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    As Caya said, the mobile number is only for two-factor authentication, as far I know. I've never had a problem with spam, either on my phone or in my inbox. Gmail's spam filter has been fine for me. That's what I did as well; but I tried to make another account a couple years back, and they wouldn't let me move forward without providing a mobile number. There was no option to skip or provide an alternate address instead, or anything. So I don't know if they're trying to enforce it now or what. ^ I didn't like those settings either so I turned them all off, which can be pretty easily done. Just find the 'Settings' wheel on the top right and take a look at what's there. I despise 'Conversation View', which is the new default on most email providers now. I want my emails chronologically. Anyway, once you disable any unwanted settings, you can have a very tidy and straight-forward inbox, if you're not into the bells and whistles. ^ Ditto. I also have my browser set to clear on closing. It makes me feel better.
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    Everything else I tried was flooded with spam, so I vote for gmail too ... and no, you don't have to give them your cell number, because I haven't. You do, however, have to provide them with an alternate ... something ... for the reasons Caya said (and somewhere I think they explain that.) So I used my old email as the verification email, set up two gmail accounts, deleted my old email, and used the two accounts as backup for each other. I've never gotten a single piece of spam. They do allow four advertising emails at a time, but tuck them away under secondary tabs so you don't have to even see them if you don't want to. However, some of my regular email goes to those tabs (Goodreads, for instance, goes into the "Social" tab, and ads from legit businesses that I deal with, like certain art galleries, go into the "promotions" tab) and sometimes I miss them because I forget to check those tabs. But the ads are always at the top where they're easy to skip. Also I find their method of accessing your contact list confusing, but I gradually figured it out. Also it remembers every address you've ever had any kind of contact with, whether it's in your address book or not, and that can get kind of confusing too. It's also saved the day a few times. I also have a client set up so the mail is delivered to my desktop, so I still have access to it even if I'm offline. It's a freebie Windows app, I find it pretty clunky and terribly slow at finding old emails. One of these days I'm going to check out Opera instead. In the meantime, I find I usually just read my mail online anymore ... the gmail interface is so much easier and faster. You do have to customize your settings, though ... the default is to bundle certain emails together, which I found terribly confusing. I like to see mine in chronological order. Fortunately, you can set it up that way ... once you figure out how. There's a lot more bells and whistles on that thing than I'll ever use............ but yeah, overall, gmail wins hands down over everything else I've tried.
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    My opinion on a matters of technology is the equivalent of getting tutoring on String Theory from a particularly unintelligent Amazonian Rainforest Tribesman. But..... for what it’s worth Carol I’ve never had a single issue with using gmail.
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    Gmail's spam filter was a bit overzealous to my emails at first. It never let a single genuine spam mail through, but there were a couple of legitimate business mails it falsely flagged as spam. However, it learned fast, and telling it a couple times that no, that's not spam, did the trick. As for the client, I hardly ever use the web version. I use an email client called The Bat! and I love it. Very smartly programmed, and it puts a little bat icon in the tray bar at the bottom right and whenever a mail comes in, the bat starts flapping its wings till I check. Word of warning, though, it's not free.
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    I think it's the new entertainment-speak.
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    Oh, I'm pretty sure it was the three women in the car with him who came up with that idea.
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    I've had a gmail account from almost the first day they started offering it. However, I don't stay logged in to google. I check my mail and log out. I also use the duckduckgo search engine that doesn't track anything.
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