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    It occurred to me reading the chat on other threads, that it would be really cool if Moriarty and Eurus first met as children (perhaps in a therapist's office) and began to plot Sherlock's demise together at that time. It's sort of like childhood sweethearts gone wrong.
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    Wah, am I too late to join the party?!? Where's the cake? Happy Birthday!
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    Happy belated birthday!
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    I think Eurus escaping Sherrinford is supposed to be a relatively recent development. And I think we should probably move this whole discussion to the TFP thread; we just got a new member that's only seen S1 so far! Alas, I don't have time at the moment....
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    I confess I didn't sit through all of this. I bailed after the 10th occurrence of 'Clippercraft Suits'. I am not a BSI or anything, but to the best of my recollection, having been through the entire Canon in the last year or so is that there is no client of this description that appears in an original Conan Doyle story. The one Noffin is searching for may exist as a 'Sherlock' pastiche, but no Casebook story is coming to mind with a valet. The 60 original stories are (sadly) pretty finite . . the stock of potential pastiches that *could* feature a butler using silver polish are, if not infinite, a whole lot more so than what Sir Arthur left us. I will ask David Marcum, Chief American Curator of extra-Canonical Holmes Adventures, but the chances of him getting back to me before Noffin has to get the dissertation turned in are pretty slim!
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    Dull can be a relief sometimes. Enjoy your nice restful birthday!
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    And that's after they've attempted to claw your face off and you've been carted away in an ambulance. The pools of blood have been carefully cropped out of that photo.
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    Courtesy of my daughter's best pal, I am currently the owner of a spare DVD of BBC Sherlock S1 and S2. As I already have them, these are on free offer to anybody who would like them- on a first come, first served basis. I am initially posting on Facebook, Twitter and my two Sherlock forums.
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