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    Godzilla: king of monsters 6/10 I just want to say that normally I would never have watched this movie and only watched because my best friend kept pestering me to go with her and I made deal with her that I would watch this movie with her if she would watch the lion king with me, in that case both us get to see a movie neither of us really wanted to see. Anyway, the movie was pretty much what I expected: a bunch of giant monsters making a lot of property damage, military dudes thinking shooting at a 50 foot monster will somehow kill it and most of the main protagonists having plot armour. That being said it's better than I suspected and I liked the soundtrack. Aladdin 4/10 F*** YOU, DISNEY! This movie was so boring, joyless and absolutely lifeless. And here's why: unnecessary added lyrics that add nothing but pad the runtime, unnecessary added sexism, unnecessary added romance for Genie, unnecessary added answers to questions everyone figured out already such as what happened to Jasmine's mom and Aladdin's parents, I hated how Will Smith looked with incredibly dodgy blue CGI, I hated how Hakim briefly obeyed Jafar even though he served the sultan for much longer because the movie needed conflict or something, I hated how they made Iago act like a common parrot and took all of his sass from the original, I hated how they made Aladdin briefly a power hungry twat and I hated how they made Jafar a power hungry asshole and what I hated most of all was that Jasmine forgave Aladdin for lying by pretending someone he wasn't just so he could be rich. It has absolutely nothing of the charm of the original! The fan made movie Twisted made by Starkid is so much better than something a multi million dollar company made because it was a love letter to the original movie and Disney itself! The only good thing about the reboot was the added realism of Aladdin trying to act like a prince and failing horribly at it and the fact that you just can't claim you're from a place nobody heard of and can't find on a map without anybody figuring out you're a fraud.
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    See what poor Toby and I have to deal with?
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    I’ve just listened to The Hollow Man and it’s totally unconnected. Sad as I am I still got a Holmes connection. Apart from the Donald Sinden version of Gideon Fell there was another radio play starring Norman Shelley as Fell. Norman Shelley played Watson on the radio for years to Carlton Hobbs’ Holmes. ok so the chances of that ever being a useful piece of knowledge in a quiz is fairly minimal but you never know.😃
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    This sums up my problem with English (and German) classes in school. I love reading and writing but I hated the kind of reading and writing you are forced to do there.
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    At first I wanted to choose the scene in His Last Vow where Sherlock wills himself back to life. That whole mind palace sequence after he has been shot is great, imo. But even though John is mentioned there, he isn't really present, so I figured that didn't count.
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    It does a little bit to me, but that's neither here nor there. I agree that "winged red" is clear enough, but J.P. asked about "proper" succession, so I was just answering what I thought was the more grammatically correct way rather than the clearest way. (I’ll spare you all my thoughts on modifiers and cumulative vs. coordinate adjectives, lol.) For myself, I’d probably rephrase the sentence to say “red origami bulls with wings”, or else I’d add a comma for clarity and say “red, winged origami bulls”.
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    It should, yes, but I think it would be easy to misunderstand. For example, people might read it quickly and not notice there was no hyphen, or might not even know that a hyphen would change the meaning -- or might assume that *you* don't know the difference. But I haven't yet thought of any way to misunderstand "winged red origami bulls." And it doesn't sound awkward to me. So if I were writing a story about J.P.'s dream, I'd phrase it that way.
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    This is what I hated about literary analysis. I have "author brain" and tend to take things at face value unless given an obvious indication to do otherwise, whereas my English teachers wanted me to see hidden meaning in eeeeverything. Sorry but no.
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    Because I love it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    I think the "fix-it fic" is a perfectly good art form (e.g., "The Seven-Percent Solution"), just as long as the author doesn't claim that it's The Truth and the original was a lie. To clarify: I don't at all mind the *characters* within the fix-it saying (as I believe Watson does in Seven Percent) that the original was a cover-up, and here's what really happened. But when the *author* says that in deadly earnest -- well, there's sometimes a pretty fine line between "playing the game" and mania.
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    I usually have the problem with what people think they mean, when we can of course ask them! But then when they do say, people don't believe them. Or if they do believe them, they then say they ruined(their own show), or didn't write it aswell as they would have done. Instead of just saying, oh i see I got it wrong. Well this isn't what I wanted after all, I'll move on.
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    I feel this picture is appropriate considering this discussion.
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    Why this is my thread? I don't even hang my toilet paper on the wall, it stands on a shelf!
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