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    A couple of things? You are very extroverted for an introvert…
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    Hey, how did you get ahold of my homework assignment?
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    It even works with the original tune!
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    I read reviewers online that said that they had a hard time seeing 'Bilbo Baggins' as John Watson, having seen The Hobbit before BBC Sherlock. I can't comment on how I might have reacted, seeing as JW was first and then Bilbo for me. Martin Freeman is perfect for both roles. We couldn't say that about just anybody. Can you see Jude Law as a Hobbit? Obviously not. Just as Ian Holm was a perfect Older Bilbo, Martin embodied Bilbo in his prime absolutely brilliantly. Having enjoyed the animated Bilbo from the children's animation in the 1970s, I always pictured a live-action Hobbit as somewhat hairier, perhaps, but along with all the Hobbits from Jackson's LOTR trilogy, MF was perfect Hobbity casting. He was fortunate to have the concurrent job already well established, as well as a significant body of work behind him as an actor. I think the younger guys who played Hobbits at the relative start of their careers have struggled a bit in their post-Hobbit roles. Dominic Monaghan was fortunate to get LOST and Hetty Winthrop Investigates . . but we don't hear terribly much from Billy Boyd or Elijah Wood or Sean Astin, relatively speaking. They will always be 'the Hobbits' from LOTR, whereas Martin will be at least equally known for Sherlock and the Office, among other.
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    I see your worship and I accept it. At first, it just seemed coincidental that Martin Freeman was playing two, what seemed to be completely disparate characters . . but upon reflection, I realized that the two, one man, one Hobbit, have so much in common. Perhaps having Martin portray both of them got me thinking along those lines which I hadn't before. Watson seems the more naturally courageous type, opting for soldiering and the rough, adventurous life-threatening dangerous life by choice. Bilbo got dragged unwillingly into his . . though in the final analysis, he *was* willing, after all. One can make the case that it required greater courage to be a Hobbit, not necessarily in fighting trim, with no training in martial arts, and smaller than everyone else to become a brave warrior. Watson started out as a brave warrior and suffered a crisis of confidence after his injury and losing his soldier's identity. In both cases, each discovers his purpose when paired with his 'leader'. Both enjoy a good pipe and a good tot as well. Both love a good waistcoat. Both get adept at sleeping rough but neither really likes it much. Both have arch-nemeses . . Smaug, Moriarty . . both bad, bad dudes. The willingness to lay down his life for his friend is their salient characteristic in common.
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    Hi there Seventhdoctor! Welcome to the forum! I think I'll have to go with Rathbone too, not just for the nose but also for his height. I don't think he was really that much taller than my second choice, Jeremy Brett, but he seemed taller.
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    But Bilbo Baggins IS John Watson, and not just because Martin Freeman plays both . . think about it. Bilbo is the Watson to Thorin's Sherlock, the authoritarian leader-figure with the inner darkness. Both Bilbo and Watson will fight to the death for their friend/leader/brother-at-arms. Both are jerked rudely away from a comfortable middle-class life and respectability into life threatening adventures, which exhilarate them to their own great surprise. I will welcome being called Bilbo Baggins . . .if I can be Bilbo AFTER his Adventure. The pre-quest Bilbo was a stick in the mud. The Bilbo who came back was forever changed, like a hobbit who had faced down death in Afghanistan and then met consulting detective who was more than a bit Wizard-like.
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    I might wish I was more Sherlockian, but I recognize the inevitability of my nature and accept that I am a Watson. I love words and stories. My impulse is to romanticize antiseptic 'facts' whenever possible. Makes for a better story that way. I am not immune to Logic, but I am and always have been, a Romantic at heart. Secretly I yearn to be a Bohemian and have grand Adventures, and even wouldn't mind learning how to shoot a revolver, but I desist because my hand-eye coordination stinks. I love to eat, and can wax rhapsodic about meals I have eaten. Creature comforts are important to me. Money problems, chiefly the lack of it, are constant. I don't gamble; I buy books and craft beers instead. Of all the sciences, Biology was the one I liked the best. I like to think I am strong at the sight of blood and can be efficient around wounds, but then, I have never had to see a man's intestines hanging out of his body or anything really gross. I consider myself to be an absolutely loyal friend, so long as one does not violate my trust too many times . . or the law. Ways in which I am like SH: Love for music and being a slob. If I had to pick a Sherlock to represent myself . . ? Probably Basil Rathbone. Jeremy Brett and Robert Stephens's Sherlocks are too energetic.
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    I'm glad to hear that! An awful lot of jobs do -- which is why they have to pay you.
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    Peter Cushing looks a lot like the character. https://images.app.goo.gl/4QQbLKfoKfuaP6vu7
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    I have not seen Cool Runnings for some years, but I remember it as being charming and funny as we accompany Jamaica's first-ever bobsled team on their Olympic journey. Bobsled is now a proud tradition in Jamaica and I think they have improved exponentially since 1988. They are always crowd favorites. IIRC, Eddie Edwards was paired in some promotional events with the Jamaican bobsledders as sort of a 'Hopelessly Inept at their chosen Sport but Having a Great Time at the Olympics'! Tour.
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    Hello, David -- welcome to Sherlock Forum! Every time I see a reference to Ronald Howard, I have to go look him up, because my first inclination is to think of Ron Howard (the child actor turned filmmaker), and that's clearly not who you're talking about. But I see that your Ronald Howard was a British actor (and the son of Leslie Howard, who played Ashley Wilkes in Gone With the Wind). Odd that I've never seen his Holmes series. I'll have to look into that!
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