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    This cartoon was on the bulletin board at our vet's office: I'm sure that's exactly what goes on in a cat's head, but in the wink of an eye.
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    Only just thought to say... had a laugh with my daughter: every time I come back home, having left the dog alone...my deerstalker has moved! My daughter thinks the dog is secretly cosplaying Sherlock Holmes, everytime she is alone! Presumably as in 'The Hound of the Baskervilles'. Ha!
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    Friends of ours have a sign stating, "Beware of Dog - you know, forget about the dog, beware of the kids". It's quite accurate. We put this sign up, which also fits our household quite well: Title says "Welcome to my home", then it's "If you're nice to me, then I'm nice to you", "Sniffing is mandatory", "If you don't want dog hair on your clothes, then don't sit anywhere" and "Fact is, my humans like me more than they like you"; below the pic it states "I live here. You don't". Bit exaggerated, but it works for us overall (doesn't mean we don't do our best to accomodate people with allergies or dog phobia and so on, though).
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    “The Isolation of Smaug”.
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    One show I really liked was Madame Secretary, and one reason I really liked it was because the main characters were a married couple in a stable, loving relationship. Yeah, they had their arguments, but only in the way that normal married couples do. And banging was not shown. It was refreshing and I don't think the drama suffered at all. So it can be done. I remember how annoyed I got at ER because no one in that show seemed capable of staying in a relationship. The collapse of their personal lives got really boring, I finally stopped watching it.
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    Mine is pretty broad. 😄
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    Is that your dogggggg??? Can I come over?? Don't worry we don't need to socialize, just leave the dog (and cake) outside and I'd come to play and go and you wouldn't even notice anything. I wear fur loaded clothes with pride everyday, my dog is blonde and I love black shirts. Please put the sign around the cake that "This is reserved" "Mycroft distancing area". Don't worry about translating anything, I heard he is good at languages.
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    Quite some time ago, I read that it's not a good idea to post a "Beware of Dog" sign, because then if your dog happens to bite someone, the person can sue you, saying the sign was proof that you knew your dog was dangerous. They recommended saying "Guard Dog on Duty" instead, because that implies the dog is trained. So those people above must have read that article -- but their dog apparently has not! Note: Liability laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so one needs to be aware of any specific wording that might be required in their locale.
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    Had cats more than two decades ago and they ate human food. Back then we, mostly everyone, knew nothing about proper animal care like today, as long as we give them shelter, food and love, we knew nothing about vaccination or proper nutrient. I'm not sure proper vet existed in my area. We adopted this female cat and she had multiple kittens. We fed them boiled fish (they love the innards too, we mixed them with rice to get more quantity), milk once in a while (it's luxury for us too) and everytime we called them for meals, you could hear them running from a mile away, so excited for meal time. We had a shop back then and let them roam around to help catching mice and they loved to lounge on the ceiling space. Always fish for them, chickens and other meats or leftovers were for the dogs. Recently, when my parent's home had regular stray visitor, they fed her same thing plus some dry food once in a while and she loved them all.
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    As if reading my mind, the Tolkien Society raises the question "Why 25 March?" and then explains, "The 25th of March is the date of the downfall of the Lord of the Rings (Sauron) and the fall of Barad-dûr. It’s as simple as that!" I'm more inclined to celebrate September 22nd, Bilbo's (and Frodo's) birthday, but I sure don't mind another reason to celebrate!
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    I had a boyfriend in my early 20s whose cat was raised on wet food exclusively, until the day I brought home a dry food sample I'd got at the supermarket. From this day on, he flat-out refused to touch anything else ... and it's not like we didn't try, because his human (owner seems wrong in the context of cats ) was worried about him developing kidney problems. But he loved his crunchy dry food and never ate anything else again for the rest of his days. So, yeah, happens. No cat pics on hand right now, please enjoy a baby squirrel instead.
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    Yes I am, so far so good. I wish the same for everyone here.🤗
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    Military coup, or something similar was what I was thinking of. He doesn't care about constitution or anything else. And his followers would march on DC with guns if he asked them to. He kind of mentioned being the president until the end of times, with a huge applause. This will be interesting. I have a new fine show title for you: Orange Is The New Plague.
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    Alex and did a quick tally of the ones we've survived so far. Not sure we got to ten, but pretty close, starting of course with (back during the Cold War) The Bomb. We hold that truth to be self-evident.
