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    I think some of the quotes lost significance over time, because they basically changed their original plans...
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    Before I forget to mention it, the discussion of the scene between Mycroft and Lady Smallwood in "The Lying Detective" has been moved to that episode's thread, beginning here. It's interesting, and I plan to join in as soon as I get a chance. And before I try to tackle your question, welcome to Sherlock forum, CGRaines! Thanks for jumping right in and posting. As for Sherlockology, I can't seem to raise their website right now either, and I seem to recall noting at some point that it was no longer very active. The last newsfeed we got from them was in February of 2018, but that's about the same time this forum switched to different software, so perhaps we simply stopped accepting their feed then. HOWEVER!!! Their Twitter account is alive and well, so you might want to check that out.
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