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    Me too! Mostly I like the taste of them being made into dishes, especially soup. And they are always packed and put in refrigerator/chiller area here. Not too worry. Once in a while I'd throw something to keep us in topic. And psst.. the moderators are guilty too! Mostly! Psst!
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    Don't be too sure about that last part. When I was a toddler, my bachelor uncle would babysit for me. At first he was bewildered about how to entertain me, but my parents told him I enjoyed being read to. He didn't care to read my kiddy books, though, so he read me Treasure Island (for the same reason your SiL read The Hobbit). And I swear that when I saw the book adapted on television many years later, the plot was familiar. I suppose there are other possible explanations, but I do believe that little kids often understand/remember a lot more than adults think they do.
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    Not at all. Five of us, each of us cost around 20-50 bucks. That is the price range from direct and staying overnight. But I won't tell you where and how . Does anyone know video hosting that doesn't require signing up? I do have some video of it taken from phone. Yup, lakes can be yucky, I had bad experiences well which doubled my fear of fish back then, but there are gorgeous lakes that I enjoyed swimming in a lot. Anyway, there are a lot of parents out there who really know what they are doing and it's great to see actually adorable kids, too bad they are many more who ruin the family group reputation in general, especially those who don't bother to discipline their kids. What I want to say is, although I'm not one, I know full well how hard it is to be good parents. So if you are one, don't worry about grumpy non-parents, we are mostly scared away by others, and some event scars for life, like you, that one kid, you know who you are, who ran and scream like caveman (sorry caveman) in subway and almost knocked me down when I was in torturous pain from toothache that made my face swollen like a balloon. I guess that was the point of never return , I have never looked at those little human without suspicion that you would not ruin my day until proven otherwise ever again.
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    Waiting two years to get the resolution of Reichenbach -- and then getting Empty Hearse -- would have cured you of that expectation. (I'm not laughing at you, it just sounds so familiar!)
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    Yeah, there's nothing quite like being there, especially when you're close enough to feel the "booms" reverberate in your chest. That's actually a pretty decent video, Artemis. I tried getting a few shots one year, but they were too blurred to get much out of them … and same, I found I enjoyed the fireworks more just watching them. But I try to remember to take my camera everywhere; you never know when your going to get the perfect reference photo for your next painting!
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    I used to wonder why parents took babies to movies, especially loud action movies, where the baby would inevitably start crying. Then I spoke to one young mother, who said she was just desperate to do something besides stay home and take care of the kid … and either couldn't afford or couldn't find a babysitter. And she wanted to see a movie SHE would enjoy, because the kid wasn't going to care either way. It still annoys me when a baby starts crying in a theater, but it's now tempered with a little sympathy for the parent. Although it seems to happen less than it used to … maybe they're more willing to wait until the video comes out, these days.
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    I can actually answer that because my sis-in-law did something I consider similar; she read The Hobbit to her kids when they were wayyyyyy too young to get anything out of it. Why? Because SHE enjoyed it. That's all. At least it didn't cost the family a lot of money.
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    ^ Ditto. About 10 years ago I was really into photography, but after a few years I came to the same conclusion. Since then I don't bring my camera along to most things, especially when I know that whatever I captured wouldn't match up to what I saw anyway. I just watch and enjoy. Speaking of fireworks videos, have the last one I took, in the spirit of the holiday, lol.
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    Well, just to play devil's advocate a bit, John was writing on his blog, and that would change a person's voice slightly because he would know people were reading his post. He may feel like exposing normal things makes the pair of them more relatable, just like he told Sherlock that hearing about the cases he doesn't solve makes him seem human. I kind of think that John and Sarah broke up because John kept answering calls and texts from Sherlock at "inopportune" moments, and the stress of that plus the stress of traveling together did them in. That also could account for John's seemingly out of character self-assessment of his life with Sherlock not working with LT relationships: he could have seen himself basically jump every time Sherlock texted wanting John to pick something up to bring home or wanting John to listen to him blather about a case because the Skull wasn't working for him or wanting John to help him find something that's actually in the flat and not with John on vacation. And one day, after a million texts that interrupted long walks on the beach and shopping in the quaint little town and having a romantic lunch, John and Sarah go back to the hotel room. Sarah's at her wits' end with Sherlock's interruptions, but John calms her down and makes his "Three Continents" move on her. Just then, a text comes in from Sherlock wanting John to mix toothpaste and contact solution and put it in his ear to see if a normal person would develop a rash consistent with one that Sherlock has found on a victim's body, and John breaks away from an embrace with Sarah and actually goes and does it. And that's Sarah's last straw, leading to John sitting alone in the hotel room updating his blog. At least, that's my story and I'm sticking with it.
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    Did the boat trip cost like $3000 though? It's not the activity I don't understand, it's the cost of the activity. For me the cost of a trip to Disney World would only be worth it if I were bringing family members old enough to enjoy it. To me it seems an extravagant vacation for just a couple and a baby, but I guess that's just my weirdo upbringing. I still don't think it's cute when I see people posting videos of their baby meeting the Disney characters and whatnot, as if the baby even knows what's happening. (I don't find babies cute in general though, so there's that.) I didn't have a pool available, but I swam in the lakes a handful of times. It was fun, until it started to feel gross. The weeds squished between my toes, and there was muck and fish poop in the water. One time I kept being followed by a floating pile of human poop. No matter where or how far I swam, I couldn't escape it. That was the last time I swam in a lake, lol.
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    Count me as one who enjoys kids activities. That, I can understand. In fact, I had just brought my dog on a boat trip for dolphin watching and I don't think he understands it. I think the main thing that annoys me of people spending and showing off is when they do it on the expense of another party, literally and figuratively, and the genuineness is lost because I don't think they themselves enjoy it much, the main goal is just that: something to brag in social media, therefore my example of lavish wedding and kid party, when I know that the parent and the husband suffer. One of these days I'll share my 'observation' of someone in the family about weird life of people who are obsessed with social media and how fake it is, but I guess you guys know someone like that too. My first Disney trip I was mid thirty , I think my childhood leisure was public swimming pool we went to once in a while, but no regret though, we have awesome fantasy world. I can't say I feel the same when a baby starts to cry in theatre, but mostly the one that annoys me too much are not that, since I hardly see any babies, but mostly kids who run around disturbing other patrons while the parents do nothing, and they are watching movies that are certainly not in their age group, with significant amount of violence or not appropriate content. Well, we can say that nowadays they get those anyway from internet, but mostly it's the heck care my kids are adorable they can do anything they want in public place attitude that I can't stand. But not only kids though, a lot of adults are annoying as well.
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    Not on my machine it ain't! I get Pennsylvania on both of them. Weird, weird, weird. Identical videos, but I see the link is different. Bizarre.
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