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    Yes. Cummings is the guy. I think WMDs are an official term for chemical, nuclear and biological weapons. "to cause maximum harm to the maximum number of people in the shortest time possible" would also apply to flintlocks and muskets, or even to a bow and arrows in the times they were invented. Just saying. Plus: the number of people coming together in a mall, or a railway station, or even on a street in a big city today, in the times of the Founding Fathers were only a case when two armies stood on a battlefield.
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    I've given this matter some thought today, and I think we basically agree, assuming you're not literally talking about flintlocks and muskets. I would say that the modern equivalents are pistols, shotguns, and rifles, including semi-automatics. (I also assume you're using the term WMD figuratively here. I don't think anyone is using the Second Amendment to justify private ownership of things that even governments are discouraged from possessing.)
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    Funny article, and I basically agree. In this case, I'm glad to see that the reboot is intended for a streaming service. So, I would have to go seriously out of my way in order to see it. Yay!
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    Just dawned one me, I could maybe put this here... Yesterday I went to hear the wonderful Ian McKellen, make a presentation at the Dundee Repertory Theatre. He was hilarious, but the one funny story he told relevant to here, was this: He was saying how he gets totally fed up with nobody being able to spell his name correctly. He said it got so bad, at one time he actually thought of changing his name. He said at the time he was working with Timothy Carlton, his wife Wanda had just given birth to their son. Anyhow, Timothy said this to Ian : "I know what you mean. Would you believe that my real surname is 'Cumberbatch'? I mean, can you ever imagine any actor having a successful career with a name like that!" It did get a laugh. Although naturally, I worked out the punchline before others!
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    "'Home Alone,' like everything else these days, is getting a reboot." Somebody please make it stop. 😩
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