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    When your family or friends force you to smile for picture.
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    Ha, brilliant! Well done VBS! Ha, I bet the looks on their faces when they read that letter was priceless... horror, panic... will it be easy to get another job where you live or will you have to move?
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    The FallBatch mutual man-crush is always fun to see. These two big goofs genuinely like each other. Both really enjoy talking (a lot) and laughing (a lot), which means that they both chose professions well-suited to their wiring. I'm at work now and am watching this with the sound turned off. It's even funnier that way. Just watching their lips move showcases how very rapid-talker (with gestures) both are.
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    Kind of like this? Sneakily changing something you've agreed to is ridiculous! Start a scuba company, I'll come over and you can train me. God, Willem Defoe is hideous.
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    No it wouldn’t be easy. In fact, I’m legally not allowed to work for their competitors in the same country for the next two years. The other thing is they are the biggest and monopolize the industry here and have mass network of acquaintances internationally. However, it is not easy wherever I am, since the work is very niche and back then I moved here for that reason because there were not many options in previous place. I would have to move if I want to work in the same line. But I don’t plan to look for another similar job. It requires too much to move again, maybe I want to settle down and try something else that I have never done before. It won’t be easy at all, I don’t know what the future holds actually, but it’d be worth it to save my sanity. I was happy here for the first few years, I like what I do and still, but those other things tainted them so much that I foresee only stress and unhappiness ahead. HR is merely one of the problems although it’s my last straw. To give you guys example about the ridiculousness of HR situation; one year when we negotiated about my contract renewal, we reached agreement and it was all good eventhough it was super late (which is already my pet peeve) and they sent me a legal copy to sign. As a habit, I reread the pages of contract and found that they had changed a couple of clauses sneakily, that would result in very significant pay and benefit cut. The other year I had to agree that my salary would be in local currency (I was hired in another currency) because of new local law (which is true) and apparently something broke their ancient calculator because the final number is significantly lower than my previous contract (maybe they think I am really really suck at math). So those are two examples in case anyone has doubt and think that I exaggerate the situation or demanding too much. I hate paperwork and administrative stuff, negotiation and money talk, so all these BS are infuriating to me. The one that made me quit is a different amusing trick but they pulled the same thing before. But sorry to bore you all with all those! But anyway... FREEDOOOOMMMM.. I have this maniacal smile that is difficult to shake off. P.S Sorry folks, notice a lot of grammar errors everywhere in my posts.
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    Loooong time ago when I had blog, I disabled comments, there are options for that as well, although I'm not sure about now. I posted about neighbor's housewarming sometimes ago, that I desperately wanted to avoid (it actually kind of stressed me out XD). So I did what most sensible people do. Party at 12. We stayed away for the weekend (not really for this purpose ), and left the place at 3pm. It is 45 minutes ride home. To be really really sure that the party was really over by the time we reached, I went around town running errands eventhough it's not urgent at all with car full of luggages, my mom and dog for another two hours before heading home. Score! It was quiet as Diogenes Club by the time we were home. Their finished house looks like white cages, all white inclusive of natural stone facade they painted over) while mine looks like wild forbidden garden (I'd say it looks much better than theirs :P) But I passed their housewarming gifts to the housetaker, he is always outside taking care of stuffs every morning when I depart for work. At least I appreciate their effort trying to be hospitable. Since they seem arty farty and love neat and white feature I bought them two candle glass jars with nice subtle scents that I actually tempted to owe myself. They gifted me a nice mug back. Two days later a long blackout happened at night. Black out is not common at all and very rare occurrence, so most household is probably not equipped to deal with it. My narcissistic self of course thinks that I saved their lives with those candles.
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    Virtually all of the recent comments amount to multi-lingual spam (e.g., one in Vietnamese offering to place ads at a certain airport). But if you scroll most of the way down, there are some actual comments. Didn't take the time to read many of them, but they looked interesting -- people offering their experiences, etc. I've seen this happen on other blogs, especially ones that have been sitting around for a while. Which is why if I ever follow through with setting up my own blog, I will specify that I need to approve any comments before they go live.
