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    Only if you make him wear it.
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    Wow. I've heard that kind of thing before, although I don't think any guy's ever had the nerve to say so to me directly. But to me that represents either a spectacular failure of imagination, or a spectacular example of narcissism. Both at once, maybe. How dare they make that assumption, that we don't know what we want, or that we're lying about it, just because we're women? Just … wow. Okay, for the record: No, I am not "playing" hard to get … I AM hard to get. No, when I say no it does not mean yes. No, I don't think about sex all the time or see sexual connotations in every word, phrase or object. No, I am not interested in casual sex, or even in sex much at all. No, I do not enjoy physical contact with strangers. No, I am not amused by sexual word play. No, I do not get turned on by your manly attributes. No, I do not want to see more of your manly attributes. No, I am not impressed by your physical strength. Have I made myself clear, potential pursuers? Or do I need to go on? (I'd put a grumpy face here but I can't find one. 😛 )
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    I hear they make pretty good water balloons.
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    To me it always felt like Sherlock cannot - in all his rage - not acknowledge the brilliance of Jim's plan.
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    At this point the proper term just might be denial. But then again, I still check the Westeros boards every year or so if the new Game of Thrones book is finally underway, so I'm sitting in the most fragile of glass houses anyway.
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    I tend to feel we cannot discriminate on the grounds of race, geneder, sexuality etc...but for me it's more a case of STATE laws upholding equality for basic services. What private cubs or businesses do, I actually think is up to them. Customer want is not the same as a basic human right.
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    There's a big cunning spider living in my kitchen, he's chosen the perfect spot in the corner where he can run down the side of the washing machine at the first sign of danger which means I can't get rid of him. He's been there for days now so I've decided to call him Hamish, in honour of John.
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    Well, one thing we know: Sherlock calls Rosie "Watson". 😅
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    Oh shoot, if I'd only known. It's only a five-hour flight from me. Did we scare you out of the rant thread, Herlock?
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    Agreed, Arcadia. The spy/assassin plot was just bizarre. Also pretty misogynistic if you think about it. If no other more traditional, girly profession would have rendered Mary sufficiently interesting or worthy of our Doctor. When he met her he (and we) assumed that she had some medical skills based on her place of work. It's not clear whether she is just his receptionist or his nurse . . at a small clinic, she could be both. It would be quite natural and fitting for a doctor to fall for a nurse. But if she made wedding cakes or taught piano lessons or taught nursery school . . .would she not have been the same nurturing, caring, smart woman? If she actually was at her core what she was pretending to be for John's benefit--I'm still on the fence about that. Given her unique and very hard-won skills which they gave her, it was a waste to have her being a suburban housewife and mum at the end . . she should have gone to work for Mycroft in some capacity. After all Big Bro pulled all kinds of strings to get his little bro exonerated after a murder--Mary had done the same thing, perhaps more often, but she was working for the CIA and it could be said, therefore--a patriot, not a cold-blooded killer for personal gain. That's how it is with the black ops . . .you're called a patriot to your nation until you get caught . . .and then you're disavowed as a criminal.
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    I agree . . . John has been desperately unlucky not to have kept Mary going all the way back to 1892. She was the love of his life, no matter the era.
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    I have adjusted the permissions, these topics should now be visible.
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    Hey Tim! (I couldn't find the "Hey, Tim" thread … 😕) After a question from VBS, I discovered that visitors still can't see the S4 threads unless they're logged in. Is it supposed to be that way? I'm wondering if it doesn't make it look like (to guests) the forum's no longer active?