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    If only I have his ability. I still not sure if I'm considered a germaphobe, I don't think I am. Maybe I'm inspired to, but definitely too lazy to do so. I can't even maintain my room to be the way I want it. I was accused of always cleaning up when my friends were visiting my room, uni time. But I was simply bored just sitting there, my hands need to be at something, but I have to admit there was no dust even on top of my cabinet as the small room was very manageable. Now there are too many things to do, my hands are barely free, I need to visit forum. Nope. I don't get sick often as well, and that goes way beyond I can afford to be me. We are just stubborn, that's all, and I hope we remain that way.
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    Before I forget … I decided not to watch "The Abominable Bride" before watching S4, because I wanted to follow the narrative flow from the end of HLV to the beginning of T6T. And I'm glad I did, because when I finally got around to watching the Bride (after watching everything else), I realized it's completely unnecessary to the overall narrative. If it never existed, it wouldn't have affected a single thing that happened in S4. That's not to say I wish they hadn't made it! I love it, I think it's one of their best episodes; funny and clever and beautifully presented. I just wish they'd been able to save a little of the money they obviously spent on it for S4 instead. TLD is gorgeous, but the other two episodes look like they were made on a soap opera set. Weird, weird, weird -- the technical quality of the show took such a dive in those two episodes. It hit me all over again, how visually inferior they were, especially The Final Problem. I probably wouldn't have minded so much had the scripts been better, but I probably also would have liked the scripts better if the production hadn't suffered so much. Ah well. Still better than anything else on TV.
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    I still believe that he thinks John really needs to see him dead and feels his pulse, to protect John. Sherlock has known John for quite a long while and how stubborn, loyal, respectable and good friend he is. John basically believes Sherlock when no one else does, he goes down to warn Sherlock instead of being frightened by Mycroft's threat, only after just knowing Sherlock. He is ready to be shoot in the swimming pool and he tries to protect Sherlock emotionally when Mycroft tells him Irene is dead and he was furious with her to for faking it. So if John doesn't actually see Sherlock dies in his own eyes, he would probably continue to prove that Sherlock is not dead, he would never give up and he could easily get into danger. In logistic division, the other option Sherlock has is to let John see his already dead body, and this one is inconvenient, it would take a lot to fool a doctor when he is not in shock and chaos state, and John snooping around would make his operation way more tedious and difficult. It's unpopular opinion, I probably put TSo3 botton down my list. Not as in I dislike it the most, I think it's the most difficult to watch. Sherlock is so vulnerable in here it hurts. In TRF, SOB, HLV, Sherlock is also vulnerable, going through a lot of emotions, but he actually sort of turning it back, get himself up again, doing what he thinks is the right thing, fix something, or going to fix something. In TSo3, all he has is the heart broken, in defeated and selfish way that we as human have all experienced, the tinge of fear when we see someone we love do something life changing that doesn't involve us with potential to change everything drastically. Especially when Sherlock has just opened up after as we know now, closing it for so long. It's way too sad to see him left early and treat the wedding as the 'battle' (well all introverts do, but not in this scale). Oh you must be tough nut to crack! I became obsessed way earlier, when I was exhausted and treated SIP as lullaby (let's see what it is I probably fall asleep in five minutes) but ended watching through TBB and TGG and hid my head inside a pillow case after TRF, again, I know almost nothing about Sherlock, didn't even know the famous Hound. And of course I was here, because I couldn't stand TRF alone! You know I'm on Sherlock's side about Magnussen, but I also really hate the scene in T6T, it ruins everything about Magnussen's story line. And that is the main reason I can't bring myself to rewatch S4 since it aired. And I have big problem with TLD as well, as I think I had made myself clear back then, so unless I go directly to TFP, I'd need a lot to actually rewatch all of S4, which I don't have yet, after so long. I saw somewhere and I think it's true, professional assasins, which is the likely type that Moriarty hires, only sides where the money is. It's interchangeable with power too.
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    I'm neither a doctor nor a sanitation engineer, but I could imagine a scenario like, you grab the door handle on your way out of a public bathroom, therefore getting all kind of interesting germs (left there by previous users who didn't wash their hands on the way out) on your fingers, then on your way back check your emails on your phone, therefore transferring some of those germs to said phone, then put it back in your pocket where they have it nice and warm and breed for an hour or two, till you get a phone call and then press the phone against your face, thus transferring them to your mouth, where they promptly take up residence. *shrug* No idea really. I occasionally clean my phone with the same wipes we have for our monitors, but admittedly not nearly as often as would probably be wise.
