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  3. I've seen other people's lists on the internet, but have no idea how to find them. I do recall that one gal said she'd sat with Ariane Devere's episode transcript on her lap while watching PBS, and every time something was cut, she marked it. You might be able to find that with Google. I wasn't at all that methodical, just made notes of things I happened to notice -- such as the following: For Study in Pink For Scandal in Belgravia For Reichenbach Fall I didn't notice many Mycroft cuts in those three episodes, primarily the "danger night" scene in Scandal and Cut #3 in Reichenbach.
  4. What all did they cut in series 1 and 2 for the American series? I'm only interested in the Mycroft scenes, where any of his cut?
  5. Thanks, Bev! No, it wasn't cut (they stopped doing that after series 2), just been a while since I watched it. Yes, I remember now -- she says something about didn't it ever occur to John that Sherlock's secret brother might actually have been a secret sister. That whole series is basically one long episode, isn't it?
  6. Did you Americans have that scene cut? Before Eurus shoots John, she tells him her name and that she is the Holmes sister.
  7. Well, they knew she wasn't a real therapist, that's for sure! But Sherlock didn't remember his sister, or that Redbeard was a boy, till the end of Final Problem, yet he and John had a fake girl to scare Mycroft at the beginning of that episode. OK, so maybe they figured if the woman on the bus was also John's fake therapist, then she was a significant person to them (and of course she would have previously been a little girl). But she had appeared only to John, so how did they connect her with Mycroft? Added: No, wait -- Alex reminds me that Sherlock knew about the sister in the scare-Mycroft scene at the beginning. Ariane Devere's transcript shows that he "deduced" it, but apparently the episode did not disclose his methods. So I guess my question remains open.
  8. Because they knew by then that John's psychiatrist was Eurus.
  9. You're right -- I just checked Ariane Devere's transcript of Last Vow. When Sherlock is saying goodbye to John before his plane leaves, he says "the East Wind takes us all in the end," and then explains it's something Mycroft used to tell him (because "he was a rubbish big brother"). Then when Sherlock's plane is returning, John says to Mary (incidentally quoting Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Holmes) "There's an East Wind coming." And then in the let's-scare-Mycroft scene at the beginning of Final Problem, there's a child's voice repeating that line, and then John repeats it again on his way out the door. So basically, in the show, it's all based on what Mycroft said as a kid, and Sherlock finally figures out that it actually meant something. I don't see how he could have known what it meant, though, since he didn't consciously remember his sister -- so how did he know to have a (fake) little girl scare Mycroft?
  10. No, Sherlock tells John about the story Mycroft used to tell him about an East Wind coming and wiping away everything sinful...usually him. John repeats it back to Mycroft, afterwards. I think Sherlock says it twice...he defo mentions it on the runway, anyway.
  11. Oh, of course! I was thinking I had known of a reason, but could not for the life of me remember what it was. Should have looked up Euros! And of course the mention of the East Wind is Doyle-canonical -- though in that case it was pretty clearly not referring to a sister, but rather to the approach of what's now known as World War I. Added: But hang on a minute -- wasn't the East Wind comment made by John? Is he psychic? Now if Moriarty or Mycroft had said it, then it could have been a reference to Ms. Holmes -- but John???
  12. It was because of the early show mention of the coming East wind...that is Eurus. Oh and I knew about the canonical spelling, I was trying to be nice!
  13. Actually that's not just us, it's show-canon; i.e., that's how her name was spelt in the credits. The mythological being's name can be spelt either Euros or Eurus (I assume the former is an approximation of the Greek spelling and the latter is the Latin spelling). On the show, they've chosen to spell it Eurus (presumably, as Bev says, to avoid confusion with the EU's monetary unit), even though they've pretty consistently pronounced it the other way. Does anyone have any idea why they called her that in the first place -- other than it (like Sherlock and Mycroft) is an unusual name? I think it's basically a masculine name, which seems odd, considering all the feminine or androgynous names they could have picked from. And once they realized they couldn't spell it the way they wanted to pronounce it, they could have chosen a different name, but they didn't. All of which leads me to suspect they had a specific reason for choosing it.
  14. That's possibly a whole over story that we won't get now. Incidentally, I think we tend to go with Eurus...to stop it sounding like the currency!
  15. I bet I know how mummy found out about it, too. In the script for Reichenbach, Mycroft tells John at the Diogenes this: MYCROFT (Suddenly cold) Nine years-old. Family tree house. Playing soldiers with the Nanny. He persuaded me to tie her up and interrogate her. JOHN I’ve heard the story before. Only Sherlock swears that you were the one who thought of it. 3 guesses as to who the nanny was..more than likely the one having the affair with Dad Holmes. Sure would have been interesting to keep all those tasty tidbits in there. Note also, until the affair, things were pretty normal (for them, anyway). Euros hadn't began manifesting her psychosis yet, tho I bet this event was what kicked it off. She definitely would have known, and when the SHTF, things went to pot for everyone. Would have made an interesting backstory, not just Euros being jealous of Sherlock's friend. Adds more context. Haha I can see Mycroft doing the interrogation, practicing his skills for later, when he becomes the British government; bet she was terrified, even when he was at that age; Couldn't have been more than 14.
  16. It's my impression that what upset Mummy was being *told* about the affair, apparently by one / both of the boys. Maybe she truly had not known about it, but I suspect she was intentionally ignoring her suspicions -- until having the facts brought into the open made that impossible. And yeah, none of that is canon, merely something that the writers had considered including, but then changed their minds -- or at least postponed their decision.
  17. Yes, it was on the DVD commentary and Mark was warning Benedict not to give too much away... But I'm not even sure if Mark and & Steve actually knew how things were going to pan out at that stage...
  18. I'm not sure but I *think* that was in the audio commentary somewhere, a dialogue between Mark Gatiss and Benedict Cumberbatch.
  19. I think some of the quotes lost significance over time, because they basically changed their original plans...
  20. Regarding what you said about Gatiss speculating on an affair. What did he say? An affair between which people? In the script for the Great Game, Mycroft describes their dads affair with the au Pair to John, how that ended their happy home life; all this was cut from the final, of course. It's the only affair that I can think of that upset mummy; what did Mycroft have to do with it? Unless it had to do with Mycroft and Sherlock tying the nanny up and interrogating her (I'm assuming it's the same woman, the au Pair). Probably asked her about the affair with their dad. This was in a different script, I don't remember which. Mycroft told John about the treehouse interrogation at the Diogenes; the same episode where Mycroft was feeding the info to Moriarty). Anyway, if you have a link to the Gatiss quote regarding him speculating about an affair, I'd much love to read that! Thanks
  21. Thanks for posting this but er.... this happened a while ago! I have been enjoying the NTLive performances on Youtube for the last 6 weeks! Oh sorry I switched straight off after 'Streetcar named desire' last night and hadn't seen an announcement before... So I am not sure if you mean something different is happening?!
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