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    Bless you, sir, for taking on the burden of actually viewing this film on our behalf. I salute your bravery! May the Lord keep you in his hand, and never close his fist too tight.
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    I admit, when I first started seeing women breastfeed in public (and it's still not all that common around here) I was a bit put off by it … same as I am by seeing men parade around shirtless, or by women wearing thong bikinis. In my case, it is indeed the near nudity that bothers me, not the act of breastfeeding. But you're right, I found I could pass over it pretty quickly once I realized you didn't actually "see anything." However, as it became more acceptable, many women stopped making any effort to be discreet, and are, in fact, "flashing" their breasts ... so now I'm uncomfortable all over again. I'm not sure why. I think I feel like they're invading my privacy by not protecting their own? Or I feel like they're presuming a familiarity with me that I don't reciprocate? Something like that. I'm not comfortable revealing much of my own skin, either, whatever that means. Anyway, public nudity - or near nudity - bothers me, and I don't make any apologies for being bothered by it. But neither would I make a scene about it … I'd just go somewhere else, or look the other way, or whatever. In the grand scheme of things, it's pretty low on my scale of things to be annoyed about.
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    Oh noes!!! Quick, everyone, intervention time!
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    True enough Carol. Even more so perhaps after the Douglas Wilmer and Peter Cushing tv series which were both very good. Its now approaching 25 years since the final Grenada episode. September 12th next year will be the 25th anniversary of Brett’s death. Stephen Fry and others are pushing for him to be given a posthumous award. Long overdue in my opinion.👍 This is a good interview if you get time for a look.
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    Ooh, but I've loved that song for years! I would be glad to share my head with it for a while. (I don't recall ever actually seeing The Tokens before, though. They seem awfully -- pale. )
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    As you wish ... Admittedly, now *this* is in your head, but the other song's gone, at least.
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    That's the Japanese adaptation? I've seen only a clip from that show, but I love the name of the sidekick, Miss Wato -- which in Japanese is Wato-san. According to that article, the show is actually about the kids, rather than about Holmes himself. That's an interesting angle. And of course it's a period piece, which these days is kinda unusual. Might be worth watching, though it may not be available over here. Probably quite true. But they probably warned Brett that he'd be measured against Rathbone. Anyhow, if the young actor is willing to wait a couple more decades, they might by then be looking for someone to play a middle-aged Victorian Holmes.
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    Well, that's part of the problem … retirement (barring any misfortune) is still a few years off for me. One or two years of commuting, I could probably manage, but after that … nah. Especially the way traffic is increasing around here. And these places are pretty far out in "the country", although I suspect basic amenities are readily available … there's at least a gas station/convenience store in most of the small communities out there. And I'd be cut off from everyone I know …. sigh. It's hard for me to make new friends, I really hate to lose the few I've got. (Although that seems to be slowly happening anyway … ) But even given all that … I basically agree with you. Every time I carry the groceries up the stairs in my current house, I fluidly curse the nitwit who designed it. (Or would, if I could spare the breath. ) Compared to that, a shack at the end of a dirt road in the remote wilds of Virginia looks pretty good.
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    You’re probably right Carol. I couldn’t help wondering if there’s been an element of intentional ‘will they, won’t they’ going on? I haven’t followed any press talk so I don’t know. I wonder what this one will be like when it surfaces? https://www.arthur-conan-doyle.com/index.php/Sherlock_North So many updated Holmes versions. I only saw two episodes of Miss Sherlock which I wasn’t keen on. Maybe I need to give it another go? I think Hikari quite liked it but what did everyone else think? Then there’s this which I’m not looking forward to. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/showbiz-tv/hot-new-netflix-tv-series-17061304 A drug addicted Holmes who lets the Irregulars solve the cases and he takes the credit! Is nothing sacred?😃 I think that I have a long wait in store for a new ‘traditional’ Holmes. The closest I can see is the third Downey Jnr movie (I think in 2021?) I do sometimes wonder if someone will attempt a series? The nearest we got was the Matt Frewer movies and I can’t see him making anymore. Perhaps programme makers are just reluctant to follow the Grenada series. I talked to someone in London a few weeks ago who knew a young actor who really wanted to play Holmes. He’d talked to a few people to see if the idea might catch on but he was told by a a Producer friend to forget it, with the words “ you will always be measured against Brett. It ain’t worth it.” So he gave up the idea.
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    To be honest JP I’m not what you’d call a film buff so I haven’t seen Ferrell in anything else (as far as I can recall) so I don’t have anything against him. There was just something about his Holmes that I wasn’t keen on. Maybe if I watched the movie again it might ‘grow on me’ a little? Im a bit of a nit picker when it comes to Holmes portrayals but in this case I don’t think that I was setting my hopes too high. I just think that it could have been a much better movie.
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    Probably a good idea! I did catch that tune running through my head a few times, several days later.
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    The same is usually told to singles. I mean, WHEN should one be hellishly picky, if not by choice of a potentially life-long partner one is about to share everything with? Not really applicable to my situation, but I find saying this to anyone really stupid.
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    That's also what Sherlock claimed (in the scene outside the inn at the very end), but it sounded to me like he was grasping at straws there, thinking, "Well, it wasn't the sugar -- so it HAD to be something else!" But if it really was the leaky pipes, how come everyone who works in the lab wasn't violently paranoid due to their long-term exposure? If I remember correctly, when we first meet Dr Bob Frankland, he has a breathing mask on as he enters the lab. He takes off when he steps closer to Sherlock and John. So I'm pretty sure, aely is right: the drug was in the smoke coming from the leaky pipes.
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