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    And you were just encouraging me to get Disney! That really is another component, though, of me not wanting to pay for streaming ... I'm just against the idea. Bad enough to pay for cable tv.......
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    A bit like the Marvel franchise then... or more pertinently: can't remember if I told you all this- I used to chat with a sweet girl on Twitter. She missed the fact that Sherlock was still alive, cos she had to run to the loo before the end of TRF!
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    Same here, I think. Ironically, medical facilities are saying if you come there and you have any symptoms, please wear a face mask, and I'm trying to figure out where all these magical face masks are supposed to come from. Alex and I figure if we happen to need one, we can rig something up with a handkerchief, though.
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    Hey remember when we had nightmares about toilet? How have you been sleeping lately?
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    Hello, I don't know if there are any Lego fans out there, but if so, I encourage you to go vote for my Lego Ideas submission if you want a Sherlock Holmes Lego Set (and if you like it of course). Here's the link, thank you https://ideas.lego.com/projects/04887c1a-2ebc-46a0-9c2a-07ba02997060 Jean-Christophe
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    Somehow, the fan just spoils it....
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    But just as cute! Back before they told us dry food was bad for cats, that's all we ever fed them. Not saying that's all they ate ... all of our cats were indoor/outdoor cats, and there was, er, evidence ... that they supplemented their meals with the local wildlife. Since then, all of my cats have eaten both wet and dry, with a distinct preference for the former. Oddly enough, the cat I have now shows no interest in "people food" -- all of my others have been greedy little beggars when the meat came out of the fridge!
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    What worries me now is that Trump is talking about lifting the restrictions "soon", saying the cure shouldn't be worse than the disease. He seems to be focusing more on the economy, which is important, than he is on the nations health. He's also in favor of payouts or "loans" to big businesses. I realize it's important to keep these businesses solvent, but feel not enough attention is being paid to small businesses as well. That's one of the contentious issues in the bill being debated in Congress right now. There are no restrictions on how the corporations have to use the money. This means the money can be used for executive raises or stock by-backs instead of being put to use in the business itself. So now we have the finger pointing again with Republicans saying Democrats aren't in favor of the payments to the public when that isnt the issue at all. I just hope this is over soon and we don't rush into opening back up, just because some big businesses are pressuring the government. That could put us in an even worse situation.
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    Well, y'all, we can look at it this way ... the pandemic is a perfect excuse for us introverts to refuse invitations, stay home, and avoid people. See, there really is a silver lining to everything! I'm not following the news much but I heard they're thinking of sending every American $1000. (Although if the banks are closed, I'm not sure how we're supposed to go about cashing the checks.) I guess that would help ... but I worry even more that it would help Trump get re-elected. I think I'd rather starve than see that happen. What a world we live in, eh?
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    That makes perfect sense. Actors are generally trained and encouraged to speak clearly. Script dialog is generally written in fairly standard (British or American) English. Regular humans tend to mumble in their own local dialect. Even native speakers can have trouble understanding each other, if they're from places with radically different accents and dialects.
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    Again, I don't mind if it's essential to the story and they don't bang for the sake of banging. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against those, I just hate it so much (oh well I think I am against then) when a good story turn into unnecessary romance and it disrupts everything from then on. I hate that there are many series feel the need to have romance, no, they don't, look at the best series, most of them don't (well best to my rating). Anyway, if you guys see anything like that when they can't resist to get the main character doing it, please remember in another part of the globe I was in pain trying to get my eyes to roll back to the front. There is nothing wrong with shipping, I think I talk more about those fans who throw tantrum when they don't get something they want.
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    Gosh, I feel so privileged having all the social security protecting my back. It will be a hard year, when the effects of demand decrease (except for noodles and toilet paper) and broken delivery chains start to show, but at least I don't have to worry about things like that for now. At the moment the biggest concern is staying healthy in the time of soon-to-be overflowing hospitals and overworked doctors an nurses. Because people are idiots and throw big parties before the announced shut-down. Some folks' statements make me want to throw up and then kill them. I'm curious about the Monday - after bringing several hundred people together last weekend my company thinks of letting as many employees as possible working from home-office. Have I wrote I hate leap years? And people.
