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    Definitely not. If I was any of the makers I wouldn't want touch the matter any more in my entire life. There is practically no topic online posted by anyone even slightly involved in the show, without someone whining about S5. If you consider the fact that a big group of fans want S5 solely to finally get their ship done, I see it like a lost case right now. Why would they want to go trough that shitstorm valley again? I'm afraid the TJLC part of fandom and their petitioning killed the show in first place.
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    Without context, that’s the weirdest question I’ve read in awhile, lol.
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    If it makes you feel any better, I've been on Tumblr for 10 years, and never once has another member talked to me.
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    I'm not so sure the Americans were basing their presentation on a stereotype of Asians. Sounds to me like the Americans were doing their usual flashy presentation (that sort of thing is very popular nowadays), which the Japanese (being accustomed to a far more dignified style) considered over the top (at best), but were too polite to say so. In other words, an inter-cultural misunderstanding, rather than a racist attempt to overexplain.
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    I can't be certain (Tumblr's search function is a bit wonky), but if you tag it, I agree with Panda that it potentially could show up in a search. But that doesn't necessarily mean anyone will see it, because it'd be drowning in a sea of thousands of other #cat photos, lol. It depends on if it shows up at the top of the search or not, and how long the person wants to keep scrolling through cat photos. There's a chance though, certainly. If you really want your photos grouped, without tagging, I suppose you could put them all into one post? You can add more to a post later too, but I'm not sure what the photo limit per post is. Yep, it looks like you can make a password-protected blog which is only visible to you and whoever you give the password to. I'm not sure how this would affect hotlinking, though. You can also make individual posts private: More about Tumblr privacy options here.
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    I believe there are privacy settings for your account that can be adjusted, but I'm unsure to what extent since I haven't really bothered with them. Maybe I'll take a look later. I don't know if you're familiar with Tumblr, but generally your posts are only seen if you have followers who catch and reblog them, or if you tag them and someone finds them in a tag search. I never tag my posts and I have no followers, so I doubt a single person on Tumblr even knows my page exists.
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    @Arcadia When I looked for a house (never has selling experience though) it's always what you see is what you get. Some houses had falling ceiling and it's up to us if we want to take it. The owner would put up the price they think it fits with the condition, and buyer will decide if they accept (if they are going to renovate anyway it's normally worth taking because of lower price), in any case we wouldn't require owner to fix anything unless they offer to do so, for example, there is problem with plumbing but they promises they would fix it (no one wants to buy house with plumbing problem anyway) but maybe we have different system. Anyway, on lighter topic... say.. kitchen stuff! Whether I cook or not, I was excited to get this little gift that proves to be very useful. It's mostly for rice or something that requires quick stirring or scooping but I use it for soup too as well since it could stand a bit of heat. It's great because I don't need to find somewhere to put it in case the counter is not clean, the squirrel's legs ensure that the part touching the food is elevated. So.. since I like soup, I want to have similar thing that is actually used for soup, so I bought this online And I'm soooo pissed at my own stupidity, because you know what?? It doesn't work!! I'm not sure if you can see it from the picture or you are ehm... not smarter than me, it doesn't work because duh.. unlike the squirrel, the nessie or dinosaur legs that keep it upright goes inside the food/soup as well. Duh.. that defeats my intention to keep it hygienic. Who need a standing ladle anyway. A little tidbit to share for your new home, go for squirrel instead of Nessie.
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    Did you ask me why i said *in? It was because I made a mistake by saying 'ih'
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    I'm sure that pressure did not encourage Moftiss to jump right back in, and it may well be a factor in the current long hiatus. But judging by S3 and S4, they were getting bored anyhow, and so felt the need to make the show "different." From the very beginning, though, they've said they'd like to keep doing occasional episodes till BC & MF are more the age of previous Holmes and Watson actors, and they're still well shy of that age range, so I'm not about to give up till they're well past it. Once the Moftisses have refreshed their creativity by doing a few other things, I suspect they'll start coming up with more Sherlock ideas.
