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    I don’t know if anyone has heard of John Dickson Carr? He was an American writer who wrote a biography of Doyle. He was also a writer of classic era crime fiction specialising I guess in the classic locked room-type mysteries. In fact his story The Hollow Man was voted the best locked room mystery ever. He wrote 22 stories using his hero Sir Henry Merrivale (under the pen name Carter Dickson) and 23 stories starring his most famous creation Dr Gideon Fell. These were written between 1933 and 1967. Carr died in 1977. Id always meant to check out Carr’s stories (having only read his biography of Doyle and his famous collection of Holmes pastiches called The Exploits Of Sherlock Holmes, written with Adrian Conan Doyle) Last week I bought Carr’s first Gideon Fell book Hag’s Nook. Let’s just say that I’ll be looking for more. This isn’t a long book 150+ pages but the plot is great, it’s well written Imo, it’s certainly atmospheric and Fell is a great character. He’s a large chap that wears a cape, walks on two sticks and is writing his magnum opus about the history of English drinking habits. Like Nero Wolfe and Morse, Fell likes his beer. Ive also just listened to two Gideon Fell radio plays on YouTube starring English actor Donald Sinden as Fell. Definitely worth checking out. Definitely the kind of book for a wintry night and a glass of something medicinal.👍
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    No pics? Ah well, then, in celebration of the upcoming weekend, here's rare behind-the-scenes footage from TRF:
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    On my Apple bookstore I can download these for £4.99 or buy them online for around £7 which is pretty good for 2 discs. I haven’t bought them yet. (Yet!) I’ve been thinking of getting the full Canon read by Stephen Fry but I still haven’t got all of the Clive Morrison radio plays yet!! Sadly I’ve had to seriously put the breaks on my Holmes spending so that I can waste money on crap like food and bills! Life’s just not fair.😪
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