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    Well, I think it would have definitely helped if the Moriarty / Eurus connection had been hinted at a bit more early on in the series. Personally, I would have preferred no Eurus at all and Moriarty to just remain Big Bad until the end, but... oh well.
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    Alex goes to India on business now and then. Thanks for the warning, I'll let him know. Wonder what their carpets are made of? Added: According to numerous websites (including this one), the Hindi script actually should have been translated as "Eating on the floor is strictly prohibited," presumably to help keep it clean.
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    It occurred to me reading the chat on other threads, that it would be really cool if Moriarty and Eurus first met as children (perhaps in a therapist's office) and began to plot Sherlock's demise together at that time. It's sort of like childhood sweethearts gone wrong.
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    I never noticed before that resign could also be read as re-sign -- which could have the opposite meaning, to sign up again. And I agree with Arcadia. Plus in my experience, thinking of ways to put something off can eventually add up to more trouble than just doing it.
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    I've gotten a crick in my neck from trying to compare the two lists, so here they are side by side (only four items differ, marked below by *): American . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . British *I Love Lucy ([something]). . . Sherlock (apparently, followed by some other notation) Moon Landing . . . . . . . . . . . . Moon Landing *Berlin Wall (Up & Down) . . . . The Beatles *Steve Jobs (Apple) . . . . . . . . World Cup Final (1966) *Disco . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sean Connery Thai Food . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . That Food Star Wars / Trek . . . . . . . . . Star Wars / Trek Nirvana (Band) . . . . . . . . . . Nirvana (Band) Rocky (Rocky II ?) . . . . . . . . Rocky (Rocky II ?) Troubleman (Soundtrack) . Troubleman (Soundtrack)
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    Not to parrot your own advice back at you, but … oh, why the heck not...."But it is nice of you to pretend, because that means your mom team's happiness is important to you, and you didn't act selfishly. It's not fun or easy, but think of it as you being better." 😛
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    I think your definition of cool and mine are a bit different... Carol, thanks for moving the discussion, I've been in a bit of a time jam lately....
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    Somehow I missed a couple of last posts. There is a glitch in the matrix!! Anyway, haven't watched Captain America Winter Soldier, but found this small little fun fact. He has a list of thing to do/to learn, and apparently watching Sherlock is on top of his list! Welllll, at least in British version Below is the original version:
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    Party with all cats and no cake. You guys certainly know how to be dull!!! I used to ask myself the same question then was convinced (a little unsuccessfully but I would still do the same) that the easy one would eat my brain alive and crush my soul and I would die long boringgggggg insufferable death. (not quite but something like cat only party with no cake :p ) There. Enjoy your challenge.
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    Sea slug is one of my favorite for underwater photography. They are colorful, unique and most don't move as fast. And they have fascinating beautiful looking egg ribbons. Anyway, not sure I understand cats anymore. And..another magic trick!!!!
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    Further discussion of "the Christmas visit" has been moved to the "Final Problem" thread, beginning with the December 30 (2018) posts.
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    I will take my next thought on this over to TFP in case anyone wants to chat more about the above.
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    It seems to have disappeared. Last I saw, Mycroft was with it.
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    I think Eurus escaping Sherrinford is supposed to be a relatively recent development. And I think we should probably move this whole discussion to the TFP thread; we just got a new member that's only seen S1 so far! Alas, I don't have time at the moment....
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    Cat party reality:
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    Having a pet certainly helps in lots of ways, doesn't it. I had a near-perfect day. After a really crazy week at work (all hell broke loose once we reopened after the holidays), my two oldest friends came to visit and we went to a place where you can paint crockery, then have it glazed and hardened there and pick it up a few days later. We had a blast, it was like being kids again, sitting around a table with paint brushes and chatting. They even serve hot beverages in there. Old friends are the best. I love not having to explain myself all the time. They just know.