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    Corona time surely isn't over. I would be happy if it was, but it's more like an eye of the storm. Fortunately the wave of demonstrations didn't feed the virus, so at least we know it's rather safe outside, but looking how people deal with the masks and run for vacation abroad, I see a second wave coming as soon as we are back indoors in the fall. As long as there is ONE person still infectious in the world, it's not over. Maybe it will never be. https://www.thelocal.de/20200617/schools-and-kitas-in-german-district-to-close-after-400-workers-at-meat-factory-test-positive-for-coronavirus
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    Well, my original username did not have the 123 part, but when I signed up, the website said that my username was already in use, so I had to add the 123 part to distinguish myself.
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    Thanks, guys! Regardless of which photo-hosting site I end up using, it's only for hotlinking, so I wouldn't put anything on it that I'd mind being seen online. It's just that I'm not sure I'd want other Tumblr members asking me about them -- but I'm probably worrying about something that's not likely to happen anyhow. I wouldn't post a description there in any case, only on here (or whatever forum or blog I'm using them on).
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    Pretty sure it'd show up. Whenever I search for Sherlock fan art on Tumblr basically everything with Sherlock in the name comes up. Read on the web just now that apparently you can password-protect yr Tumblr blog, not sure if it works with just an image...
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    Really? I had the impression that everybody could see everything -- but come to think of it, my main contact with Tumblr would be #setlock searches. My account on one of the fanfic sites is set up to be visible only to my friends, and hardly anyone even knows about that account, so it's private and I use it for rough drafts. So I see what you mean. Can you create subdivisions in a Tumblr account, analogous to the "albums" on Photobucket? For example, if I tagged all my cat photos with #DabblerCats, would they show up if someone was doing a tag search on cats?
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    Right, I recall that problem with Imgur, a while back. Don't know whether it got fixed, or if people just don't bother to mention it anymore. @Van Buren Supernova -- I think you were one of the people that Imgur didn't always work for. Have you noticed that problem lately? That's apparently one advantage of Imgur, you can "post" things, which immediately makes them public (if anyone happens to look at your account, anyhow -- not sure if they show up anywhere else) or you can store them in an album, in which case they're visible to other people only when you hotlink to them. Artemis, do you know of any way to achieve that "private storage" effect on Tumblr?
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    That's apparently one advantage of Imgur, you can "post" things, which immediately makes them public (if anyone happens to look at your account, anyhow -- not sure if they show up anywhere else) or you can store them in an album, in which case they're visible to other people only when you hotlink to them. Artemis, do you know of any way to achieve that effect on Tumblr?
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    I think you're right about that. Basically, there have always been jerks, regardless of whether they're racists or sexists or homophobes or just plain old-fashioned self-centered egotists. But the majority of people are pretty decent, so the jerkiness gets watered down. It still hurts, of course, but not as often. That had never really occurred to me, not as a general rule, but you may well have a point there. Sometimes it's the Establishment, making sure they don't lose their position of power. Sometimes it's the dissident extremists, stirring up the groups who are being wronged. But in either case, it serves the purposes of the puppet masters far more than it helps the rioters, lynch-mobs, et al. I wouldn't call that racism, exactly, more like statistical analysis -- but I see what you mean. I'd say that depends. If you're avoiding specific individuals who have harassed you over religion in the past, then no. But if you avoid total strangers merely because you can tell they belong to a certain religion, then I suppose you could call it something akin to racism. Again, I'd call that statistical analysis. It's not like you're calling these people names or refusing them services, etc., you'd just rather stand next to somebody whose smell you prefer. If it helps any, they may feel the same way about you. More like unfamiliarity with other ways of doing things, I'd guess. People have always done things a certain way and know it works just fine for them, and then a group of foreigners wants to handle things in a way they've never heard of. Of course, if the person is *also* racist, then it could be a combination of factors.
