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    Nope, it’s a grant so it doesn’t need to be re-paid.
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    Print update: HA! Today, out of the blue, I got a print delivered - and he's redone it with the proper colours! It's still slightly pixellated, which I expected since the scan is obviously not high enough res, but I can deal with that because it likely won't be obvious when up on the wall. The colours must have been obvious when he looked at this new print in comparison to the old one, but there's no letter or no email... I'm just glad it's sorted and so it's another thing up in the air I can stop stressing about!
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    Lessee, that's, uh … about 1.5 stories a year. Which is … huh. About the same rate as Sherlock episodes. Methinks Moftiss doth mimic their idol a little too closely....
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    Just give me a little advance notice, 'cause if you show up unannounced, you can't really expect much from me. Not that you could expect much anyhow. Maybe I'd better go get those shrubs dusted, just in case....
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    We'll share yak milk and watch slugs mate. It will be lovely.
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    Why, yes, now that you mention it. You'd almost think he'd written the stories, instead of Watson!
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    Who knows what they had in mind? (I'm starting to wonder if even they know.) No, I'm conjecturing about what really happened, in the SherlockVerse.
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    Here comes the cuddly army doctor who will break all your bones while naming them. And smiling.
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    I remember when I had to be in charge of a team in my old job and one girl was so incredibly stupid I don't know how she was still alive. I told her what to do step by step, and these were very simple food prep jobs, and she still screwed it up. Go and take over Sherrinford VBS, and I'll come and live in one of the other wings and we can ban idiots from visiting.
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    MY STUDENT FINANCE HAS BEEN APPROVED!! Oh thank god, it was never needed more! Such a weight off my shoulders. I wanted to check yesterday but couldn't handle another financial kick-in-the-teeth if it had been declined. YAAAAAAAAY!
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    I found something alarming and as a good fellow member I feel that I should give you a warning Carol. It is published in 1894, even before our precious year of 1895. But then, I'm as disappointed as this one Amazon's reviewer.
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    ... or maybe not. Maybe I'll just return to my shrub in Carol's garden.
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    Ah, the joys of home ownership. I've been going through some similar stuff lately. Living in a yurt is starting to look good to me.
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    May have been, originally. As John said, makes it easier possible to tell which one's Watson. The verbal description of Watson wasn't published till well after the illustrated Watson had already been established as mustachio'd. But isn't it an odd coincidence how much the gardener's description of Watson sounds like Doyle?
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    What they meant as recreating Doyle was that Holmes was using the last, state-of-the-art technology. That to the original readers the stories were very modern and not old-good-times nostalgic as we may see them. As for feelings - it might be a bit of both. It's too late now for more thoughts. And don't worry about sounding like Spock - I bet he was Mycrofts hero and spirit animal.
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    I didn't mean the feelings, but the out-of-control reactions. Ironically, it can be because the "blurry" way of storytelling. It gives enough space for the viewer to put his own interpretations in between the lines. I don't say everybody should. But I do understand it, because - believe it or not - I also was in a similar place in my early twenties. I know how far you can fall into the rabbit hole, if you only have enough feedback/validation from the outside. For me one person was enough. It's a bit like falling in love - your emotions take over and the only thing your reason can do, is watch it from the corner and worry. I cannot guarantee that I hadn't done something super-cringeworthy, if I had the means I have today.
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    Oh I must use this opportunity to tell you my swan story! One time we were on holiday in Scarborough, where my parents retired to. Some of my husband's friends came over from Manchester, to meet us there for the day. We took the kids to the famous Peasholm Park. We were all sitting by the lake, eating our packed lunches. The mother of the other kid pointed at a sign on the bridge, over the lake. The sign read: Swans are not allowed to pass beyond the bridge. Noting all of the swans, swimming on the lake, the lady asked me(very puzzled): but how do the swans know? I could hardly tell her for laughing, that the sign referred to the SWAN BOATS and not to the water birds!
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    I have some used rubber bands I could donate. Maybe they could be melted down to make a nose?
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    Oddly enough, they appear to be a browser function, not a forum option the way it was with the old software. It's just the regular three vertical dots, where you get options like New Tab. I would never have thought to look there if Martina hadn't told me about it. Well, there's been a donation box in the forum lounge for a week now, but all we've collected so far is three bottle caps and a couple of candy wrappers.
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    You can, if you prefer, get a phone to show the desktop version btw. Click on the three dots at the top right, scroll down a bit, set the checkmark. Of course this makes things very small probably, but there's always a price.
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    For the past ten days, VBS has made an average of three posts per day, leaving her only 53 posts from the magic 5,000. At this rate, she'll get there in only 18 more days, or the 30th of this month. Go, VBS!!! For those of you on phones, who can't see the new ranks on people's posts, so far we have the following: Arcadia Camper me Eligible but nothing chosen yet: J.P. Pseud T.o.b.y ... and VBS coming up fast on the inside!
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    Tim has been trying to reproduce some of the problems reported here, but with little success. He does have one suggestion:
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    You just look at him in Starter and think there's no way that guy will ever be fanciable.
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