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    It's "Tolkien Reading Day!" https://www.bing.com/search?q=tolkien+reading+day&form=hpcapt&filters=HpDate:"20200325_0700"
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    I had a boyfriend in my early 20s whose cat was raised on wet food exclusively, until the day I brought home a dry food sample I'd got at the supermarket. From this day on, he flat-out refused to touch anything else ... and it's not like we didn't try, because his human (owner seems wrong in the context of cats ) was worried about him developing kidney problems. But he loved his crunchy dry food and never ate anything else again for the rest of his days. So, yeah, happens. No cat pics on hand right now, please enjoy a baby squirrel instead.
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    My cat eats mainly dry food but he's on medication so twice a day he gets a small serving of wet food with his medicine in it. He definitely prefers the wet but is a bit picky about what flavors he likes. I opened a can of Fancy Feast beef and he refuses to eat it. He looks at it then me as if to say "are you kidding me?" His favorite , right now, is fish and shrimp flavor. He may be a little spoiled lol
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    But just as cute! Back before they told us dry food was bad for cats, that's all we ever fed them. Not saying that's all they ate ... all of our cats were indoor/outdoor cats, and there was, er, evidence ... that they supplemented their meals with the local wildlife. Since then, all of my cats have eaten both wet and dry, with a distinct preference for the former. Oddly enough, the cat I have now shows no interest in "people food" -- all of my others have been greedy little beggars when the meat came out of the fridge!
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    A local friend of ours apparently sells most of her art online, has been for years. Are you set up to do that? Just think of it as practice for retirement.
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    Same. This is one effect I'm not feeling, 'cause my days normally blur together, lol. I guess the bright side, on my end, is that I'm actually more productive right now. Now that I don't have a job wiping me out every day, I've been able to spend my energy on other things I was too exhausted to do before. I'm cleaning house and organizing my things, finishing small projects I'd been putting off, taking my dogs for more walks, and I'm getting more writing done than ever before. So I suppose that's one thing to be grateful for.
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    Even if the national guidelines are eased up, the individual states can still continue to issue their own more-stringent guidelines and orders -- and I suspect that many of them will do so, especially those hardest-hit by the disease.
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    What worries me now is that Trump is talking about lifting the restrictions "soon", saying the cure shouldn't be worse than the disease. He seems to be focusing more on the economy, which is important, than he is on the nations health. He's also in favor of payouts or "loans" to big businesses. I realize it's important to keep these businesses solvent, but feel not enough attention is being paid to small businesses as well. That's one of the contentious issues in the bill being debated in Congress right now. There are no restrictions on how the corporations have to use the money. This means the money can be used for executive raises or stock by-backs instead of being put to use in the business itself. So now we have the finger pointing again with Republicans saying Democrats aren't in favor of the payments to the public when that isnt the issue at all. I just hope this is over soon and we don't rush into opening back up, just because some big businesses are pressuring the government. That could put us in an even worse situation.
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    I hope everyone on here is doing okay in these strange and unpleasant times. Life has become a bit like the kind of scary pandemic movie I don't have the guts to watch. And best wishes to Joe too, that would be silver lining.
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    I've just been told that the place where I teach is now planning to be closed until mid-May. That's two months without pay. All of the art shows I was going to enter have been cancelled. Not that anyone would show up to buy art anyway. I was pretty blithe about the whole thing at the beginning, and I'm still hopeful, but I'm starting to get nervous. Don't know how long I can survive with no income. I did get my tax refund already, that will help. Other than that, I'm fine. But I'm with JP, I'm already starting to forget what day it is, etc. Also I can't get very motivated. Be safe, be well, folks.
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