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    Nope. The only way I can see the "gold" color as a dark color is to squint so much that everything looks dark. And even then it doesn't look black or dark brown, just medium-gray. I do have the brightness turned up high on my monitor, so that might be a factor. But didn't one of those articles say they took that into account somehow? Not unless they're next to each other. Law of contrasts. That's a good point. For example, I know my beginning art students really struggle with drawing in perspective … because the brain is so good at interpreting what the eyes see, they have trouble seeing what the eyes actually see. In other words, if they look at a scene like this: they have a tendency to draw something like this: because their brain (quite accurately) understands that roof and the floor, which photograph as "slanted" perspective lines, are actually parallel to each other. (Can't blame them; I'm getting confused just trying to describe the phenomenon.) So they draw what they know, instead of what they see. My illustration is a bit extreme, but hopefully you see my point. I'm sure other factors are involved as well, but it's interesting how consistently "newbies" struggle with it. I was trained to draw in perspective, and I use it often, so it now comes rather naturally to me; because I "know" the slanted lines are actually "correct." (Huh? )
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    Well, the opinions vary… BTW, agents also wanted Viggo Mortensen to change his name.
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    I'm learning what kind of work you do at a factory. As for your second question, I go back to work and then I wait for my job coach to call me to discuss my further options. they told me it going to be paid, turns out it wasn't. You can imagine my disappointment and anger when I found out, tomorrow I'm going to complain to my boss and job coach. I'm not going to let this pass, it was three weeks! Three weeks I worked for free at a place I didn't like and where my work was boring!!! You know what they say: hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
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    While it's still the 8th in London, here's a very-happy-birthday wish for Mr. Martin Freeman! ... and many more!
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    Well, you have to differentiate between seeing and interpretation of what you see. The question was not "what colors do you see?" but "what color is this dress?" First is about seeing, second is about an interpretation. I see light blue and brownish. But by the overexposed background, the picture suggests, it was taken on a bright sunny day and the dress is in a shadow. Because of my experience with photography, I know that on sunny days shadows are always bluish and usually make white appear as blue, I interpret it as white and some kind of brown (grey minus blue will give you brown as I showed with my experiment with the pic from Amazon) Here is another explanation https://freethoughtblogs.com/pharyngula/2015/02/27/if-it-isnt-llamas-its-dresses/ This is by the way, what your brain makes all the time without your knowing - adjusting colors. PS: Do you see that squares A and B are of the same color? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Checker_shadow_illusion
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