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    Maybe your electrician was British? (I'm pretty sure that up=off is the standard in the UK.)
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    'The Kid Who Would Be King'. I had virtually zero interest in this movie (although I enjoy Arthurian legend), but my dad really wanted to see it. It's a kids' movie for sure, very simplistic, but it was cute. And it had some nice traditional messages about honor and nobility of character that I don't see in movies much these days. A nice way to spend a foggy afternoon.
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    I had a boss who constantly critiqued my hair style. I honestly couldn't see what business it was of hers, but I finally got a perm just to shut her up. Gradually let it grow back out and she never even seemed to notice. People are weird.
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    It's no better being a skinny kid! I was constantly being told (mostly by my father) that I needed to gain weight, but since (as a typical kid) I was already eating just about all the time, I didn't see what I could do about it. Then when I was in my twenties, my husband and (of all people) my boss chimed in. So I finally did my damnedest to put on weight, stuffing myself at every meal -- which eventually gave me stomach cramps, so that I couldn't eat at all for a couple of weeks, and ended up losing ten pounds. After that, I simply stopped worrying about my weight. So there.
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    That really really deserves this.
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    That's odd. It happens every February 2nd over here.
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