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    @linear_panda Regarding racism, I'm glad you explained that, I do get where you are coming from. And I also think it's very very difficult to find anyone without a level of racism. Can any of you say you are one? I certainly not, although I think, imho, mine is very harmless and in unusual circumstances. For example, and also to explain why I get panda's post. My family experienced the bad end of racism, we just happened to be there, not at the wrong time or wrong place because we actually part of the society, but probably similar in America, it exploded and certain group are being targetted because of social problem, stereotype happens and people are being blinded. Well, from my personal experience, individual racism alone probably wouldn't go very far, unless it's extreme, in this case is stupidity or on someone with power (normally with agenda but worse if combined with stupidity) but collectively and behind almost every major incident, I'm pretty sure it's there, provocateurs with agenda, making use of those anger, enable and facilitate them, most time by spreading fear, envy, propaganda, and escalate protest into riots, manslaughter, violence, while the puppet masters are watching in the safe of their home and reaping what they sow. If we are provoked, or one of them, we are being conned. They are making use of genuine anger and injustice, that's why it's very powerful and take a lot to step back and actually look. I wouldn't blame myself that I'm taking extra precaution after being targetted and thinking twice, questioning good intention of people, because I need to tell if they are being genuine or if they look at me differently, and by doing that, I fit into racist category. Eventhough I see people the way they are without color, can't help to interpret and be cautious about how they actually see me without really knowing them. And it's inevitable that some people feel more connected to those similar to them, it's natural. Can anyone say they are not? Even the same taste in food is relatable, but It should only apply to small things and no way make people judge each other about something fundamental. I tend to, sorry maybe not sorry, avoid people with very strong religion orientation who clearly think their way is the only way, any religion, doesn't matter which. That is rasicm in term of religion yes? Stereotypes as well. Can any of you say that you are free of stereotype? I certainly can't. I used to commute a lot in jam packed public transport, and dread the time I was pitted against certain people because, in my experience, I found that I have strong reaction with smell associsted with them, because of their food and culture habit. I have very sensitive nose. Not all, majority, but sadly I stereotype. Is it wrong? Probably, but as said, no one is free. It's the level and how you act on it. Not sure if it makes sense. P.S. To add to that, there are a lot of racism i professional work as well. For example, dealing with foreign clients or consultants who wants local business yet refuse to adapt or understand the way local works and insist on implementing what they know best in their origin. Is it racism? I'm not sure, but there are certainly more than one occasion that we have to deal with them based on 'what they are' and expect their kind of behavior, build strategy around it and judge them from their origin.
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    Ah... Season 4
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    HI Douglas and all, sorry for your lost. I'm really lucky that I have all those that I love who are the most significant still around me but I'm worried about them all the time. Like to think that I'm a strong person, but the reality is that I'm a big coward dreading the days, even robbing me of current happiness because I can't help to not think about it. Every new year, as long as I have roof over my head, I don't really care whether how much stuff I have or I have not, but I'm always grateful that they are still around, for that is all that matters. For them it's too late, but it's very hard for me to get close with new people as I don't want to add them to my list of worries. Lately I have less selfish thought, maybe. My habit is always to leave before being left, as it's easier for me, I practice that in relationships and works and I always leave early. I have same thinking about life that I'd rather go first, no, not unnatural way of going, as in I'd rather my time comes first. But maybe I have grown a bit to think that it's too selfish, as I imagine people like my parents, SO or my dog would be devastated. This actually helps to reduce my worries by 1%.. I think it's part of me, the fear attached that I would never able to shake off. I thought it would be nice to be emotion free people like Sherlock and Mycroft, but apparently they are not spared too. As for this forum, yes! I was also surprised with possitivity of this forum, it's like different part of internet. In fact, I have shared stuff that I never shared in real life, like above, and my love for singing eventhough I have horrible voice and my love for cake. Maybe I have to silent all of you one day, buy for now, It's warm and cozy here. 😜
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    It's from S4 Ep3 of "Sherlock".
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    --It's not a pleasant thought, John, but I have this terrible feeling from time to time that we might all just be human-- @Sherlock123, I love the quote, where is it from? And it's intriguing about why Sherlock said so, what does he think he actually is?
