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    The second method works!!!! Thank you Caya!!!!!!!!!😀😀😀😀
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    Thank you! I don't know why, I'm always feel like I'm bad in English, it's a persistent feeling 😅 But I work very hard, and I train every day! There is a good atmosphere here 😄
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    A quick googling showed that the man's name is Stanislav Zak, from Russia, and that it happened this spring, but no idea if the bonus cat was someone else's pet - might have been a stray or feral. Also, this has happened before apparently:
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    Hey, your English is WAY better than my French (or even my Spanish, which I actually studied). If you didn't apologe for it, most people here would probably have no idea that you didn't grow up bilingual. She doesn't usually show her hand till she's had a chance to assess the newcomer.
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    And I think your English is fine. Are you saying even VBS has been kind to you? Whoa! She must be sick or something!
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    😃 my mood right now :
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    No problem, I'm happy I'll enjoy your gifs now.
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    Source, as well as full pictures: https://twitter.com/dog_rates/status/1325135859146924040
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    Gosh I even forgot about some of those roles! Anyway, Mark has since tweeted: Terribly sad to hear that John Sessions has passed away. A kind, hilarious and naughty man; immensely talented and an anecdotal powerhouse. RIP
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    Gendered products in general are one of my big pet peeves. Also that fuchsia pink color they make every women's product in is one of my least favorite colors. Can we have some variety please? Also pink used be the "boy's color" and blue used to be the "girl's color". Also "gendered" colors are a dumb concept and we should stop doing it. Just let everyone enjoy all the colors we have to enjoy without shame. Grr.
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    Why.. why would anyone buy anything on other's behalf, and especially got it so wrong?? Does she know you at all, or is it her blunder that she tries to get others to compensate that? I say don't pay her, and don't take it, be firm about it, you will be blameless and it will spare you similar problems in the future. (of course she would blame you but it's very hard to be spotless with these kind of people, they will blame you for other things anyway) If a year ago someone told me we have pandemic, and the biggest enemy is people who refuse to believe and take precautions, I would say human are smarter than that. But now I have lost all my expectation, and I am the idiot for thinking that.
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    But what if she then goes and gets me another one? I read an article a while ago that said "faux" fur is actually often real because that's cheaper than synthetic material. Since then, I boycott all fur no matter what the label says. I also don't like the look of it. Like, not at all.
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    Where is the Sherlock's spirit here now? Remember they are giggling at crime scene happily. NOW that sounds more like it.
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    So... I just got back from a work trip, was gone all weekend. And what do I find when I come home? That a family member who shall remain nameless has, unasked and unprompted, bought me a hideous coat with hideous (hopefully faux!) fur. Or rather bought it on my behalf, because she expects me to pay her back for this... thing... That I wouldn't even want as a gift. And it can't be returned because it was on sale. Which is why she got it, it was "such a great bargain". I am speechless. All I can hope for is that global warming will give me enough excuses to never wear it.
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