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    I think it was JP who mentioned she was rewatching Sherlock, so I thought I would too. Then it occurred to me maybe some people might like to discuss their reactions to the show after not seeing it for awhile. So here's a thread for that!
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    Where does the carpet ends and the cat starts?
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    Don't throw things at me (but if you must, fresh produces only please), I really only ship Sherlock with his detective life/everlasting thirst of knowledge. It's not that I feel represented, as that is not my current path, but it's good to know that it is an alright way of living and existing, and there is equal happiness to that despite the normal 'normal'. And who is the best in that except Sherlock who has existed for more than a century, I think that what makes him special, and that what makes me like the series. But feel free to ship, who knows, you might change my mind.
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    First off, you need to go the doc.
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    Hello 123 and welcome to the forum! Only ship I can really claim to be a passenger of is Molstrade, but I'll happily go down with it.
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    Try to scrabble on something made of plastic, the heat and friction it creates would make the ink flows back. It works with me. The thing that I notice with pens, DO NOT drop them. It turns them, either makes it dysfunctional, or it wouldn't be as nice to write with. Common sense actually, I wouldn't feel like working if I accidentally drop myself to the ground.
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    The settings are exceptional as well. All those trenches, ruins. I feel the character's desperation and hope without him needing to say much. Does it have some nominations because it deserves some! I do wish I didn't know Andrew and Ben are in it, it would be great surprise, but still happy to see them. The things about these two, especially Andrew, I could forget that he is Moriarty in different works that he is in, which is great and can't be said for many other actors. That is why I'm not really into RDJ Holmes, imo, he is the same person in many of his works, while Andrew and Ben have the ability to turn into their roles, which thankfully are diverse enough.
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    Holmes party sounds fun... even if it is just fantasy at the moment!
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    “Love you no.” “Speech pathologist teaches her dog 29 human words: Stella "speaks" by stepping on large buttons programmed with recordings of words. She expresses her desires, comments on household events, and even offers opinions.“ More.
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    Just got home from seeing 1917. Easily one of the best movies I have seen in a long, long time. Horrific, yes, but in the way that a good war movie should be … not gory or sensationalized, but not glossing it over, either. Amazing cinematography, great soundtrack, good story. Oh, and both BC and Andrew Scott are in it for about 2 minutes each. They both do fine.
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    So yesterday I had my first vertigo, hopefully the last. I had watched my mom had hers, so I understand what was going through, especially when everything started to spin out of control. Still, it sucks a lot. It got to the point that I threw up three times but luckily, still able to function. The culprit should be the long exposure of strong wind right next to my left ear that could be the cause of imbalance, with addition that I just had some irritant on the left side of my throat days earlier, really hope that is the reason. Just a day and two ago I did some two-storey climb and walking next to the edge because I needed to check my water tank, and I wouldn't want to miss the ability to do all those. I have done some reading and wish it's one time thing, which is very possible. Have you guys experience it? If yes, what cause yours and how do you cope?
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    Oh that one belongs in Political Thread or ducky would scol...whac.. no, she would let you know nicely, which I agree, since this thread is dedicated more to things we can't really explain, such as: I always thought the hair style's name is inspired from horse's tail, it seems like I got it in reverse all this time.
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