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    Oh, wow! I can't believe I somehow missed that Dracula wrapped. I even follow Mark on Twitter and have notifications turned on for him. Maybe because he posts so often I largely ignore the notifications. lol I'm excited for Dracula! I'm trying to temper my expectations. If I go and try to compare it to Sherlock it's only likely to disappoint me. Also, a hello to everyone!
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    Binge-watched Lucifer, now I'm slightly obsessed. I remember someone else mentioned watching it, but I'm too lazy to go back and find out who. Had a bit of a weird moment earlier, after lots of perving on Tom Ellis I saw he was in a sitcom over here, looked it up, and realised that when he's looking 'normal' he actually looks a bit like someone I know, who I might have trouble looking in the eye next time I see him.
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    A guy with a razor blade could be tackled and caught within seconds in a busy mall, and an arsonist doesn't get to pick his targets. (Plus most (all?) big malls have fire suppressant equipment.) Just sayin'. I think there is something empowering about being able to shoot people that doesn't exist with other killing methods. Yet we continue to make guns easy to obtain. Insanity. Or create new laws to fit the existing situation. Cars didn't originally come with seat belts, but try to buy one without them now. That didn't happen because the auto industry suddenly grew anxious about our safety; it was legislated. And the founding fathers may not have imagined automatic guns, but they were wise enough to realize that times change, and laws need to change with them. They built the mechanism right into the Constitution; it's called Article Five. Hell, we used to have the Constitutional right to own slaves. Those laws didn't need to be reinterpreted, they needed to be changed. Sorry if my tone is bitter but this topic really tees me off. I apologize if I'm offending.
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    Just dawned one me, I could maybe put this here... Yesterday I went to hear the wonderful Ian McKellen, make a presentation at the Dundee Repertory Theatre. He was hilarious, but the one funny story he told relevant to here, was this: He was saying how he gets totally fed up with nobody being able to spell his name correctly. He said it got so bad, at one time he actually thought of changing his name. He said at the time he was working with Timothy Carlton, his wife Wanda had just given birth to their son. Anyhow, Timothy said this to Ian : "I know what you mean. Would you believe that my real surname is 'Cumberbatch'? I mean, can you ever imagine any actor having a successful career with a name like that!" It did get a laugh. Although naturally, I worked out the punchline before others!
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    She's definitely not deaf! She can hear me open a can from the other side of the house. I suspect she was just introduced gently to the vacuum as a kitten, and never learned to be afraid of it. I've managed to train most of my cats to come when I call, but that's about it. I agree they're much better at training us. But again, if you're determined enough:
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    For shame, VBS, you missed the most important clue! He purrs. This Mycroft is, therefore, a cat. So of course he's not sorry.
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    Well, you're in the right subforum, so yes, it's entirely possible. Something like ten stories already have their own threads, so all you'd need to do would be start threads for the other fifty or so. I would recommend not starting them all at once, though -- people would likely feel overwhelmed and hardly respond to any of them. I'd suggest starting just one at a time, preferably beginning each thread with a question (something specific to the story) to get the discussion started. Then once that discussion has played out for the time being, you could start the next thread.
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    Or you could attach a toilet paper roll to the end of the vacuum wand. Just to, y'know, stay on topic.
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    Sitty!!! You're still out there! Woot woot!
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    Sitty!!! Long time no see. Welcome back!!
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    Gah!! How many times.. and In this summer temperature?? 😛 My niece is a hugger and I have to peel her off everytime, which is not easy, she is taller than me now! These cats have more drama in their lives compared to mine:
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    My cats weren't terrified with anything, maybe because they grew up in our store that had a lot of loud noises. My dog hates broom and vaccuum, he used to hate hairdryer sound but since I used it to dry him after bathe, he likes it now and automatically makes himself motionless for a good warm drying session.
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    That's what happens when you try to please everybody without offending anybody. You end up offending everybody without pleasing anybody. 😄 This topic came up today at my Monday get-together, and I swear I was not the one who raised it. But our little group are all horrified by the love affair some people have with guns. We are simply incapable of understanding it. Quite frankly, my belief is that if you think you "need" one, that's enough reason right there to make sure you don't get one. (The person being discussed said he "had" to have a gun because a "war" is coming and he "has" to "defend" himself.... This is the same person who said "All news is fake news except Fox News" and he knows that to be true because "Fox News said so." And he said some other stereotypically right-wing-white-male stupid stuff as well, but by that time my blood was boiling so high I couldn't hear anymore. Good thing I didn't have a gun on me.)
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    On a Monday morning when someone tries to be chatty.
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    Yes. Cummings is the guy. I think WMDs are an official term for chemical, nuclear and biological weapons. "to cause maximum harm to the maximum number of people in the shortest time possible" would also apply to flintlocks and muskets, or even to a bow and arrows in the times they were invented. Just saying. Plus: the number of people coming together in a mall, or a railway station, or even on a street in a big city today, in the times of the Founding Fathers were only a case when two armies stood on a battlefield.
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    Funny article, and I basically agree. In this case, I'm glad to see that the reboot is intended for a streaming service. So, I would have to go seriously out of my way in order to see it. Yay!
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    Me personally? If I ruled the world, there wouldn't be any weapons at all. But I believe "the right to bear arms" refers to the kinds of weapons available at the time the words were written. I think the Founding Fathers would be horrified to learn we now use it as an excuse to permit the use of weapons of mass destruction.
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    My reaction every time I hear this song....
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    Not according to the polls: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/boris-johnson-prime-minister-brexit-administration-government-conservatives-a9034701.html
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    What I hate even more than people insisting that not having/wanting children makes someone selfish, is the insistence that only children are antisocial loners. If anything I consider being a only child an advantage, it makes me better at dealing with loneliness and less dependent of others.
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    Funny, I had the following conversation with a stranger twice a few years ago: Stranger: "Do you have children?" Me: " I'm a bit too young for that." Stranger: "How old are you?" Me: "I'm twenty-two." Stranger: That doesn't mean anything, I know someone who had a kid at that age. Me internally: just because I have a womb and teenage pregnancy is a thing doesn't mean everyone develops a maternal a instinct by the age of 16.
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    And this is actually quite impressive https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Whithospital
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    Because I don't like them enough to add the leftover to whatever I'm eating, and because I might need a little more for a different dish the next day. We used to do that, but it got to attracting too many unwanted insects and other critters. And then we'd end up not using it. Also I've got too much work out there already; I'm trying to scale down the yardwork, not add new projects! Exactly! That's exactly what I felt. There were a lot of things about T6T I didn't appreciate, and that was chief among them. Thank you. Yep. Same here. TEH undermined the drama of what we thought was happening in TRF, but Sherlock himself suffered some consequences for his deception. But T6T turned HLV into a joke. That episode broke my heart, and then it was treated like it didn't mean anything. As you say … gah. TLD almost made up for it though. Where he ends up at the end of that episode -more honest, more reflective- is how he should have started S4. Isn't this where this conversation started?
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