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    I’m wondering if it was one of a series of 5 books by Michael Kurland which have Moriarty as a more benign criminal mastermind who only commits crime to finance his scientific research. He helps people too and even saves Holmes life. Holmes is a bit rigid in these books though. To him a criminal is a criminal and Moriarty should be behind bars. Kurland wrote 5 books and I loved them and wish that he’d write another. I don’t know if these titles ring any bells? Who Thinks Evil The Infernal Device The Great Game The Empress Of India Death By Gaslight I highly recommend these books. Never thought I’d find myself cheering Moriarty on😃
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    I recently saw a Tweet that I think summed it up quite well:
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    Different personalities, true. But you didn't misinterpret. When I was in junior high, our home ec class offered subscriptions to a magazine for teen girls. (Or maybe it was handed out free? In either case, I'd love to know who was behind it.) I distinctly recall one item in their advice column, which recommended that girls not "act too smart" because then "boys won't like you" -- and that wasn't just something the other girls said in the restroom, it was in a publication actively sanctioned by the school. Even at that tender age, I thought that was a load of manure. I was pretty conventional in most of my attitudes regarding boys, though, I just wasn't about to play dumb, because that would have amounted to lying. I never have had much sympathy for the "fragile male ego," I guess.
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    That’s the newer version. It was ok but I thought Watson stole the show. Sadly the actor that played Watson is now dead. He was found lying in his apartment with a head wound. The 1980’s one is certainly worth watching with Vasili Livanov as Holmes. Vitally Solomin who played Watson died of a stroke at 60. It’s not lucky to play Watson in a Russian Holmes series. Livanov is still going strong at 83. Probably the oldest living Holmes actor.
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    Yes, Carol; I agree! How ridiculous: telling you to not act too smart because boys won't like you!!!! It's that sort of nonsense that's made men worse with their interactions with women!!
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    I remember my brother (rather plaintively, I thought) asking me a similar question once. Something along the lines of "do all women think all men are predators?" I told him yes, but my brothers were the exception. I meant it as a joke, but I've often thought about his question, as he clearly felt … hurt? Uncomfortable about it, at any rate. I felt bad for him. On the other hand, if a lady's not interested, she should have a right to say no without fearing any ill consequences, and that includes feeling responsible for hurting the guy's feelings. (And all of this applies in reverse, by the way...) At any rate, I choose to believe that most things negative seem to be more prevalent than they actually are, simply because they're reported on more. Good news is ordinary and every day, bad news is the exception that needs to be reported. May not be true, but I'm happier thinking that way. And girls should be taught to stand up for themselves. I wasn't; I grew up in an era when most of the social cues were to be pliant and submissive. Or that's how I interpreted them, at least. There's women my age who don't take s**t from anybody. Different personalities. *sigh* Why can't being human be simple?
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    "The interviewer and all of us:" [Link] Hard to know what's the real lie: the trailer, or this...
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    "Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame | 'Stakes' Featurette" [Link]
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