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    Well, I think the OP has disappeared? But I'm interested in the question anyway, although it's probably not the answer, especially that I still have a lot to catch up, and these are all imho. I think Sherlock uses a lot of experiments as his 'research method'. He has broad knowledge about a lot of things (and zero in things he is not interested with), I would guess medical, forensic, chemistry, weaponry, ballistic, physics, animal/nature, culture, psychology, geology to name a few, and of course, ashes. 243 of them, only from tobaccos. To deepen those knowledge into something usable for his works, he conducts experiments. For example experiments in lab (TGG? I need rewatch!) to identify botulinum toxin found in shoes. I believe there is some reactive non-reactive antigen ??? etc etc involved in trying to identify the chemical culprit by recognizing the base character and work on that. We could see in HOB he also conducts experiments on what he believes to be hallucinogen on John to fully understand the impact to see how significant its application to the case, or, when he has free time it was mentioned that he likes to conduct experiment on John or himself too. He is not the best roommate (God NO) but this is the most effective way to see and/or experience the result first hand to draw good conclusion or result. I also believe he likes to improve his knowledge on ballistic by shooting Mrs.Hudson pots and pans, or maybe a mannequin with fake liquid blood to see the pattern of blood splatter or projectile of bullets, this is actually very essential part of forensic and I believe the fictional Sherlock Holmes actually inspired the real implementation of real life crime investigation on this area. When he enters the room of bullet victims, he has very good idea about the range of shooting, the direction, positions, shortlist the type of weapon used, killer hand orientation and time of shooting. Noone seems to be bothered by shooting in Baker Street, and when he was bored in TGG, I'm pretty sure that he already studied all sort of ballistic, including shooting from his back from weird angle. On culture/language, for example he catches the usage of archaic 'Hound' from Henry which he immediately finds odd coming from him. On animal/nature, there are wide range of natural toxin that could be used for murder weapon; lion's mane, the speckled band case for example, natural toxin like tetrodotoxin, ciguatoxin, ricin, batrachotoxin etc etc are essential knowledge for Holmes beside others. I imagine in Victorian era it's probably easier to commit a murder, where even wall paper, coloring of your cloth or cough medicine could kill you. So yeah, imho, his 'research method' is knowing a LOT of things that are useful for his work (who cares about those astronomy and van buren supernova anyway) and conducting a lot of self-taught experiments when information outside are not sufficient. He is not the sort who relies on sources, if he couldn't find them he would look for answer himself. On the side note, he has this ability to catch when something is not right or 'in order' in the room, wrong position, wrong item. For example, Jennifer's Wilson suitcase, VanCoon's order of things, his desk location, Ian Monfork's wife usage of past tense etc etc. I think this is his natural instinct that makes him good.
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    I use zerochan.net personally. It is a little kinky but there's no moderation so uploads are pretty much instantaneous. Would have used wiki cos you can put up literally anything there but I have the amazing luck of possessing an IP address which matches a blocked user's so yeah that got messed up. I didn't use Tumblr or any of the more popular image hosting sites cos the art there is seriously high-end and my fanart is really just for fun soooo yeah I didn't want to embarrass myself ^_^
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    Yes, Imgur, among several others lesser-known I presently forget the names of. Imgur was alright, but it slowed up my (old) computer significantly and took a long time to navigate, and now and then I've seen people grumble about being unable to view images linked from Imgur. I don't know why that occurs, but after the Photobucket fiasco, I didn't want to bother with another site where images are mysteriously visible to some people and not to others. Tumblr is tried and true and on my part, easy.
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    I posted a link because I dont know how to post the actual video.
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    Dear Artemis, I'm so very, very sorry. Please take good care. Douglas xoxo
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    Getting ready to move is my idea of purgatory. I am NEVER moving again!!! Next time you're in London (if it's about the right time of year), check out the rose garden in Regent's Park. A lot of their roses are old-fashioned types that smell really nice. Pretty sure there are no black ones, though!
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    Agh, too busy! Trying to sell my house. Have an offer ... if I take it, I'll be even busier, moving. UGH. Right now someone else is touring the house, so I'm sitting in my car at the library, borrowing their wifi and admiring their astonishing rose garden. This library is about five minutes from my house, and I had no idea this rose garden even existed until now. Every color rose you can think of, it's stunning. Well, wait ... nope, no black roses. Well, shoot, that ruins it.