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    Oh thank god, I thought I was losing it. One minute your post was there, the next it was gone … before I had a chance to read it! I agree that's a bit of mixed messaging there. But here's what I thought at the time … John thought Mary should have stayed and let them work things out as a couple …. but he knew she wouldn't, and believing she'd be better off with them than without them, he suggested they track her. We'll never really know whether he was right or wrong about that, I think. Personally, I think Ajay would have found her eventually, even without J&S clumping along behind her. But once he was gone, she apparently deemed it was safe to return, and nobody could have predicted Norbury's actions, imo. If Sherlock had kept his big trap shut at the aquarium, Mary might have gone on to live a long and happy life. (Although secretly I suspect Mycroft had it right all along; most assassins (or whatever she actually was) don't last long.) Was John being overly-interfering by tracking her? I have to admit, I think Mary would have done the exact same thing if their situations had been reversed, and then everyone would have been congratulating Moftiss for writing a strong female character who would do anything to protect her man. Oh, and I think John said that line ("yeah, that was my idea") because he wanted Mary to know that he knew her better than she thought he did. And better, I think, than she knew him … or she should have realized that he knew what she'd do. I took it as a bit of hurt feelings on John's part … "see, Mary, I'm more invested in this relationship than you are, so there." Or alternatively, it could have been a bit of "hey, missy, you're not as smart as you think you are." Or even, "I'm not as dumb as you think I am." BTW, I've been encountering more pro-Mary comments lately (mostly courtesy of The Left Pill) and I have to admit I'm fonder of her character as a result. Although in truth, the only thing that ever really bothered me was the assassin thing, and I still think that's overly melodramatic. But I liked her nature from the start, and it's gratifying to read positive remarks about her. Annnd … see how long it takes me to write these things? I should be more careful what I wish for.
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    Mycroft's hair is not straight. He has this unruly little curl on the forehead, looking like piggy's tail. I bet he hates it. Even his hair is against him in his quest to keep the world order… in order.
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    LOOOOL Oh we have a new header!
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    Don’t make them feel bad, all whales are great!
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    😮 Are you saying you 'occupied a minor position in the American government'? Do you carry an umbrella?
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    For me, boredom isn't determined by how busy I am, but how interested I am in what I'm doing. If I'm very busy but not enjoying a second of it, I can still be bored. Likewise, I can seemingly be doing nothing but not be bored at all.
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    Good HR is as rare as... uhmmm... eh....Sherlock hugging John. I don't say good ones don't exist, but I think you are lucky to have good boss who is supportive. Most HRs, especially the ones I know lately only care to suck up to the boss and creating this 'money saving plan' that sucks the employee's benefit dry, and most bosses are of course happy with that because they are idiots. Worse, the previous ones actually 'cut' employee's salary for the slightest reason possible, while reporting that they receive them full (yep, corruption, blood suckers). I'm eyeing the current ones because I suspect they do the same to my colleagues. Heck, they tried to shortcut me more than a couple of times before, it's actually shouldn't be something we worry about when we are trying to work. Anyway, I can go all day so I shouldn't. I like seeing Christmas decorations too! Because it's time for holiday and reunion with people I care about. Well, of course September and October is too much, but November my scrawny tree is up! It's funny since I'm not a Christian (errr. although I was baptized as one) or anything, but Christmas always has been a 'coming home' or 'home' to me. Hallothankmas! Geez, so it's like Santa wearing pumpkin face with spider web hair and turkey leg??? GAH!!! Wait... that actually qualifies as Halloween decoration on its own.
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    We should have a religion thread, to free this one up and so I can avoid it like the plague.
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    I don't know whether they are or aren't by law, currently. I would think not. But there aren't too many reasons other than discrimination that they wouldn't want to take your money if they're happy taking someone else's for the same thing, and we have laws protecting against discrimination in other areas, like hiring. A shop here or there refusing someone doesn't seem like a big deal, but it'd become a significant problem if it turned into a "No Irish" type of thing. That's where it gets fuzzy... how many places are allowed to reject a demographic of people until it becomes wrong enough to force a change? If you let 4 businesses do it, do you let 100 businesses do it? If you let 100 businesses do it, do you let 1,000 businesses do it? And so on... Something that seems okay on a small scale could be disastrous on a large scale, so the question becomes where to stop it, and how to do so fairly. What you make legal or illegal for one person sets the precedent for everyone else, so you have to be very careful. That's the question...
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    It may not be suitable for our anatomy, but I sure as heck bet it would work! Wouldn't it be funny if CAM had caught some deadly virus by licking someone's face? That death, I would enjoy. 😛
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    Bloody hell it worked! Someone on Casebook.org suggested that I omit Dropbox and upload onto IMGBB direct from my phone. It worked. WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THAT? The downside is that I’ll be able to bore you with some of my London photographs. ‘Sorry.
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