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  2. Sadly, I don't doubt it. But we need to bear in mind that the reason we hear about these incidents is that they don't happen all that often. Unfortunately there will always be buttheads, and right now they have one more thing to be hostile about. But most people are decent.
  3. Good to know, i have been thinking about it. It always leave red marks on my nose and ears, but then again, we have agreed that my nose is always a problem. I think what makes me so pissed beside these irresponsible idiots throwing tantrum is there are actually people being killed for trying to enforce mask rule, even when they do it because it is required by their jobs. At the very least I have read about security guard shot and killed over mask, and recently, a bus driver attacked by passenger that resulted in death because of mask. Can you imagine being the family of this people, the cause of death of their loved ones??? It's sooo.. I can't put it into words. I can't.. the logic, it's too tragic. If only there is a way to put all these people isolated in an island together and let them hug and kiss and breed. Nevermind the breeding, they won't have enough intelligent to escape from the island anyway and contaminate the gene pool.
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  5. I have no idea how to embed non-YouTube video but you can just click on this link/copy to your browser. (thanks if anyone can help) https://streamable.com/e/sba3ag It's probably not much, but based on my experience dealing with shitty people all my life, no, 99% of these people make false claims.
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  7. Plus some people are scared by anything new. How's your mother doing in her new home so far? I hope she likes it and does well there.
  8. Maybe, maybe not -- but we haven't heard *your* opinions yet! As Caya says, please feel free to post your comments, questions, etc. on any thread where it's relevant. And if you don't see a relevant thread, then feel quite free to create one (by clicking "start new topic" or "create topic"). Consider this: The forum came online shortly after Series 2 was aired in the UK, at which point the first few members discussed all of Series 1 and 2. When Series 3 aired, a lot of new people joined to discuss the new episodes, but they also added their thoughts on the first two series. And the same thing happened when Abominable Bride aired, ditto Series 4. Plus a lot of people joined between series. So just because there hasn't been a new series lately doesn't mean you aren't allowed to have your say about the entire show! Furthermore, unless a thread is short, you needn't feel obliged to read all the prior posts before posting there. You may accidentally repeat what someone else has already posted, but so what? Goodness knows I've even repeated *myself* now and then. The point is, other than possibly a few people with photographic memories, *nobody* remembers everything that's ever been posted here.
  9. I moved my mum into a nursing house last week: sorted clothes with her, put all her stuff into place, built a shelf and moved stuff around the room. All with a mask on (the so called paper mask). For a whole beeping day of ca. 30 Celsius heat. You can get used to it and forget you have it on your face - I realized it as I was already driving. But maybe you have to get used to it, the first few times were indeed a bit weird. There are people with problems that cannot wear a mask, but the rest is just whining.
  10. In my opinion, she is - Sherlock flatlined. Since I don't want to lead this to threadjacking, I'll leave it at that, here at least. But please do make your own statement about her guilt or lack thereof in the correct thread, @SherLOCKED123, and I'll be happy to dive in again (as will @Carol the Dabbler, I bet ). Once more unto the breach!
  11. Yes, I am always happy to discuss Sherlock as well. Also, @Caya, where do you stand on the 'Is Mary a murderer' argument?
  12. Hello Mrs Hudson and welcome to the forum! Trust me, we will be happy to discuss Sherlock with you. For example, Carol and I almost re-hashed the good ole' Is Mary A Murderer controversy the other day, so don't I really don't think everything is said and done here. Dive right in and we'll be happy to follow you wherever you may go.
  13. I've only just discovered Sherlock on Netflix and this forum. The problem is that, of course, everything that can be discussed has been discussed. I've spent the past couple of weeks mooching around here in after watching an episode a night. I've felt quite sad for being so late to the party because I would have loved this forum in its heyday. 😭 I guess all we can do is hope for a special or a new season
  14. If she's telling the truth about having some sort of breathing problem such that her doctor advised her not to wear a mask, then I can sympathize with her, and I can also understand why she felt ganged-up-on by the employees (or were they other customers?) who told her she was required to wear one anyhow. I do agree with you that she could have shown more restraint -- but then again I've had one or two low-blood-sugar moments where I was probably no more civil than that, so who am I to judge?
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  16. Yeah, but I feel pretty confident you do not express your feelings like this: Folks like her were what I meant by never been taught manners.
  17. Most people had never worn that sort of mask before, and it does feel weird if you're not used to it (perhaps because of the increased warmth, humidity, and CO2 inside the mask?). So it triggers a panicky feeling, or at least it sure did in me. Like you, I figure if surgeons and nurses can wear masks while performing some rather intricate tasks, there mustn't be any great danger involved. But many people trust their feelings more than they trust logic, and that sometimes includes me. Human nature and all that.
  18. Yeah, but all that grousing about "I can't get oxygen behind this mask" and whatnot ... I mean, surgeons wear those for hours at a time and have done for ages, and I agree they can be difficult to deal with, but I still rather doubt that they're all zombies because they've suffocated at some point. Worst that can happen with a mask is that you look slightly goofy and feel slightly uncomfortable. I'd take that over possibly infecting someone unwittingly any day, but apparently some people were never taught manners.
  19. Ah, that must be the key! I tend to focus on visual cues and/or meaning. If I'd heard the joke rather than reading it, though, I would presumably have been more likely to get it.
  20. Yeah, I see that around here too, usually just two or three people, sometimes a few more. Small groups are legal now in Indiana, but we're still supposed to wear masks and stay six feet apart, and they're clearly doing neither. I assume they're extroverts who are going kinda nuts with the isolation. It's harder if you wear them only now and then, I think. If you wear them all day at work, you apparently get used to them. Even though I need to wear mine only briefly a few times per week, it doesn't bother me as much as it used to -- but I'm still glad to take it off.
  21. https://news.sky.com/video/coronavirus-boris-johnson-stumbles-over-his-words-trying-to-say-contact-tracing-12020642
  22. Have any of you seen the video of Boris Johnson struggling to say 'contact tracing'? I laughed hysterically at that!
  23. I agree, people are slightly overreacting about having to wear a mask.
  24. Yes, I do try to phone as often as I can, @Carol the Dabbler. It does seem to help. And thanks for your support, and I'm very sorry about your mother.
  25. That makes perfect sense to me. When you're regularly in touch with someone, you have a lot of day-to-day stuff to talk about -- but when you haven't heard from each other in twenty years or so, it's almost like meeting a stranger. If you stay in touch long enough to get re-acquainted, it's OK, but meanwhile you're in a very awkward situation. I don't think your friends meant to make you uncomfortable. They probably thought that if you gradually got back in touch with just a few people that you'd enjoy it. But to them, ten is a few, whereas to you it's a horde. You have my sympathy, but I have no idea what you can do, other than what you're doing. Maybe once people are able to return to their normal life, they'll have neither the time nor the inclination for all those chats. At least you can hope! That is indeed sad. Do you phone your mother regularly? If not, that might help. I'm just glad that this virus didn't arise until after my mother had lived out her life and passed on.
  26. I got it instantly too! I focus on sound rather than words.
  27. Fragmented? No. I believe it was because I stepped on a nest of spiders today. My dreams aren't really that meaningful... 🤣
  28. Thanks! I don't think the forum's search ever did find three-letter words, so you'll need to search for James. As for hudder, it's usually written as hudders, so lemme try that .... Is 40 good enough? I agree, the search engine is unreliable -- but I suspect there's a method to its madness. It's computer-based, after all.
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