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    Wanna hear sweet revenge story? Well, not actually pretty sweet... and not actually revenge... But BUT! It is something, at least for me. Don't worry, I remember what thread it is but I need at least five gifs to illustrate how I am feeling now. And a story. Goddammit I want to tell it. WARNING FRIGGING LONG STORY Maybe you guys familiar (or had too much ) of me ranting about my work. But those are mostly work problems, that are bound to be found everywhere. Although I mentioned it, I never got into details about how messed up our Human Resource is, and how long it had plagued me. But these couple of month was the worse example that happened to others but affected me indirectly, which is something like uhmm... say... a lid put on my coffin. But hey, I was not ready to give up yet, because I want to see the project that I started from scratch coming to the end, eventhough things haven't been ideal for a long time, I thought I would tough it up. But then... two days ago they tried to repeat their same old trick to me. So every year, when it's time to renew my contract, eventhough they are asking me to stay, they would somehow try to do something funny, I wouldn't go into details, except saying that it's very stupid and idiotic HR move, with lack of common sense (I had condemned it to their face in the past and even put a ultimatum, protest and fight against it). I had always had what I wanted, but I had always needed to struggle for it. Why would they do that if they could just give me on the first place and save all the troubles? Because I had never asked for anything unreasonable, unusual, it's just something common. My contract is up for renewal. Then... they do the same thing again. Since I have the lid already, consider this as rabid bullet nails to the coffin with permanent glue and industrial clippers to the good quality coffin unlike ..scoff.. the one that Eurus bought. I took a few minutes, feeling furious and sitting somewhere random (I was in the middle of supervising a field work) with fingers ready to fire back with another ultimatum, then it hit me. Why should I do this again? Do I want to? Do I need to? How many more time? Have they learned? Apparently not. And after years and time I tried to push it behind the back of my head, I don't want these bullshit anymore. Maybe I don't have to. You see, it's small thing actually. But collection of small things could be deadly when it reaches saturation. So I calmly finished what I did, went back to office and sort everything I have. It's six years worth of mountain of stuffs, and there are numerous original work of mine created by my own hand (something really precious in these digital time). In one day I had secured whatever necessary intelligent original properties that are belong to me (I will still handover finished digital products as required too, I am not thief), went home, discussed my intention with significant people. The day after I secured everything else, including my digital files that need whole day of copying (perfectly my right as long as they have the copy too), and at the end of the day throw in my resignation letter. Beside the HR, I keep all my bosses in the loop. You have to understand that they don't expect this at all, they expect me to negotiate, protest, to complain, to fight, like I used to. They expect me to get back on them in five minutes or couple of hours the latest like I used to. They expect me to always stay. But this time, I kept silent for two days, and ended it with polite thank you and a letter to all. I'm tired of playing your games, idiots. What happened next are very amusing to me. Half an hour riding home, when I checked phone again, I found that the HR and my direct boss (the one that I'm involved with the most) had frantically trying to get in touch with me. Decided to ignore them but remained active in the chat with others (it's Whataps, people know that you are active but choose not to reply them). It wasn't intentional, I just needed to keep in touch with others but don't feel like discussing the matter with them then. I replied my boss the next morning (which is yesterday) but repeating my intention (because I have no idea what to say) and he called me for a long time and tried to talk me out of it because he really need me especially in this coming months (duh), and he said it himself that it is difficult job (duh), big responsibility (duh), very niche (duh), he is sure he wouldn't be able to find my replacement that easily, if any. (duh) and even so, most likely they wouldn't be as good (well...). He admitted they were wrong to test the water with me, and he was not part of it but admitting knowing about it and didn't do anything about it. He pulled the pity card, and the card that I should see the works until the end, as this would be a complete things in my career that I could be proud of. He is right, but those things don't matter as much as my jaded disappointment anymore. Not even the prospect of losing good incomes. And lasting this long is already something I could feel proud of, borderline feeling like a moron because I manage to last this long. I need to explain another thing; for this couple of months, I had tried various method to improve the work situation and my colleague situation, I had tried to talk and be brutally honest with them about what they did wrong and how to improve on that, because those things affect me as well. And they know full well my role has always been critical and this upcoming months would be the most time they would need me. But I believe they thought I would always be here. I have foresee that those unsolved problem would lead to exodus and I'm not going to be the one who pick it up for them, as I had done that before. But do they listeeeennnn? He insisted on me taking another consideration and not to answer it yet (if it's not preferable) and will talk to me on Sunday when we'd have a meeting in person. But I gave it only a night and replied with same answer this morning. He still insisted that I reconsidered back and forth, so I had to say I already have another plan. That is not end of the story. So starting yesterday, I have let my colleagues know in order to smooth our works before I go because I am not a irresponsible jerks. They were all surprised and guess what, all of them were indeed one two steps away from leaving (some had let me know their intention, for others I could foresee it but it's confirmed now) as this is nail in their coffin too. So it's going to a be mass exodus and the only person left would be a yes man who are supposed to manage us but incapable and imbecile (but unknown since we were all did our parts properly so his asses is covered, so they will be up for nice shocks). It is actually sweet that they seemed pretty sad, especially the ones that I've only known for months. I will still serve the company well until my end of contract in January professionally, with same commitment as ever. But not beyond that. So that is my story. I may be jumping to the unknown, I may be an ungrateful idiots, I may be throwing my bowls. Unknown difficulties in the future. I might swear off working for others but I have no idea where would I go. But its' not that I haven't done this before. In fact, this is not the second as well. At least I know one thing that regardless what happens, anytime I make a decision, I'd never let myself regret it, ever. And the satisfaction of seeing how they unexpectedly getting a slap back is priceless, after all these time and what they had done, they deserve worse than this tbh. It would be interesting to see how they will cope after all of us, the ones who are actually do real stuffs, leave. They won't die, it's for sure. Everyone is replaceable, but not without a price to pay and I'm scrubbing my palm together in excitement. These are my gifs.
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    I didn't look at those... had the feeling they might be annoying. Was I right?
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    This is all so true. 6 Illustrations That Show What It’s Like In An Introvert’s Head.
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    I have not resided at home for nearly 30 years, but my 81-year-old mother still makes me an Easter basket (my original Easter basket from when I was 2 years old is still in great condition despite being a near-antique now). I still get an Easter basket because I am not married, according to her. I think I am the only one of the kids to get a birthday check as well. She gets all of us a Christmas present every year, but I get these extras because she feels sorry for me.
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    All my days are long. But particularly exhausting at the moment because I'm dealing with the Christmas rush in the day, then coming home and studying, then trying to think of ideas for a project I'm volunteering for. Then if I'm lucky I might get to eat and sleep before starting all over again. Thank god it's nearly the weekend and I can try to catch up a bit.
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