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  2. Poor guy was a real trooper to keep playing Lennier.
  3. Our library has told people they can still access their internet from the parking lot. Limited to closest row to the building but I have seen a few people parked there.
  4. I'm "meeting" a (small) group of people today at the park to do plein-air painting (i.e., paint outside in nature.) That's what I told them to wear.
  5. Seems like for awhile there I ended up watching 2-3 "mini-series" that were front-loaded with really graphic sex and violence ... and then after that simply got on with the story. That Martin Freeman show set in Miami was one of those. I don't either understand or appreciate that technique, what's the point? My thoughts exactly! Although I did always like Billy Mumy. It was cool when he showed up in Babylon 5.
  6. A limerick: 12 + 144 + 20 + 3√4 + (5 x 11) = 9² + 0 7 You don't get it? It's clearly: A dozen a gross and a score plus three times the square root of four Divided by seven plus five times eleven is nine squared and not one bit more.
  7. Well, as you may have noticed, I cut out before the happy juice kicked in. Is that croc from Peter Pan? Same here. Rain in general soothes me to sleep, even (ahem) in the daytime. Usually sleep right through thunder unless it's right on top of me.
  8. My sister somehow missed it too. "I'm so excited about the next season of Sherlock" says I. "Huh? But he's dead!" says my sis. Apparently she didn't watch it to the end. That was one I wanted to see, glad to hear it's a keeper.
  9. I just discovered that if I go to the profile page, click/hold the cover photo, and drag it to a new tab on my web browser, the full photo will open in the tab. So there's a workaround! Now I can see your whole Basic, lol.
  10. You'll have to quietly make your escape tonight, lol. I made the mistake of drinking two cans of Mountain Dew Kickstart (Pineapple Orange Mango) a couple hours ago, so I'm rarin' to go. You'll be lucky if you don't wake up to another of my photo-posting sprees tomorrow morning.
  11. Original. Remake is only on Netflix.
  12. A little bit... I'm more concerned about losing access to them altogether, unless I pay. Like they might lock them up, or something. It's more what I don't know they'll do that worries me, I guess. I'm intensely private, not least of all with my creative property, and I don't trust them anymore because of the stunt they pulled. It's just an uncomfortable feeling.
  13. As soon as I get off of this computer!
  14. Are you concerned that they might make unauthorized use of them -- e.g., sell a somewhat-personal picture for use in an advertisement? Wow! I've got more like a couple hundred. Thank goodness!
  15. Guess what's on MeTV right now? It's "Lost in Space", your favorite.
  16. I've got nearly 6,000 photos on there (not all of them my own). I'd mostly been using Photobucket to post them on a few forums I no longer frequent, and in my online journal (when it still existed), which I have downloaded elsewhere. So my only reason for leaving them on Photobucket would be so I can see which photos are in a particular journal entry, should I choose to reread them. But if I deleted the photos, the link would still remain. So if I really wanted to, I could just look at the name of the photo in the link and then find the corresponding photo in the folder I've just downloaded. Leaving them would be easier, but I'm frustrated with Photobucket and a little uneasy about leaving them sitting there.
  17. I've just about decided to leave mine. I'm not planning to download them directly from PB, because I've had trouble using that site lately. In fact, the last straw was that I wasn't even able to log in the other day, in order to change to my new email address. I'll try again in a few days, but even if I fail again, I can use the method below, as long as I complete the first step before May 20th (when my current paid membership runs out). Fortunately I don't have all that many photos on PB, so I plan to go through the forum looking for photos I've posted (this is about the only place I've done so), and when I find one, do a right click and Save As to a new "forum photos" folder on my computer (naming them according to the thread & page they belong on). Then I'll upload them to my new Imgur account and change the BBCode in my posts accordingly. The reason for leaving them on PB is so if later on I discover that I've neglected to transfer a photo, I should be able to tell what it was, even if it's been blurred by then -- and I can hunt for it in our enormous regular photo folders.
  18. I'm a light sleeper too where noises are concerned, but for some reason thunder seems to be an exception. Or maybe it wakes me, but it's easy for me to fall back to sleep. Anyway, it is boomy! We had some really close strikes. My poor dogs. I hope you can get to sleep soon.
  19. I logged in for the first time in a long time. They updated their interface a bit, so I was finally able to download my photos. That's a relief. Deciding now whether I want to delete them from Photobucket, or just leave them.
  20. I sleep well when it's just raining -- like you say, cozy. But unexpected noises tend to wake me, even if they're not very loud (e.g., a cat throwing up). And this storm was pretty boomy up till a few minutes ago. Hopefully it's done with that.
  21. Why is that? Is it just that the thunder keeps you awake? I actually sleep pretty well during thunderstorms. I find it cozy and comforting.
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