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    Prediction about two things that will baffle future scientists: 1. 2020 is the year when Karen name officially extinct. 2. When they study back about the pandemic history, they would find out the horrifying level of human stupidity, the level I actually never imagine. Nevermind about my neverending rant about mask, these few weeks I have two people trying to tell me that Covid 19 is not real and just a conspiracy theory and political tool; one is supposedly well educated and well travelled with tons of life experience, the other is the parent of a veterinarian. These two, unfortunately share my love for dogs and the reason I connect with them on the first place, and I had respect for them, but I was so dumbfounded I had to leave the conversation, I don't know how to even respond or whether any effort is worth it, but they are both dog heroes in my eyes, so I am very, I'm not sure, I feel like breaking something with fire hydrant and get Sherlock.
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    Marginals were more or less without words (just an odd sign or the like here and there), so yes they stayed - German magazines have margins too. Sidenote: When googling, I realized that my eyes were a whole lot better when I last looked at these , so here's one example I found that was scanned in a reasonably eyes-friendly size:
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    Right now what's stuck in my head most tenaciously is "Hurricane" from the musical Hamilton. I like a lot of musicals but had not felt any interest in this particular one because I have an instinctive aversion to anything that seems like it's being hyped and also, rap / hip hop is really not my thing. But because I listen to so many other musical stuff, the songs keep getting recommended to me by various algorithms and the other day, I finally caved in. What can I say - two hours later, I was a crying mess sobbing "I'm so sorry, I get it now". 😅
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    They will surely ask why thousands and thousands of people went on vacation as soon as it wasn't forbidden.
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    Tsk.. tsk Carol, I'm disappointed in you! Look around and you should see Sherlock and Jeff Hope hangling about which one to choose. I like the design!
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    Ugh, it would be hard to differentiate a real life, and instagram life for example. Meawhile,
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    My cousin adopts this method (mom told me, I wouldn't know, haven't seen them in 20 years). He would bring his family to my uncle's house, and the kids would run amok and somehow get into crying incident, and the parents would just ignore them. It drives everyone crazy. Imo, I don't think it should be done that way in public or not at home, but on the other hand, I see this method works when it is applied by strangers. I experiences some in the past, and currently experiencing it. I'm doing thing in the kitchen every afternoon at workplace, and this kid, only about one year plus, whose parent work here, would come and just look at me, standing on the doorway outside the kitchen, apparently I am some kind of afternoon TV show for him. I don't do anything, not much interaction at all as you guys know how charming I am with kid, I just mostly ignore him beside sometimes making face and eyebrow at him, but seldom. But he seems to find me amusing and he greets me with wider smile everyday. One day I heard a thud, he fell down outside, he started to cry and scream so I peeked my head out, but when I saw that he seemed okay, I didn't come to him but just looked at him quizzically, remembered that when my nephew cried, he would stop crying when I looked at him without offering much sympathy. Anyway, beside being useless in helping with kids, I know this kid is a bit of cryer too, so I was sure he was okay. Well, it works, he actually started laughing (I really have to check what is wrong with my face). The thing is, it works because they probably know that it's no use trying to get sympathy from stranger/not parents, but I don't think it work in my case with his parents. Well, when I left the kitchen, he ran back to his mom in the room beside the kitchen and started to resume the crying. @Artemis, when my dog refused to eat (he does that sometimes, he thinks eating is just transport, I secretly agree with him but don't tell him), I would blend some chicken and vegetable, carrot or something until it's more like paste, and feed him with a spoon by positioning the food on his tongue, he doesn't have choice but to swallow it. Your case is different, but in case he really needs some nutrient and there is no better way.
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    It does look like suspicious protuberance. Oh yes! Of course I remember! I don't mean to be nosy, but I don't think that nose is made by proper ol'-factory, although I'm sure she doesn't have problem running with it. Oh my, I am on fire!!
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    I'm not familiar with those comic, looks interesting. But don't mind me, I'm just drying my cat. aaaanndddd..... waking up Khan in 3...2....
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    Dry. I asked the vet about canned, but he seems to think dry is best for now. Anyway, I found a temporary solution for the platform problem. I bought some thick hand towels and folded them up to the height I needed. I also found a wide, shallow bowl (or tall plate?) at the store that looks to be about the right height and width. If I set it on the floor upside-down and set the water dish on top of it, it might work. But for now the towels are functioning adequately. So that's a relief.
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    Of course it's ok to post that! Especially in this thread. I think lots of people have similar experiences with elderly relatives but few are as honest about it as you seem here, even with themselves. We often feel like we must love a person because we are related but shared genes don't always have that effect. For example, I had a very different relationship with my two grandmothers. One I absolutely adored and I was devastated when she died to the point that some people thought I was faking it for attention because loss of a grandparent shouldn't be that hard. The other grandmother I never managed to love. I really tried but aside from the general "love thy neighbor" type of love I can usually muster for anyone, no personal affection ever happened and when she left this world, I actually felt relieved and nothing more. It's great that you visited him anyway even though you could have used the time for yourself. He probably appreciated it, don't you think?
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    I sympathize completely. Cruelty to animals makes me incredibly angry too. I remember back when I was in school, some of the boys used to catch spiders during recess and then torture them - set them on fire, pull their legs off, all sorts of absolutely atrocious stuff. And I would get so insanely upset, yell at them, try to take their lighters away, etc. Of course I wasn't very successful. What bothered me the most was their baffled stares. They really honestly couldn't understand why I cared. "But you hate spiders!" Yeah, no kidding, I have arachnophobia. But that doesn't mean I want spiders to suffer, I just can't stand being close to them. Jeez. I know that really little kids have no empathy yet and that they sometimes harm animals out of curiosity and that's not really their fault yet. But even toddlers can understand rules and you can believe me that I make 100% sure my kid is not around animals unsupervised until he is old enough to be trusted with them. So far, no trouble though. We sadly can't have pets of our own atm but I have introduced him to cats and dogs in other households and that went quite well. The worst he did was give his babysitter's kitty too many treats. She told me that the cat had gained a lot of weight during the months that daycare was Corona-closed and my son stayed at her house every day... 😅 (Said cat is pissed with me Btw because every time I come by, he expects food now and I never give him any...) Sorry that was a rambly rant and off topic. My day as an introvert was good today, I got to work by myself and drive around to people who can't leave their homes, I love that.
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