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    It's new to me! Adorable... (I miss having a cat … *sigh*) This is a sea sheep. It's a type of sea slug, very small. According to Bing: "It grazes on algae just as a sheep grazes on grass ... Sea sheep don’t digest the chloroplasts in the algae they eat—instead, they absorb the energy-producing cells. As a result, the leaf-like fins all over the sea sheep’s back are loaded with working chloroplasts, making the sea sheep one of the only non-plant life forms on Earth with the ability to photosynthesize—that is, produce its own energy using sunlight and water." (Link.)
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    Well, for one thing, they weren't rating Mary against all other Sherlock characters, she was up against other female British television characters. And for another, I have a strong suspicion that the "die, b*tch, die" crowd is the usual vocal minority that gets everyone's attention. I think Mary was a good character, or perhaps more accurately, she was *two* good characters. I do wish they had let her make good her escape. (That was so damned male-chauvinistic of John and Sherlock, assuming that she couldn't possible be safe without their help -- and meanwhile Sherlock blabs her current identity and general whereabouts to a man who wants to kill her.) That article linked to another, which had this quote from Steven Moffat:
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    I was surprised too (not Molly?) but who knows who was actually doing the voting. But whenever I see something like that, I always remember reading this somewhere; someone referred to the opinions seen on Tumbler, and Moffat replied something like "Eh, Tumblr is not the fandom." And I suspect he is right. I also remember something that was said here on the forum (by Caya, I think, or maybe Toby?) ... a fandom seems a lot bigger from the inside than it appears from the outside. In other words, we the hardcore fans may think we're a huge bloc of like-minded believers, but the reality is, there's not that many of us compared to the population as a whole. Most people who like the show think very little about it, I suspect. They'll watch it once with half their attention, enjoy whatever they get out of it, and move on. So maybe amongst those kind of viewers, Mary made a more positive impression? Who knows.
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    A direct quote from this article says: "And, to little surprise, Amanda Abbington's super spy Mary Morstan came in first in the poll." (The poll was international.) Um . . *I* at least will cop to being surprised. Very. Anybody else? My feelings about Mary are complicated. When she was introduced as a (seemingly) fresh, charming, benign companion for our bereaved Dr. Watson, I was like, "Aww . . they are so cute." Mary Morstan is, after all, the love of JHW's life. Despite another (or a couple other) wives and the passage of time, since 1888 it has always, ever, been Mary for John. Knowing that Amanda was Martin's real-life domestic partner was just icing on the cake . . but that relationship hit all the right notes . .at first. Mary was the ideal wife: Kind, competent, cute . . and a man's woman in the best possible way, ie. actively encouraging her hubby to retain his relationship and all his doings with his best mate. Then came the revelations about Cold-Blooded Ninja Assassin Mary . . who coolly put a bullet into her husband's best friend and then threatened him while he was in the hospital, and the good feelings about Mary curdled more than a bit. For which I absolutely do not blame Amanda Abbington. Mary could have been both more . .and less . . than she was as devised by Mofftiss. For a supporting character who her creators underused and then preceded to kill off after just six appearances (counting TAB and The Return of Ghost Mary in TDD) . . Mary has triumphed in this poll. Only, on my side of the Pond, I feel the reception was quite a bit less enthusiastic. Various fan boards and YouTube commentators et. al didn't mince words. "Die, *itch, die!" and "I hate Mary" were common sentiments. Even before she shot Sherlock, there was a rabid anti-Mary backlash. Like Yoko Ono, she was hated for breaking up one of the world's enduring creative partnerships. Even friendly, good, benign Mary was a presence that interfered with the 221B bromance and a lot of the viewers that I heard from despised her for it. I suppose the original Mary Morstan had her detractors as well. Even if you love Mary and her influence in John's life . . . after Watson decamped Baker Street for marriage, the dynamic duo was never quite the same or quite as good as they were in the first part of their association, pre-Mary. Like Irene, Mary is a polarizing figure; people seem to love her or hate her. The respondents of the Digital Spy poll overwhelmingly love her. I didn't realize that she had so many fans.
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    So awhile ago I posted on this forum that my mom met someone and how it made me feel lonely, ignored and neglected. They are now married and the whole day I spent in agony, not because I had to socialise with a lot of people I didn't know, but because I had to pretend I was happy and supportive which I wasn't.
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