she's been fed.)
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