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  2. https://twitter.com/BBCLondonNews/status/1222081082323095552 🙄
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  4. I'm open to menu suggestions. Sherlock barely eats and John likes anything, so the menu is wide open. Drinking of Scotch and Brandy optional. This is a fantasy party, so anything goes! This is the kind of thing that die-hard BFI types pay hundreds of pounds/dollars for the privilege, but I envision something far less stiff than those annual dinners. Particularly if we could get Benedict to agree to come in character. We must, alas, settle for the benevolent spirit of Jeremy Brett.
  5. Me neither, it would look terrible. My dad cuts his own hair, but his hair is curly, and he’d have to really mess up badly for any errors to be noticeable. My hair is straight and smooth, so the slightest unevenness sticks out like a sore thumb. There’s no way I could do it myself without it looking like I just sawed it off with a sharp knife.
  6. But we've known about this project, right? I keep trying to pre-order a DVD for it!
  7. Have you guys ever, been soooo annoyed with other's stupidity and feel the helplessness to reason with them and just let them take your money as the result? In my area, it is cheaper to put your clothes in the laundry than do it yourself. We don't have DIY public laundry. To look for good one though, it's always a struggle. Sometimes they mess up your cloth, sometime they lost it, sometimes they didn't do a good job. I have been going to the same one as long as I am here, but because I moved away, it's quite a distance so I want to look for nearer one. I decided to give this one (tried before but they lost my shirt so I dropped them) another try. First couple of wash, it was good, they are quick (ready the day after), and then they started to mess up. The minimum load you can put is 2 kg, which is fine. That is around the amount I bring anyway. They gave me wrong information initially (that there is no minimum) but revised it later when I didn't bring enough, (so they charged me 2kg price even when I bring less) which is fine, I get that. Then there was one time when I noticed that I only bring 1.5kg, but when I left (they sent the receipt to the phone, which I normally left in the car so I didn't check on the spot) but they noted it down as 2.5kg. I asked them if they got it right, because I remembered seeing 1.5 when they weighted it. They insisted it was correct. So nevermind, I even said sorry I must have seen it wrongly then. I have no idea how many time it actually happened, but I remember this one well. And it happened again, this time I was pretty sure it was 1,7 kg, so when I saw they put 2.7kg in the receipt, I went back (I barely left the area yet anyway) and asked them. And they told me, yes, because the minimum weight is 2 kg. I said fine, then put it as 2 kg since I have 1.7kg right. They said yes, but since 2kg is minimum, they have to add it up. I was trying to hold back my disbelief, I said, sure, I understand. But why do you put it as 2.7 kg instead of 2? They looked at me blankly then repeated the same thing. I repeated too, getting really irritated, especially now I know they did the same thing back then and made me feel I was the one making a mistake. So apparently their brilliant solution is just to add another kg if you don't meet minimum account. The thing is, they have multiple staffs and these two I encountered are not the one in charge (the one in charge was very clear about everything including how the minimum is counted, and she also assured me that they always finish their order in a day although the other staff likes to give wrong information to the customers (maybe so that they can stretch the work)). Anyway, it's obvious that I was irritated that they can't give me logical explanation but still insisted on their reason. So they said they can't change the receipt because it had been sent to the 'boss' but would give me a 'discount' when it's collection time. I believed none of that but I had no energy left, obviously they looked at me as 'difficult' customer as well. The day after, my family happened to go that area and helped me collected it, my instruction was clear: I am 100% sure they wouldn't hold on to their word and would still overcharge me, if you don't feel that you have energy to question them then leave them be. I don't want this stupidity to ruin their day. Sure enough, they didn't bother with overcharging, but when my family bothered enough to ask, they said, oh, this is express service, it is more expensive so it cost twice. (It's SO does not add up, brilliant mathematician liar &^!&$@!$^). The thing that trigger my anger the most is, when people try to cover their mistake by adding a lie or ridiculous reasons. I have met too many of this breed. So yah, of course I am not coming back and no, I wouldn't bother to report or complain, it's not worth the time. I'm not that bothered about the money they 'cheated' either, I'm just.. arghhhh,, if you get what I mean.
  8. Oh, no no no.... trust me, this is a job for a professional! I know a lady who cuts and streaks her own hair. That's all the incentive I need to not follow suite..... (She's an adorable person, though.)
  9. Okay, you're idea of fun and mine are definitely different.... 😛
  10. Looks like Ben will appear in our theaters again.... https://variety.com/2020/film/uncategorized/roadside-attractions-lionsgate-nab-benedict-cumberbatchs-ironbark-out-of-sundance-1203480991/
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  12. That sort of thing would take planning, through, so perhaps this is the time to set your sights on next year. You could start a thread for suggestions (including food references). In fact, the planning might be just as much fun as the actual event.
  13. Well then, call on your artistic talents and be creative! I used the ruler as a poor substitute for that sort of thing.
  14. It's always been a fond wish of mine to have a Twelfth Night party in honor of the Great Detective. Foods would feature items from Mrs. Hudson's table as named in the cases plus fine Scotches and brandies. Sadly, no one in my real-life orbit shares my passion for Sherlock Holmes and any way, I've missed my chance this year . . .again.
  15. Ben is in New Zealand right now. 🙄
  16. Woke up with this song roaring in my head and it won't let me get back to sleep, so here you go. (Love you, guys, but really, in the middle of the night? )
  17. Egad. I think I'm just not nimble enough with a ruler (or maybe it's the scissors). Either way, I could never pull that off!
  18. I still feel everybody keeps getting tempted by other projects...which is fair enough.
  19. Gotta agree, not sure she'd be very appreciative of that.
  20. Oh, for sure. But they certainly don't have the rest of their lives mapped out. From what I've read about various projects, they sign up for something (on average) a year or so before filming starts. So next time Moftiss gets enthusiastic about Sherlock, Hartswood needs to find out what everybody's schedules look like, and sign 'em up for the first stretch when just about everyone's available -- giving the writers just about the right amount of time to work out the plot details and write the scripts (except for the one that Mr. Moffat is doing on his own, which will of course not be finished till the very last minute).
  21. After reading it myself, I assume that Ms. Austen is turning in her grave.
  22. I did it pretty much the way I do everything else, by measuring it. By the time it needed a trim, my hair was roughly 18 inches long. I took a one-foot ruler, put one end against my head, held a lock of hair alongside it, and cut off whatever extended past the other end. And repeated. Repeatedly. It was simple enough that I really couldn't mess it up, but it was tedious and time-consuming. On the other hand, I needed to do it only once a year or so. As I said, it was easier than arguing with a stylist. My mother had a different system, which I never did understand. She wore her hair fairly short (about down to her collar in back) and parted on one side, with natural waves and a bit of curl. She virtually always cut it herself, even after her eyesight got really bad. She generally stood in front of a mirror, but just the one, so she had no way to see the back. I assume she did it by feel, and it always looked very nice.
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  24. Well some of the fandom haven't helped in the last part... Basically, unless one hears/reads/watches an interview with either Mark or Steven...ignore ALL stories about any more possible Sherlock. Still don't know their schedules, but I know Benedict and Martin will be full to bursting for a long time to come.
  25. It's one of those films that deserves a wider audience. A lot of nostalgia for me as well being set when it is.
  26. It’s a string of words basically Arcadia. There’s no need for such vagueness. I tend to think that a series 5 will happen but I’m not basing that on any knowledge ( how very un-Holmes like of me☹️) Lets hope that Moftiss don’t get too Doyle-like and start seeing their creation as a burden that they want to distance themselves from. I wouldn’t have thought so.
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