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    I talk to myself all of the time... only person I get any sense from!
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    Tbh, I think s/he is a little worked up over not much. I know other people think differently than I do, and I frequently get a "how the heck did you come to that conclusion?" response. I freely admit I often do this to purposely blow their minds; the responses of people who can't think out of the box entertain me. But I can't say that I particularly think one way or the other … sometimes I have conversations with myself, other times it's more abstract, often I couldn't tell you which. And I know people who think or one way or the other or both, so the difference between us is not something I get excited about. But I suspect I'm rather older than the writer.
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    Not only are they TV assassins, they're Sherlock-World assassins, who only shoot those who deserve it and are all cuddly and honorable and stuff when they're not actually on a job.
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