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  2. Once when I was at a petting zoo, there was a young boy who kept pestering the llama. His mother (?) and aunt (?) kept telling him to stop, but he went right on pestering the llama. Finally the llama decided it'd had enough and basically hawked a loogie at the kid -- though based on some reading I've done since, llamas don't simply spit or even hawk, they can actually expel the contents of their first stomach as well, so it's pretty gross, and slimy, and stinky. As I recall, there was enough of it to do a good job on the little boy's head and get a fair start on his shirt. The kid started to bawl, and the two women laughed their heads off. And the llama wasn't pestered any further.
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  4. There are plugins who automatically turn down all advertising cookies and such for you, though; besides, in the new Firefox, you don't even need those anymore, select two checkmarks in the preferences' Privacy tab and those popups shouldn't appear anymore. Worked for me, I wasn't even sure at first what you meant with "join" because that never showed up when I tried that site.
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  6. Thanks, Martina. Right about the time I decided that I probably don't need to "join" in order to look around, they hit me with a cookie ultimatum (AKA "privacy notice") that seems to have no work-around. So I clicked your link again, and found the search function (which doesn't load till almost everything else is up) and was able to (nearly) complete one search before the ultimatum cut me off again. Still haven't found a way to get an alphabetical list of what's on (for example) Netflix, but somehow doubt that I'd be allowed to finish reading it anyhow! I don't generally consent to cookies right away except for sites (such as this forum) where they're likely to be helpful to me. Otherwise I try to work around the "request" (even if that means scrolling the actual content through a one-inch window) till I can determine whether the site has any utility for me -- and most don't.
  7. Just stumbled over a site named https://www.justwatch.com/ that seems to offer a similar service, only internationally (iirc you were looking for something like it back then). Does this one work for you?
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  9. Well, far be it from me to be controversial...ha. But in my humble experience: all the rabid Johnlockers buggered off, when they found other places to peddle their fan art/fic and vids. Chortle.
  10. P.S.: I've already mentioned MovieChat, which started with content from the old IMDb talk pages, saved by one member before IMDb shut them down. Just happened to come across this comment from 3 years ago in the MTM Show discussion: ... the comments on IMDB from 5 years ago are so much more interesting, civil and movie/character oriented than since MovieChat has taken it over. Mind you, MovieChat is moderated, and IMDb was not. So either TrentnQuarantino is misremembering and/or the past 8 years or so really have seen a shift toward less actual conversation.
  11. OK, I see your point. I don't recall that FB was actually advertised as a forum substitute, but I've heard some people recommend it as such -- apparently meaning that those people saw no purpose for forums other than posting news. So FB was at least an unintentional enabler. But I don't think it would have been able to do that if enough people had wanted discussion forums. So maybe the question is, did forums used to be popular because people in general were more into actual conversations back then, or merely because there were fewer people online and those few tended to be more conversational?
  12. I think it's a cause. We've had a great Polish forum for keeping in touch with our schoolmates. It wasn't much about conversation, but if you wanted to find a Polish person, that was the place to go. As soon as FB grew more popular, people wandered off and the forum had to close. While FB is a kind of pub you go to see your buddies, the other one was more like a school reunion site: different purpose, different vibes.
  13. I see what you mean, but am not sure whether FB is a cause or an effect. It's a good platform for posting news, but not really designed for conversations. That seems to be a recent blight on society in general -- I'm right, so you're wrong. People have always tended to hang out mostly with people they feel comfortable with, of course, but there wasn't all this polarization and demonization that I started noticing around 2000. Mercifully, though, there seems to be a hint here and there of a return to the concept that people of good will can simply disagree -- and that it's interesting and even useful to compare ideas.
  14. This was already hard to find a Forum back then. I cannot manage more than one obsession at the same time, so I was rarely writing somewhere else and I was so happy to be here, that I didn't notice that the change was universal. I think it's places like FB that killed forums. Social media is mostly about spreading own ideas, not discussing them with others. Everybody is their own Moderator and Admin, and they make their own rules: "It's my post, I don't have to tolerate opinions different from mine." It's so boring, that one wants really to shoot some wall.
  15. Odd -- all I did was go to Google and type in Sherlock forum Admittedly that didn't get me anywhere in February of 2012, but fortunately I tried again that April, when there actually was such a website. I see that you didn't join till 2015, though, by which time the waters may have been muddied considerably!
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  17. Just the usual self appointed experts, thinking they could write better... what do they think fan fiction is for?!
  18. I know very little about Dr. Who other than the Tom Baker and Peter Davison eras, so I had to look this up. Judging by conversations such as this one (on Reddit), Chibnall (a recent showrunner) gets mixed reviews from the fans, something like Steven Moffat -- but that seems to be the standard to any public figure. Hopefully you're not talking about anything truly hostile or slanderous, but that does, alas, seem to be occasionally par for the course.
  19. That is a tad irksome. But worse still is the persistence of crazy fans... only yesterday, I stumbled upon some Whovian nuts... slagging Chris Chibnall.
  20. But at least they are good ones. Some comments I see now make me wonder if people posting them are able to write a single sensible sentence.
  21. This appears to be one of only two survivors.
  22. God save me from Tumblr. Don't know Reddit yet, but I will take a look at all your links, thanks. I also just realized that finding a Sherlock forum wasn't that easy either.
  23. Oh, I like some of them OK. I like lots of shows that aren't Star Trek!
  24. On Star Trek: I must admit that I like all of its varieties!
  25. OK, now I see what you mean -- like I don't consider anything after Next Generation to be real Star Trek (more like soap operas -- complete with evil twins! -- set in the Star Trek universe). Has anyone heard what era Sherlock & Daughter is set in? Or what country?
  26. I‘m sorry to hear that. There seems to be a little life left in https://www.reddit.com/r/walkingdead/ , or some corner of tumblr maybe?
  27. I meant ever Elementary, which I like... but always seems more CSI to me!
  28. Have I missed some recent ones? All I'm familiar with is the fannish claim that Nero Wolfe (Rex Stout's super-sleuth) is the son of Irene Adler and Sherlock Holmes -- interesting thought, but I'm not the least bit convinced!
  29. Never sure how I feel about about any of these Sherlock babies...
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