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    Has it really been six months since we had an updated list of Martin Freeman's works-in-progress? (Though there's not much new to say, I'm afraid.) The Operative (spy movie): IMDb lists a French release date of 17 July 2019, but nothing further. I wonder if that might be another film festival? Breeders (comedy series): IMDb still lists it as in post-production. Ode to Joy (comedy movie): Has been shown at a film festival, but still no general release date. A Confession (6-episode police drama series): Now in post-production, announced for this year (on British ITV). A Christmas Carol ("a radical retelling," animation): IMDb still lists it as in post-production (though the page hasn't been updated since last October). I'm seeing a number of oddities on IMDb. For example, on some of the above productions, MF is listed only in "Full Cast" (i.e., not in the part that shows on the production's main page), below people playing such characters as "guard" and "receptionist," even though he's clearly one of the main players. And as noted, some of the pages haven't been updated for a long time (though that could pf course be because nothing new has been announced). I do realize that IMDb is user-maintained, but I seem to recall it working better in the past.
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    Part of the problem is that spellcheckers don't flag the use of the wrong homophone (i.e., a word that sounds like the one you should have used). Also, I tend to make that sort of mistake more often when I'm typing than when I'm writing (presumably because typing is a more "automatic" process -- I seem to have my own internal autocomplete). So if I don't happen to notice what my fingers have done, there it is, proof that I am illiterate! And yes, I most certainly DO know the difference! So please don't assume that people who post such errors don't know any better. It may simply mean that they didn't proofread before posting.
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    Who, me? Once when I was working in the art supply store, we had these pencils made out of twigs. (Useless to draw with, but kind of cute.) One day this lady comes in and asks "but how do they grow the lead inside the tree?" (To her credit, she was embarrassed when I explained it to her....) Why, thank you! Same here. But then, I'm also often amazed by the number of things people of all sorts DO know.
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    Yeah, but look at that tail twitch. An attack is imminent.
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    Wait … you can see codes? WE can't see codes! That's why … ahem … we can't fix it for you, with the new software we don't have any way of seeing the codes. Alas, the only way I've been able to fix problems like that is by starting over. It's a bit … annoying.
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    I would rather say, we have been living in a vaccinated society for too long - there is no clearly visible reason for doing it. If you lost a family member or a child to one of the diseases, you wouldn't ask twice. It seems to be a luxury problem.
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    This morning someone reminded me that I made a YouTube video once, and asked me if I was ever going to make any more. (Backstory: 6 years ago I was listening to the song "Sail" by AWOLNATION, and for no reason at all, a scene from "The Matrix" popped into my head and wouldn't go away. So I watched the scene while listening to the song, and it so happened that the pacing of the scene fit almost perfectly with the pacing of the music. I was so awed by this that I had to share it with people, so I quickly taught myself how to use a Windows media maker for the sole purpose of stringing the two together to upload on YouTube, lol.) Anyway, I had all but forgotten about it, until it was mentioned today. I went to YouTube to check on it, and it has 1100 views! Which is a teeny tiny amount of views on YouTube, especially considering it's spread over 6 years. But the fact that it has any more than 3 views is astounding to me, and I'm very proud of my little video, lol. Good job, my inspiration child!
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    "New Yorkers during Infinity War be like:" [Link]
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    It is, but it's not obligatory. Sometimes men uses the wife's name or both keep their own names. The marriage is a valid reason for the name change, so you don't have to beg for it. But I bet - if they would like to use a completely different name, it would be much more difficult.
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