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    I was always glad I never had a sister. Every girl I knew with a sister fought with them constantly. I have an older (half-)brother, but growing up I felt more like an only child. We had very different personalities and life experiences, and we were 5 years apart, so we never really connected or ran in the same circles. He was a socialite and always out of the house with his friends. I had no friends, so I was always at home alone. He was highly favored by both my parents, especially my mom; so we had sort of the classic Golden Child/Scapegoat sibling dynamic. (I've mentioned that plenty before, so I won't bore you all. ) At the same time, being my father's only biological child, I got more pressure from him to conform to his expectations (which I could never live up to). My brother resented me because his father died when he was 2. The resentment was fueled by my mother's unending grief and remarks about how much happier they would have been if his father had lived. So it wasn't the greatest. My dad always wanted 4 kids, especially with the goal of having sons, and was greatly disappointed when my mother refused to have more after me. Sometimes I wonder if I would have been less lonely with more siblings. Maybe I would have gotten a sibling I had more in common with, or maybe it would have changed the dynamic. On the other hand, it could have been just as alienating or worse. I'll never know.
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    I have a sister and they're not everything they're made out to be.
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    Dunno, I for one was happy being an only child - probably helps that I've always been an introvert. I had my friends at school and in the neighborhood, and we'd visit each other and play together, but I also treasured having time for myself with only my books for company (and maybe a snoring dog to snuggle against when reading). Having siblings, who from what I saw at friends had a rather loose grasp of the concepts of privacy or wanting to be left alone, would probably have driven me up the wall, so I'm glad my parents gave up after me.
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    I never wanted to be an only child. My father was one of eight, my mother was an only child. They compromised and had five kids lol. I did have a version of the middle child syndrome though. I was not the middle child but I was the middle girl and next to last. So my oldest brother was special for being first, my second brother was outgoing so everyone liked him, my older sister was the first girl and my younger sister was the baby. So I had my moments of self pity and not feeling special. Most of this was in my head I realize now but sometimes it was tough. Thank goodness I had an aunt and two uncle's who I stayed with in the summer and gave me extra attention. Not that my parents weren't great, but with five kids, my dad having a job where he was on the road two hours a day traveling to and from, plus living on a dairy farm there wasn't a lit of time for extras. But I was close to both my parents and lost them when they were relatively young. Looking back I had a terrific childhood and am still close to my siblings. I often wondered how only children handled not having that comradery growing up.
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    Can you teach my son to do that? 😅 I can't work from home but my husband has been trying. Trying... Somehow, we failed to pass on our loner genes. The little man had us draw another boy on the sidewalk with chalk and declared "he can be my brother". Poor kid. At least we found a really sweet babysitter for a while. But she'll have classes again soon.
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    I remember I was gladly sitting still for 8 hours in my mum's office, entertaining myself with some quiet activity instead to go to the kindergarten. On the other hand, homeschooling would make me into a complete weirdo not knowing how to behave around people and I would surely have huge issues with the self-discipline. I even have them now.
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    Yes, that's perfect -- it sounds very natural. I've never heard of advertisements in a dream, though!
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    I have that too, but now when you wrote it, I actually cannot tell if I recognize it as a dream in the dream, or do I have the feeling that the dream belongs to another one's universe after I woke up. In any case, there is a strong feeling of visiting a parallel universe I know already. Or several universes. Is it a lucid dream, when you dream you have a lucid dream? Funny, because this kind of dreams started quite recently, and I think they come once in a few weeks. The last one was last night. As for continuing dreams - one of the antidepressants caused spectacular movie-like dreams with complex stories. I could wake up and dream the follow-up. Apart from that, I've had a dream with an ad break once. I don't remember the dream, but I remember the ad: it was about Red Bull ketchup. It had a Bar scene with two people and ended with a flock of winged red origami bulls flying around. (btw, is this a proper succession of adjectives?)
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    ^ Ditto to all the above! Sometimes I have dreams where I know I’m dreaming, but it’s not ‘lucid dreaming’ because I still have no control over how the dream plays out. I’m just aware that it’s not real. Occasionally I can wake myself up with that awareness.
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    I definitely have repeaters (which seem to mean that I'm under a specific sort of stress again), but if I've ever had a mini-series, they must have faded before I noticed.
