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    Hello all, i have three more adaptions found. First, is "The stockbrokers clerk", adapted in the 'Miss Sherlock' episode "lily of the valley", second is "The Blanched Soldier" adapted as the B plot in the 'Elementary' episode "Corpse De Ballet", Third and finally 'The Field Bazaar' adapted at the beginning of the 1932 film "The sign of Four' (though in this case its about the shooting of a tiger rather than a fund raising request by watson's alumni.
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    In case you were unaware, the Royal Mint is issuing a new 50p coin for Sherlock Holmes anniversary. https://www.royalmint.com/discover/uk-coins/2019-annual-sets/sherlock-holmes I think it should have been a pound coin, or better still a tenner.
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    Well I guess you can't please everyone. At the end of the day, you have to write the show you want to...the fans make it up for themselves, anyway! 😬 I am totally on board with Mark and Steven's project.
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