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  2. I'm guessing that Daddy is gray with a black muzzle, though!
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  4. I definetly see where you're coming from with that interpretation, and your absolutely right about the creators borrowing elements from various stories. Thanks for input.
  5. She definetly had a huge impact on the world. I watched the documentary "Woman in Motion" that came out I believe last year. I had know idea she did so much work to change the culture at NASA. She was a very impressive person, and left an indelible mark on the world.
  6. That's an interesting idea, GodNort. Even though the Moftisses have stated that it wouldn't be possible to adapt "The Yellow Face" nowadays, I don't see why it couldn't be done, possibly by substituting some other foible for the prejudice (or rather the fear of prejudice) that the original story is based on. I commented on that A.G.R.A. scene several years ago, with a different canon interpretation (note that this was well before Series 4): I like your interpretation too, and there's no reason to think that they couldn't have had both ACD stories in mind. They don't often do straightforward adaptations, after all, but rather combine bits and pieces of various ACD stories. For example, "The Blind Banker" contains numerous bits of "The Sign of the Four" even though they claim to have based it on "The Dancing Men."
  7. The Trekverse has lost another star -- Nichol Nichols (the original Uhura) passed on a couple of days ago. Here are her obituary on Variety's website: https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/nichelle-nichols-dead-star-trek-the-original-series-1235330159/ and also reactions from some of her costars et al.: https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/nichelle-nichols-dies-reactions-tributes-star-trek-1235330185/ Ms. Nichols had been dealing with dementia for several years, so I assume that's what caused her death, either directly or indirectly.
  8. I am updating my screen adaptation list, as I have found an adaptation of The Adventure of The Yellow Face. I would argue that the major overarching story line of Mary Morstan and John Watson in the third series of Sherlock is an Adaptation of Yellow Face. In this adaptation, the secret the wife (Mary) is hiding, instead of being a child of another race, is her past as an assassin. Also, rather than the husband (John) coming to Holmes with the case, it is Holmes who first becomes suspicious. His suspicions are first raised in the episode The Empty Hearse, when John is kidnapped, and a coded text message is sent to Mary, which she decrypts even before bringing the message to Holmes. Next in the episode The Sign of Three, her ability to rapidly recall a wedding guests room number, adds fodder to Holmes suspicions. Finally, in His Last Vow, Holmes surprises, mary garbed in an outfit intended to hide her identity, and holding a gun to Magnussen head, causing her to shoot him with expert precision to temporarily disable but not kill. While in hospital, Holmes plans a ruse to reveal Mary's secret to John, who has finally become suspicious upon finding his chair replaced in Baker Street, and a bottle of Mary's perfume sitting next to it. Holmes pulls off the ruse, revealing the real Mary to John. At a Christmas get together later, Mary gives John a thumb drive with the letter A.G.R.A on it, and tells him, the information on it will end their marriage. After thinking for a moment John throws the Thumbdrive into the fireplace, and tells Mary " the problems of your past are your past, the problems of your future are my privilege".
  9. The name of the show wasn't familiar to me, so I looked it up, and now I see why -- it was a radio show that aired between 1939 and 1950. What do you (and anyone else who's heard it) think of the show?
  10. Hi, Bigbird -- welcome to Sherlock Forum! English may be the most important subject taught in American schools, simply because if we don't communicate well, we may not understand each other, which can cause all sorts of problems.
  11. This just reminds me of The Engineer's Thumb!
  12. Hi. American English teacher here.
  13. I have a strong memory of an episode of "The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" where Holmes and Watson get trapped by Moriarty inside a metal room and somehow Holmes uses steam pressure to escape—or something like that. I can't remember what the episode was called, nor even which era of the show it was. Does anyone remember this episode? Which one was it? Thanks.
  14. Had another outage today, just a bit over four hours long this time. There was no strong wind, no lightning, no storm at all. But it's very hot and muggy, so I'm sure everyone's air conditioning was going full blast -- till everything stopped. When I phoned to report our outage, the nice recorded lady said there were a few hundred (I forget the exact figure) homes affected. When I called back three hours later, she said nearly 2,500. I'm wondering if perhaps they had to shut down a large section of their customer base in order to replace some piece of equipment? Can't seem to find anything about it on the news. OK, found this on their Twitter account: "We currently have 2,491 members without power due to a down transmission line." That'll do it! (That initial few-hundred count must have been before they knew the full extent of the problem.) Transmission lines are the ones on those big honkin' towers. They carry wholesale amounts of electricity cross-country from a power station. So if the transmission line that feeds our area goes down....
  15. Sitting precisely next to the sign, though ...
  16. In the 1990s I taught English in Japanese middle schools for three years, introductory English for students in grades 7-9. My first year coincided with the debut of new English textbooks from the Japanese Ministry of Education, and the first lesson for the 7th graders was on mosquitoes, no lie. I actually learned something from this very basic lesson--that the female mosquitoes are the ones that bite because they need blood to lay their eggs. I thought it was a weird and less-than-engaging topic selection for a first lesson in English for 12-year-olds. Japan is a very humid country with lots of insects in the summer and rather sadistically in this 'gaijin's' opinion, they require their children to be in school until the end of July, in unairconditioned school buildings. So to be studying about mosquitoes in high summer was seasonally appropriate but not the kind of material that would make a kid say , "Wow, I love English!" I have A-type blood, so theoretically I should be the least delicious of all to mosquitoes. But I like to drink beer on my porch of a summer's evening so there's that. It's been so dry this summer I hardly saw any mosquitoes until the last few days after we finally got rain. Then they came right out like malignant fairies.
  17. Nice try, but I think that'd be "elec" or something. The abbreviations don't seem to be standardized, and some are longer than others. I'm bewildered by "stereo" -- seeing as how stereophonic recordings hadn't been invented yet. I think they did have stereopticons (3-D slide viewers), though, so maybe it had something to do with that.
  18. Sorry, not a clue. And by the time I realized what song I was thinking of, it had been quite a while since I saw the show, so I'm not even sure how close the tune was. One tune will often remind me of another simply because they have something in common -- say, an unusual rhythm or a peculiar sequence of notes -- without actually being the same tune. It drives Alex nuts. It was a background song, not one that the group was performing on camera, and I have no idea whether they used it in any other episodes, or whether it was on any of their albums.
  19. Aw, don't be too hard on the kitty -- might be too young to go to school.
  20. It might. And turning off the "bedtime" setting might also help. But I'm wanting to relax, so I'd rather not stress my eyes. I'm currently alternating between two color puzzles, a word puzzle, and good ol' solitaire -- so if I get too frustrated with one, I just switch.
  21. Still trying to get rid of last year's stock, you mean? No idea. Just being FOR sale at this time of year is weird enough!
  22. Yeah, I figured that might be the case, since it's a subscription service. And they seem to have removed it anyway now. 😞
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