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    Not that I support that theory, but… they actually said they wrote it all and even based their writing on another fiction.
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    I think you mean this Arcadia.
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    Yup! And with any luck, Sherlock will soon recover his wits, and be back to normal (well, such as he ever was) for Series 5.
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    Okay, I've been mulling over this for a few days (by the way … hello and welcome, Sherlock the Otter! May I call you Otter? ) …. and I hate to be such a copycat, but I think I'd also have to go with the scene where John asks Sherlock to be his best man, for all the reasons both VBS and Toby mentioned. And its one of those times when John is warm-hearted and sweet, and shows how much he cares about his friend. And I agree also … if we're looking for monologues, the whole wedding speech is amazing; I almost picked that. Season 3 is my favorite also, yay! Finally, another one like me! Then I think I like S2 next, S1, and S4, alas, last … even though I do think TLD is probably one of my all time favorite episodes. I'm really not very good at ranking the episodes, I love different things about so many of them.
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    Why only cling to one interpretation of what was shown on screen, though? Sounds boo-ring to me. Besides, if the field of literary criticism was so narrow-minded it would have died out a long time ago. If there can be a dozen different interpretations of Hamlet, then why not of Sherlock, or indeed of Holmes at large? As there are, in fact, think of The Seven-Per-Cent Solution for instance (the book by Nicholas Meyer, I mean) and its Moriarty. And in the spirit of diversity, why not combine your theories and make everything after Reichenbach be Sherlock's dream, because he came down a bit faster than his hasty calculations' results suggested and hit too hard and now lies in a private hospital (organized by and his location and identity hidden by Mycroft, natch) with a concussion? Would certainly explain a thing or two about the later seasons.
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    That would also mean that Mrs. Hudson isn't a Maiden fan. I find that very disheartening.
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    Just think of it as creativity.
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    You know, that kinda makes sense. I mean, it would very neatly explain away a lot of those weird things that happened in S4. So, let me get this straight -- Sherlock is in a drug-induced stupor in some exclusive mental hospital. Mary is still alive and happy. John still has his normal hair. Mrs. Hudson may not own a sexy little red sports car after all. What else? Oh. right, there is no crazy sister (though we still don't know who "the other one" is/was). Redbeard is (or that is, was) still a dog. (Unfortunately Mary is still a retired sniper, but hey you can't have everything.) It does kinda ruin the whole point of the show, though, doesn't it -- if Sherlock isn't really solving crimes, I mean?
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    Oh, Artie, I'm so touched! (in the head) That "under" diagram describes me perfectly, so I'm sticking with it. Even though Caya's science is horrifying.... but eh, who believes in science these days.
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    Vacillating between Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis and I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness
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    I hung a new roll of toilet paper in my bathroom today and thought of you guys.
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    I've had U2's Hawkmoon stuck in my head for days. I don't mind, it's one of my all-time favorites.
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    A quick google search turned up this: https://www.cineplex.de/film/apocalypse-now-final-cut/364533/mannheim/ , which states that the show date is mid-July, so cinemas in your area might not have started ticket presales yet (ours usually only do about two weeks in advance).
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    My response to Carol was more about the word's meaning in real life rather than the genre. Outside the genre, "horror" can refer to many things not supernatural. Inside the genre, I don't personally think it has to be associated with something supernatural, but it usually is. I'm guilty of associating a movie with several different genres, and I've seen "Supernatural Thriller" as a genre too, so it seems there's a lot of leeway there. I suppose I might say that the horror genre is anything that was intended mainly to be "scary". (Whether it actually is scary is another matter; I don't get scared by "scary" movies.) Basically, if you can interchange "It's a horror movie" with "It's a scary movie," then it probably fits in the horror genre. So Schindler's List, to use one of your examples, definitely contains horrific subject matter, but I wouldn't say to someone "Want to watch a scary movie?" and then pop in Schindler's List, lol. The connotation of "scary movie" wouldn't imply something like Schindler's List as an option. It could, however, imply Saw or A Quiet Place. I haven't seen Hannibal so I don't know about that one, but if it's like Silence of the Lambs then I think it kind of blurs the line between horror and thriller. That's just my own personal gauge though, it's not rigid.
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    Actually, I'm still confused. So, those; disgust, fear, shock, grief.., would you say that it has to be associated with something supernatural? Because it seems like that's not what you guys are hinting at. But without it, to me it applies to so many other things that are wildly distributed in other genres. Let's do a couple of samples. Schindler's List, 12 Years of Slave, Hotel Rwanda, Hachiko, The Fault Is In Our Stars, Up etc. All these comes from variety of genres; biography, drama, history, family, comedy, animation, adventure, that I believe none of them listed as horror. But they have most of the things you have mentioned. So what makes them not horror? And when I look at movies like Hannibal and Saw, I'd categorize it as Mystery, Crime, Thriller. So are A Quiet Place (it has disgusting monster (or should Alien be differentiated from monsters? It seems racist to think that all aliens are monster , you see, like Sting, I'm also an alien in New York), so are movies like Signs. And Godzilla, literally monsters, earth dwellers are never categorized as horror. Our Hounds of Baskerville which is more of mystery but sometimes categorized as horror. Yah, you'd think after all those it whines seems like I'm going somewhere. But I don't. Maybe genre is just a technical (?) or practical categorization for almost everyone, I get that. Not to me. The mixture of horror, crime, mystery and thriller annoys me mainly because I really like the rest but I hate horror (in my definition, supernatural/ghostly elements). I also dislike the mixture of sci-fi and fantasy. I love sci-fi, but rarely interested in pure Fantasy, in fact I avoid them. I think it has to do with how I enjoy movies, I love to go in totally blind and blank, so misplacement of genre is like a trap or repellent for me if that makes sense.
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    I suggest you use axe.exe instead of husband.com to deal with her request. :p Anyway, as for my reason, no, not related to dog. I believe it's easier when you want to find the end of the toilet paper for some cases. If I remember correctly, it happened in a mall, you know, those huge closed dispenser they mounted on the wall. More often than not, the end of the t.p held on the roll. Since it's only accessible from below (for us), in this case, you'd need to stick your hand inside and try to roll them to get the end to come out so you can access it. Since it is mounted 'side ways', it could be over or under but I found out that you could roll forever when the position is over while it's much easier to get then when it's under. Good god, I can't believe I went technical over this. Can I count it as valuable use of time today?
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    Hi Sherlock The Otter, welcome to the forum. Nice avatar, you are very good looking! Me, sigh, I am just a shadow of my former self. Don't worry, if you had duplicate thread, the moderators would put you in straightjacket and throw you inside the padded room..., I meant, they would take care of it. No worries, the most punishment they could give is asking you for a shorter nickname. 😛 As for your questions, if I have to pick one, it's probably the one in Sherlock's kitchen. I love how amazed John was at Sherlock's cluelessness, even after all this time. I love how Sherlock kept not getting it and suggested that Lestrade should be the best man because he is a man and good at it. It's the root of their relationship really. It's nice, warm, weird, funny and tastes surprisingly good 😛 I think that is also one of the reasons of why there are so many of us feel connected to the character. Socially awkward, was mostly portrayed as weirdo, sidekick, villain traits, but with Sherlock, it is endearing, it's alright, it's okay. So yah, my answer. If you asked for monologue, I'd call dibs on best man speech.
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    Well science to the rescue then: https://www.inc.com/geoffrey-james/the-correct-way-to-hang-toilet-paper-according-to-.html
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    Sorry, but I'm all out of husbands.
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