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    Just a warning to everyone who is going to watch frozen 2, be ready to have "Let it go" replaced by this https://youtu.be/l1uoTMkhUiE.
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    Frozen 2 8/10 After the overrated first movie I wanted to skip this one, but after attending two funerals in one week I really needed to see something light hearted to distract myself. It's actually better than the first one, definitely more funny. Olaf is the best part of the movie, I liked him so much I went to see the it twice.
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    Tbh, I think I was thinking more about articles I've read that talk about how social media has helped enable the rise of white supremacy, for example. Or the Russian trolls insinuating posts into Facebook to inflame divisive issues. Villains always find a way to distort everything to their own nefarious ends, I guess, but somehow a lot of this feels worse, I think because it's so much more wide reaching than, say, racist graffiti on a wall. For myself, I'm much more aware of who's in "my tribe" when I'm on Facebook than when I'm dealing with people in the real world. And by "tribe", I mean people who agree with my social/political views. I think that's one reason (among many reasons) I don't visit my page much. When you talk to people face to face, there's all those non-verbal cues that help you understand each other that are missing from a brief exchange in print. I often exit FB mad at someone. Pretty much the same things that perplex the adults in the room (remember, these are all art aficionados, who typically have an overwhelming bias towards "liberal" views .... ) … why do old white men think they have a right to control women's reproductive rights? Why do young white men embrace neo-Nazi groups? Why are white evangelicals so determined to disbelieve in climate change? Why do white people in general seem to embrace the past at the expense of the future? I'm being a bit facetious, but that is basically the level of discussion … why, why, why is everyone but our own "tribe" so wrong-headed? Yes, I know exactly what you mean. Like we've been putting on the brakes going downhill, and suddenly realizing that they've failed. It all seems so sudden, how did we get here so fast? And how much is the crash at the bottom going to hurt? Will we survive it? I haven't felt this level of pessimism about the future since back in the '70's, when I was firmly convinced there would be a nuclear holocaust. Now I'm wondering if that young me knew something after all. Yeah, I've been thinking that, too.
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    This is from September, but sadly probably even more relevant now:
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