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    Hi all, just reporting in. At the moment, I'm in limbo with the sale of the house ... the inspection report was about 20 pages long, and the buyer's rep asked me to fix every little thing they marked down. Some things I've agreed to (e.g., two of the electrical outlets aren't wired properly ... although we've been using them for 40 years without a problem, but hey) ... some are ridiculous .... they want me to replace every window in the house because, surprisingly enough, they're 40 years old. I laughed at that one ... ain't gonna happen. The yard's been destroyed (again) from trying to find problems with the septic system even though it's obviously working fine. Yadda yadda. I'm learning to really hate the realty business. Meanwhile, the temporary quarters I'm supposed to move into are nowhere near ready, and in fact is probably the filthiest place I have ever had the displeasure to be in. I thought I'd finally finished with heavy duty cleaning when I put this house on the market, now I'm faced with even heavier duty cleaning. Spent last Wednesday out there and managed to clear the trash out of one room, but the whole place needs a good scrubbing. Meanwhile, I spend about half of every day packing boxes and taking stuff to the dump, and the other half pulling wild onions out of the yard. I hate to say it, but this COVID business has been a godsend for me ... if I'd had to do all this AND teach every day, I'd be in the loony bin by now. I don't know how my parents went through this every couple of years. Well .... for one thing, Dad's employers paid people to do a lot of the packing and moving and cleaning and storing. Still .... ugh. I'm supposed to be moved out by the 30th, assuming the sale actually goes through. And I'll start teaching again on the 28th. I have to wear a mask and gloves and stay 6 feet away from my students while my co-worker points a camera at me so they can see what I'm doing. THAT's going to be an ... interesting ... week. On the bright side ... I am now a land owner! Two itty bitty lots in the woods near a lake upon which, someday and God willing, I shall have my very own little itty bitty house. The builder keeps saying they'll have me in by November, but I have my doubts ... based solely on the fact that every person I meet says "no way" they can build a house that quickly. Meanwhile, a McMansion down the road from me has gone up practically overnight. I really don't understand the universe.
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    Yes, we are reopening. There is no significant rise of the daily cases after the "freedom"-protests last weekends, so it's probably less risky to meet outdoors than we feared. We've had some super-spreader cases, but AFAIK they all happened indoors. Still, I don't share people's urge to travel, especially travel abroad. Or go to a cinema, restaurant… oh, wait, I've never felt like that, actually. Forgot, again, that I'm an 👽.
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    More p!aces around here are opening. My niece has a zoo membership and is taking her two daughters there on Tuesday. She had to make a reservation, pick a day and time, only outdoor exhibits are open, no carousel or train rides. Her three year old asked if I was going but for now it's only open to members.
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    I'm afraid we would need at least Mycroft. And even he would have to bribe Eurus with some nice present. Seriously, the situation in the USA seems to be so messed up, I cannot even imagine how we could ever come back to normal. In the meantime the other part does as the corona crisis was over or even non existent. Opening borders and outdoor swimming pools. Vacation frenzy. Full malls. Where the hell is that rocket to Mars!
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    Hey everyone... I thought things were crazy over here when the pandemic began. Turns out sheltered me here in rural Germany doesn't even begin to understand crazy. It's good to hear from you all who keep posting here in spite of everything that's going on. Wish I could help somehow. Wish I could make Sherlock become real and persuade him to go around restoring some balance to the universe. It sure seems to need it.
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    And then, there is this: https://twitter.com/JasonMaza/status/1267051897359400961?s=20
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    My personal opinion is that there will never be any such thing as "the end of racism". Not totally. It could improve, and we should never stop striving towards that; but it will always exist to some degree, along with sexism, poverty, rape, murder, et. al. I think a major part of the problem, in cases like these, is special protection/privileges and a double standard for police which allows them to act as though they are immune to the law. Police should be (and in many cases are) trained to preserve human life above all else, in every interaction; but as long as positions of authority exist, they will attract people who seek to exert power over others. There should be strong and immediate penalties for those who abuse that. Too often abuse of power is met with a slap on the wrist, or ignored entirely. Derek Chauvin had a long history of conduct complaints against him that should have been addressed long ago. Law enforcement requires reform in many respects which is long past due, and I think it'd be a good idea to start by focusing on that, which is something that can be changed, instead of trying to make racists less racist, which is just going to end with heads banging against walls. There should be outrage about the death of George Floyd, and protests are most certainly warranted. However, burning cities down is not the way to go about it. Not only is it detracting from the real issue, it's hurting those who were already the most vulnerable people in the community. Many of the neighborhoods being set aflame belong to the lower-income population, and the businesses burning are the businesses that serve them and employ them. Many of those are small, family-owned businesses that individuals spent a lifetime building. Some people are losing their only means of transportation when their cars get burned. People are getting injured and killed. People are scared. We were already struggling with severe hardship here from having so many businesses closed due to the pandemic. Now many of those businesses are razed to the ground, which means even fewer jobs returning when the economy reopens. And guess who will bear the economic burden of rebuilding? People who pay taxes, that's who. We are in serious trouble and this wanton destruction is accomplishing absolutely nothing positive. No one wants to have a conversation with the person holding a torch to their home or livelihood. It should be said that I don't know how many of the people participating in this can even be called "protesters" anymore. I think many are just taking advantage of the situation to vent some rage and steal stuff. I've also been hearing that many are coming from outside the state, as well as from other "movements", to fan the flames. Apparently there are drug cartels moving in as well. I don't know how much of that is confirmed, but in Detroit, Michigan, where they actually bothered to arrest some rioters, about 3/4 of them were outsiders. To those people in Minnesota, I would really like to say, get the f*ck out of my town.
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    That's the mob mentality, unfortunately. People are understandably angry and frustrated, but take it out in some terribly inappropriate ways. I'm glad to see that (so far, at least) more appropriate actions seem to be prevailing at the official level. Not only the perpetrator but also his three colleagues on the scene have been fired from the police force, and expectation seems to be that they will soon face criminal charges. Police are attempting to control the mobs in reasonably safe ways. Also many people, including the victim''s family and friends, are calling for any protests to be peaceful. I was particularly impressed by a detailed opinion piece by Jack Brewer, a former Minnesota Viking (i.e., member of the local pro football team) which included this: .
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    There are cases of police marching with the protestors, peaceful demonstrations and then there is that: Look on your own risk. https://twitter.com/ava/status/1266904043063963649
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