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    I still feel everybody keeps getting tempted by other projects...which is fair enough.
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    After reading it myself, I assume that Ms. Austen is turning in her grave.
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    It's one of those films that deserves a wider audience. A lot of nostalgia for me as well being set when it is.
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    It’s a string of words basically Arcadia. There’s no need for such vagueness. I tend to think that a series 5 will happen but I’m not basing that on any knowledge ( how very un-Holmes like of me☹️) Lets hope that Moftiss don’t get too Doyle-like and start seeing their creation as a burden that they want to distance themselves from. I wouldn’t have thought so.
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    “Love you no.” “Speech pathologist teaches her dog 29 human words: Stella "speaks" by stepping on large buttons programmed with recordings of words. She expresses her desires, comments on household events, and even offers opinions.“ More.
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    "After completing all of its major projects, Sherlock Season 5 will be launched in 2022 as soon as possible, given its calendar shortly." It's not even comprehensible, let alone true.
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    Basically it is total rubbish. And believe me, that's the polite version... I know our gentle duck friend doesn't like my profanity!
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    I haven't seen it myself but I read a couple reviews about it. You sure you want me to spoil it for you?
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