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  2. https://abcnews.go.com/International/cat-lynx-purrrfect-zoo-couple/story?id=24210430
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  4. Sorry, I should have specified American robins -- they're cousins to your blackbirds, only with a fancy paint job. But I'm guessing that your blackbirds may stay year round as well, since your winters are generally milder than ours. I woke up to snow this morning (and what will the robin do then, poor thing?), but it's only in the thirties (*above* zero, that is!) so far -- a bit colder weather coming tomorrow, but it doesn't look like we'll be giving you a run for your money any time soon.
  5. ^ I jinxed it. We had a temperature drop today; 15 below 0 (F), with a wind chill as low as -30. 🥶
  6. Yeah, we have robins all the year round here. I know they are not nice to each other.... but they seem very human friendly and I love them.
  7. At dusk ths evening there was a flock of robins on our lawn. I've heard that in mild winters they may not migrate, so they could have been here all winter -- but still....
  8. The last few years we’ve had snow dumped on us starting in October and up through the very end of April, even in May and September a few times. We’ve matched or broken some precipitation records. I’m hoping that won’t happen again this year. We’ve had an average amount of snowfall so far (though it did start a bit early again in October); just had another snowstorm over the weekend. But temps have been a little warmer than usual since Christmas, so that’s been nice. January and February can be tough. Last year around February 1st is when we were experiencing the “apocalyptic” Polar Vortex, lol. This winter has felt especially kind by comparison.
  9. Right. I believe our only significant snowfall so far was back in autumn, much earlier than usual. So I, too, am halfway expecting the other shoe to drop. And thanks for reminding me that I'd like to plant some snowdrop bulbs in the lawn (plus crocuses, etc.), though of course I'll have to wait till autumn to do that.
  10. We didn't have winter at all. Yet. Snowdrops are out and it's quite green outside, ca. 3 weeks too soon. Bute've had a late, snowy winter that lasted till the end of March not so long ago - so it's not really over right now.
  11. Not even a hint of spring around here yet, way too early for that. Will be another month at least. Maybe two, but it's been on the milder side as winters go, so hopefully it will be shorter as well.
  12. I'm possibly just impatient... Winter seems to be lasting forever, here! Well my snowdrops are well and truly up and about and I can see my crocus shoots...
  13. We heard our first blackbirds (over by the neighbor's pond) this evening -- even earlier (by a couple of days) than in 2015.
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  15. Would food from BBC Sherlock also get a nod? (Just curious -- it's your party!) Oh wait a minute -- -- unless I'm misreading that, you've already answered my question in the affirmative. So individual mince pies are a go! I've read probably half of the canon stories, but don't seem to have retained a great deal regarding food. I have a vague recollection of eggs and toast and maybe scones, lots of tea, and not much else.
  16. Sorry, just now seeing your comment. I am thinking specifically of foods consumed by our Baker Street duo as written by ACD. Mrs. Hudson normally does breakfasts, with the other meals a bit hit or miss, but our bachelor diners often went to their favorite restaurant, Simpson's, for heartier fare, when Sherlock Holmes felt hungry, so that would open the menu up for more than just eggs and kidney pie. Our birthday celebration may have to stretch to multiple meals, houseparty style. We could do "Mrs. Hudson's Breakfast/Tea" plus other food inspired by alternative versions. I love Japanese food, so "Miss Sherlock" would get a nod, as well as dishes from the parts of the globe Holmes says he visited on his Hiatus. That would include food from Scandinavia as well as the Middle and Far East.
  17. Yeah, that's roughly what I thought (though I did get more of a romantic feeling between her and Kylo/Ben). She'd been Luke's protege and also Leia's (in different ways), so that they were really the closest thing to a family she'd had since she was a little girl. I have no idea. She buried two lightsabers in the sand, and then she pulled out another object that looked to be about the same size and shape, but with different details -- looked like it might have had a wooden handle, which is why I said it looked old-fashioned. By that time, I had kinda lost count of the lightsabers, so I have no idea whether/where I'd seen it before.
  18. Well, she's obviously not too keen on the Palpatine legacy and she probably sees herself more as Luke and / or Leia's spiritual daughter and Kylo's Force sister. (I liked the Force Dyad idea but they seemed more like twins to me than potential lovers which is one reason why I found the kiss jarring and weird, almost inappropriate). I don't quite understand your second question, are you referring to the yellow lightsaber?
  19. Yep, his fave tennis player.
  20. This appears to be from a couple years ago, but it's new to me and kind of cute.
  21. I've noticed when I read something that's really difficult for me … such as math problems or financial terminology … I usually start reading it out loud in an attempt to concentrate on it better. But I can create whole conversations strictly inside my head, if I choose to. For whatever any of that means. I'll bet!
  22. Actually I was a bit surprised. I have an inner dialogue running in my head all the time, it's actually hard to make it stop. Which makes multilingualism very interesting.
  23. After further thought, I don't think that's quite accurate. I actually can "verbalize" mentally, even though it's sometimes helpful to engage my mouth. What I said before still applies to daydream conversations, though -- no idea why. Maybe mental verbalizing doesn't satisfy the need for a conversation?
  24. I talk to myself all of the time... only person I get any sense from!
  25. Right -- the passage of years tends to expose one to more kinds of people and their ways of doing things (though how much this expands one's knowledge presumably depends on how much attention one pays). When I just think, it's basically nonverbal, but I sometimes find it helpful to talk through a puzzle. I recently noticed, though, that in order to verbalize my thoughts, I need to literally speak, or at least move my mouth. Same thing with my daydream conversations.
  26. Tbh, I think s/he is a little worked up over not much. I know other people think differently than I do, and I frequently get a "how the heck did you come to that conclusion?" response. I freely admit I often do this to purposely blow their minds; the responses of people who can't think out of the box entertain me. But I can't say that I particularly think one way or the other … sometimes I have conversations with myself, other times it's more abstract, often I couldn't tell you which. And I know people who think or one way or the other or both, so the difference between us is not something I get excited about. But I suspect I'm rather older than the writer.
  27. Not sure if it fits in here, but it is about a - kind of - language. https://ryanandrewlangdon.wordpress.com/2020/01/28/today-i-learned-that-not-everyone-has-an-internal-monologue-and-it-has-ruined-my-day
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