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    Me at the store trying to get something that isn’t toilet paper.
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    I feel reluctant, cause you and I are introverts, I'm sure you are sincere, so am I when I actually invite people, but not so deep down I'm terrified if they really show up . Also, if I look like my avatar, will you scream and whack my head with a pot? Worse, the ones in question are simply wooden toothpicks. I don't seem them too much in restaurants anymore nowadays. Thankfully I don't really need them, unless I eat something like corn on the cob or mango. P.S I clicked save icon in order to save my draft, as I have something to attend to now, but apparently it means submit. Oh well.. will get back later.
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    Yes. People are worried about being quarantined without enough toilet paper. They’re going to create a shortage if they don’t knock it off. Target has started limiting toilet paper, hand sanitizer, bottled water, and other items people are going crazy for to 1 pack per customer.
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    No idea what sparked it, but the “Eloi” song from “The Time Machine” soundtrack has been stuck in my head for days. At least it’s a beautiful song. Someone in the YouTube comments said it reminds them of “the first rays of sunlight that creep over the horizon at sunrise,” and I would say that’s accurate.
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    I have told you guys that I'm imagining you all stay in fantasy world that have internet and Sherlock. I know this one is some kind of phrase only Adopt me. I know it's probably not fun, but sounds fun.
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    This is what greeted me when I went online this morning. Because, of course: Happy Leap Day!
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    The only one that really bothers me is … if the Black Lotus was trying to discover the whereabouts of the jade pin, why were they killing the only people that would know? When they zapped the first guy, didn't they pretty much destroy their only lead? Seems to me it would have been more productive to threaten him with the arrow thingy. Anyway, on to Season 2 … I still think ASIB is their single best episode. (And I still wish Sherlock would find someone more worthy of his affection than a dominatrix, for pete's sake.) Everything about it is so indirect, I'm never sure what's really going on, but somehow it works. For me. Maybe that's the "the first is your favorite" phenomenon at work, although I prefer to think it's because it's just so well made. I became rather put off by TRF once I learned that Sherlock was supposedly faking his emotions all the way through it, but I'd sort of forgotten about that this time, and it's a rollicking good ride. Knowing what's to come, though, it's even more shocking how casually cruel it was to John. Even if you believe (as I do) that Sherlock didn't understand the depth of affection John had for him, it was still an awful trick to pull. How John could bring himself to trust the man again is beyond understanding ... and I rather choose to believe he never really did trust him again. Forgive, yes; trust, no. Not until The Lying Detective.
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    “Love you no.” “Speech pathologist teaches her dog 29 human words: Stella "speaks" by stepping on large buttons programmed with recordings of words. She expresses her desires, comments on household events, and even offers opinions.“ More.
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    I think that's referring to the presence of one big one surrounded by many smaller ones. But you probably knew that. It's all sedum to me, I'm afraid.
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    I agree! It is true unfortunately, but to find the information you have to search for specific shows or studios. For example, if you search for Disney, Netflix, Amazon, Warner Bros, CBS, etc., you will find articles about its production shutdown. Here are two, more comprehensive ones from a couple weeks ago that I found by Googling "Disney production shutdown" just now: "All the Shows and Movies Shut Down or Delayed Because of Coronavirus". "Netflix, The CW, Freeform, Disney and More Shut Down Production on TV and Movies Due to Coronavirus". It's a bummer.
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    Well, watch Stuart The Life Backwards. I bought a cheap DVD without subtitles and gave up after several minutes.
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    Lol, you asked for that one! I celebrated the 17th with a full dose of U2.
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    My work in the funeral industry was suspended today "until further notice," so that's great. Not sure what I'm going to do now to make up that income, and I need every penny. I have a little savings but it won't go very far.
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    Oh believe me, I will give myself an ulcer! I only have 30 mins, too. I have to drive to work each day, so I can bomb back around the corner(only 5 mins by car)each lunchtime. Belle has to be walked, for her to go to the loo. She is mosy dischuffed when I turn back after about 5 mins and it's a push to try and get her to a have a wee in that walk time! I then stand in my kitchen, with my coat on, shoving as many grapes(or blueberries etc) into my mouth and swigging out of a carton milk...in the remaining minutes I have!
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