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    View halloa, I'm back after a day offline yesterday. Herl, did you watch the Granada series from its inception? In 1984 both of us would have been 19 years old. Which is not too 'young' to enjoy SH, of course . . but here in the States we could only get the Brett show on PBS--the public television network. Nowadays, 'Downton Abbey' and 'Sherlock' have made PBS Masterpiece Theatre cool and hip even for Millennials, though they probably see the shows via streaming more so than in broadcast . . but back in the mid-1980s, PBS was still the province of pensioners, mostly, or classical music buffs like my dad, who was getting near to pensioner age, and you had only the one viewing option. Really the 'flaw' of Brett's portrayal was only in that he was just a man, tasked with embodying an icon, and SH is so multidimensional, no one person is going to be able to give equal weight to all his facets. Mr. Brett certainly gave Sherlock Holmes his absolute all, and he paid a high price for his dedication to his craft. Being Sherlock Holmes is a burden, and carrying that role over a decade must have exacerbated his mental and physical health problems. Even a relatively sturdier specimen like Robert Stephens had a crack-up over being SH, as we know. I watched my box set prior to having read all the stories, so I didn't realize at first that the films are shot out of Canon order. That is confusing but due to the demands of the filming medium, probably inevitable. The series launched with 'Scandal' and that is a very fun episode. SCAN is of course the first of the short stories, and I knew that, but the next episode was 'The Dancing Men' . . also a story I like a whole lot . .but it's much, much later on in the stories. It might have been fun to see Jeremy and David Burke meeting as Holmes and Watson in ASiS. Both actors were 20+ years older than the Canon pair as introduced, but I don't think viewers would have cared. I think we can agree that Mr. Brett was a finely attuned, highly strung individual, and his Holmes is very energetic. Very. JB gives a very good simulation of being coked up much of the time. He's got SH's barking laugh down and his fleeting twitchy droll looks. I suppose Holmes fans that identify as 'Rathbonians' (they know who they are) find Mr. Brett too flamboyant and neurotic in the part. Sherlock could be languid some of the time, but we don't get that from Brett, except in microseconds. Whether it is a 'flaw' is a matter of one's idea of SH. I'm not familiar with the Rathbone movies, but I wonder if I wouldn't find Basil too much the other way? Too languid, not enough jumped up energy? His face reminds me of a bloodhound. Holmes was both qualities in equal measure, but jumped up Sherlock is more dynamic as a subject of film than a languid Sherl lying on the couch for days. Three days of SH lying on the sofa would have made for a really boring (and overlong) episode of TV. Now that I am conversant in the stories, I may pick out more flaws having to do with the script adaptations, but I think as a project for its time, with those resources and those actors, they did a top-notch job of adapting Sherlock Holmes to a visual medium.
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    5'8"?? you are girl right??.....oh! i hope i born in Europe, i'm 6'3" tall, but still a giant in my country :D my fiance head just around my chest, and that is my country girls average high :( among her friends, she will be consider as tall (sorry, out of topic....you guys please proceed with the original topic that been discuss :P )
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    As a series opener, it was amazing. I was skeptical at first, wondering how much Victorian London one can take out of Sherlock before it stops being, well, Sherlock. The answer is, if one is Steven Moffat, all of it, and then some. The way we are introduced to Sherlock's world, to the way his mind works, is really clever, both in the writing and in the filming of it. The way Mycroft is introduced in the shadows, and we are all supposed to think he's Moriarty until the end of that episode is brilliant. And what can I say, the dynamics between Sherlock and Watson are great. I laughed out loud more than I expected to, I loved the scene in the little restaurant ("I'm not his date!"), and the way Sherlock proves to Watson that the limp is psychosomatic, no matter what he as a doctor might think. I love Mrs. Hudson ("Not your housekeeper, dear!"), and I really love the way the stories are based on the originals, but entirely different. By the end of it, I was hooked. What more could I ask for?
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    Happy to see there are couple of new bloods. I like gardening too, but I'm not good at it, sometimes I neglect my plant especially when I travel, busy or having back pain, and mosquitoes love me too much. But welcome cowolter. And linear_panda, welcome! Glad to see you are around, we need new members to experiment with. How do you like condiments in your coffee?
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    I saw it live once, it was great. Better than the movie, even thought it was an amateur cast. (But boy could they sing.) I find that's often true with musicals. "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" is another one that's a little "meh" on film, but great live. I think one musical that is really magical on film, though, is West Side Story. Looooove that movie, even if it is sad.
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    I have, as far as I know, never had nightmares about toilets. But I may now.
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