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    I do remember several of those names (including Moffat, of course), but not enough to rank most of them. Sorry! However, I must protest the inclusion of the original Irene Adler as a villain! If she broke any of the Victorian morality laws (it's never actually stated), it was apparently in a consensual manner. She did not blackmail the King, merely kept the photo as protection against him. And all she did to Holmes was fool him. Call her his antagonist if you like, but a villain she clearly is not.
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    So I noticed a lot of the threads are dying out and there are usually not many people on the forum. So here we can brainstorm ideas to restart threads, recruit members and make Sherlock popular again.
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    This is an open discussion and debate about the best Sherlock ships, including Sherlolly and Johnlock. I myself am a big sherlolly (Sherlock x molly) fan, but of course other opinions and new ships will be very interesting for everyone. 😀
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    You are certainly not in the minority. I like it small and cozy too, but its hard when nobody is online to reply or react, and by the time they do, you have sort of lost interest. I would love to make it more popular with current users, instead of recruiting more, but sometimes thats the only option...
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    Might be hard, considering the lack of new episodes in the foreseeable future (or ever). Also, I recognize I may be in the minority here, but I kinda like it small and cozy.
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    Yeah, Irene Adler, John Turner, Lucy Hebron and Henry Baker aren't villains, simply parts of story or antagonists. Little Lucy however, is neither but i can't find a villain for Yellow Face unfortunately
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    Thanks Guys for welcoming me! @Caya Holmes was tempted to devote his time to the problems furnished by nature, meaning he wanted to dabble into Chemistry or Botany most likely, if he was freed of and he freed society of Moriarty. I think suicidal tendencies are not very probable, as is the need and want of dragging a confrontation with Moriarty, because suspense/indefinite doubt (In Holmes language of Yellow Face) is worse than a short confrontation. @besleybean Yeah, but i feel that two Englishmen in touristy places in the Continent are much more conspicuous than in a place like Dartmoor or North of England. Their stealth would have been most effective. @Carol the Dabbler I am not sure that he was aware of the fact that Moriarty would successfully escape his and Scotland Yard's clutches. This is clear from the fact that in Europe, Holmes angrily throws down the wire or paper, saying "He escaped, along with his second hand men". If we consider the Holmes before Moriarty's confrontation or even after that (When he is assaulted by a rough or a has a brick thrown over him or that carriage that almost knocks him down), he was most concerned with escape or hiding. Also, when he hid at Pall Mall, no one molested him (Mycroft's lodgings) proving that Moriarty's gang wasn't infallible. They couldn't even trace him to Pall Mall, what to say of those grey hidden stone lodgings in (hound of the baskerville) for example. Secondly, i agree that your point is also a loophole. Although, if astute enough, Holmes could very well lose his pursuers in Persia or india and make his re-entry to England, most inconspicuous (which he was unable to do unfortunately).
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    I suspect the main reason that Doyle made Holmes British was the traditional advice, "Write what you know" -- and Doyle was British. Also, he made his narrator a doctor, as he himself was. And tradition has it that he based Holmes on another doctor of his acquaintance, who was also British. The middle of Study in Scarlet is written in third-person omniscient about American characters, and (speaking of course as an American) I don't find that part nearly as convincing as the rest. In other words, he did it for the same reason that I'd never write a story from the viewpoint of a 110-year-old Tibetan monk.
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    Irene may challenge Sherlock but he could never really trust her. She did nothing but manipulate, lie to and belittle him until he unlocked her phone and she lost her leverage. Then she turned on the tears and played the poor me card. And don't forget Molly has struck Sherlock, repeatedly, and called him on his crap more than once. She was also the one he conjured up when he was shot to help him save his life. But I have to agree that it will never happen, with either one.
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    I know what you mean about Molly, but you can see just by looking at her how much she loves him. Sure, he's hard to deal with, and sure, he might be bad for Molly, but have you ever considered that she might be good for him? Ps. I am team Molstrade all the way!
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    If I had a ship, I think it would be Molly and Sherlock (just because I think Molly deserves a shot at her dream ). I'd like to see Lestrade find someone, don't know why, he just strikes me as the type that would be happier with an "other" in his life.
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